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The 2016 World Series switched stages for Game Three. The site was ancient Wrigley Field, one of the two oldest remaining parks in MLB, in Chicago. The Chicago Cubs were certain they had command of the series against the Cleveland Indians after gaining a split in Cleveland. However a tight pitching duel ensued that would mean a single hero would write the script.

Enter Coco Crisp, 36, a journeyman now, who was in Cleveland because the Oakland A’s sent him to a place he favored. And why not, his daughter was born there during his early days there. Oakland did the right thing and Chicago now laments it. Crisp came up in the seventh of a scoreless contest and singled in the run that would be the lone tally this evening. “It obviously feels good,” Crisp pointed out,

“No matter if you get the big hit or lay the bunt down, you want to do something that can possibly help the team. Fortunately enough for me today, it was the hit.”

Crisp has always found himself often in the right place at the right time. He owns a ring from 2007 during his Boston Red Sox time. His ability and mind for the game can be traced to his parents. His Puerto Rican father was a restaurant owner in fast food and even boxed as an amateur. His African-American mother was a champion sprinter.

He has always been able to get the best out of his ability and Cleveland benefitted. Andrew Miller, one of four Indian pitchers to whitewash the Cubs would gain the win. And the end of this contest would be a modern Casey at the Bat. Cub’s closer Cody Allen would face the Cub’s Casey, Puerto Rican playoff sensation Javier Baez. On the fifth pitch, mighty Javy would swing and strikeout for the final out and, as the poem states, there was no joy in Cubville.

Shakira’s Sexy New Single

After over a month of anticipation, Shakira‘s new single “Chantaje (Blackmail) ” featuring Maluma has finally hit the airwaves.

Shakira’s new single will be a part of her first full album under Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation management team. Her previous manager was Argentine lawyer Antonio de la Rua, who was her romantic partner for 11 years.

Unfortunately, after leaving Rua, he sued the multiplatinum singer initially for $250 million and then for $100 million. The lawsuit was dismissed and Shakira moved on to a relationship with Spanish footballer Gerard Pique with whom she has two sons with.

Could “Chantaje” be about her former lover?

Throughout the song Shakira sings that “en esta relación soy yo la que manda (in this relationship, I am the boss) and that “Yo nunca quise burlarme de ti (I never wanted to mock you).”

Listen to the full song below.

Lyrics below:



Yo te quiero aunque no quieres
Puro, puro chantaje
Puro, puro chantaje
Vas libre como el aire
En esta relación soy yo la que manda
No pare bola, que eso es mala propaganda
Para que te has ido, para que te coman el oído
No vayas a enderezar, lo que no esta torcido
Pregunta a el, o a quien tu quieras
Mira te juro que eso no es así
Yo nunca tuve una mala intención
Yo nunca quise burlarme de ti
Yo te quiero aunque no quieres
Puro, puro chantaje
Puro, puro chantaje
Vas libre como el aire
English translation


I love you but you do not want
Pure, pure blackmail
Pure, pure blackmail
You are free as air
In this relationship, I am the boss
Do not stop ball, that’s bad propaganda
So that you’re gone, so you eat the ear
Do not go right, which is not twisted
Ask him, or anyone you want
Look swear it is not so
I was never a bad intention
I never wanted to mock you
I love you but you do not want
Pure, pure blackmail
Pure, pure blackmail
You are free as air




Mariah Carey and Billionaire Beau on a Break

While ending things with Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey found a new vision of love with billionaire businessman James Packer. A divorce and seven months later Carey was engaged to the investor and philanthropist in Jan. 2016.

Sadly, after a nine-month engagement the new chapter in her life didn’t last long as Packer and Carey are putting a break on their nuptials.

This comes as Us Weekly reports that the couple hadn’t seen each other for a month after Carey failed to show up to Packer’s birthday party in Greece.

Since then, Carey has been seen with ex-husband Cannon and their twins for a Halloween party. The breakup also explains why Mariah Carey canceled the South American leg of her tour.

Many cite Carey’s extravagant lifestyle and her new dalliance with becoming a reality television star as the main points of contention for the separation.

The still married Australian businessman is known for being ultra private and Carey’s lavish ways and lack of a relationship with his family made him question if marrying the songstress was the right move.

However, friends of Carey say that Packer’s “behavior” and him not being “mentally healthy,” and therefore not present in their partnership was a contributing factor according to E! News.

A press release by Packer and Carey acknowledging the state of their relationship is on the horizon. While the two are putting a pause on getting married, friends from both camps say that they are both open to reuniting in the future if they can find a way to get to a better place according to Women’s Day.



Shakira’s New Single



It’s been almost two months since Shakira hinted on Instagram that she will be coming out with new music by dancing to a new beat while in a studio. After a long wait, she has revealed through the social media site the title of her new song and her collaborator.

However, before she announced the name of her new single and the featured act, she dropped clues for fans to figure it out themselves throughout Instagram.

After showing off pics where she was dressed as a magician, in front of a drawing of a crown and holding up a sign with Alejandro “Chan” Sanz next to the letters TA and G, it was off to the races as her fans tried to be the first to guess correctly.

Once a lucky fan was able to guess that her new song is “Chantaje” (Blackmail) and that her collaborator would be Maluma, she let the rest of her fans in on the secret.

The lucky fan then got an exclusive look at the single’s artwork.

Not only has she revealed the album artwork, but the lucky fans that were able to guess both correctly received a call from Shakira as she played a snippet of her song.

All of “Chantaje” featuring Maluma will be out tomorrow for everyone to hear.

Christina Milian Wants Mariah Carey’s Ex




On The Wendy Williams Show, actress Christina Milian was put on the hot seat while she was trying to promote the remake to the 1975 cult classic film The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

After Milian gave some shoecam and chatted about her daughter Violet with Wendy, things quickly became about her love life.

When discussing Violet’s Instagram following, Milian mentioned what it was like to co-parent with The-Dream and said “that they got along,” that “she loved his new wife [Lalonne Martinez],” and she “liked her a lot.”

Not one to shy away from uncomfortable questions, Wendy then turned the topic to Milian’s short-lived romance with rapper Lil Wayne. When asked if she would take the rapper back, Milian was not at all for the idea, but said, “that she was able to separate the relationship thing with business.”

Wendy later asked Milian “which of her exes would she spy on” if she had the power of invisibility, she mentioned her first real boyfriend, and Mariah Carey’s ex-husband, Nick Cannon.

“I’m curious about what Nick is up to,” said Milian.

Of course, Wendy couldn’t let that response go and kept pushing to learn more. At first, Milian was open to a friendship and collaborating on another movie with Cannon, her first lead role was in Love Don’t Cost a Thing, with her former paramour, but she eventually relented that she would be open to a relationship since they are both single.

Do you think Christina Milian and Nick Cannon should get back together?



The 2016 World Series first two chapters have been read to a wide audience. For the Cleveland Indians, game one was the best of times, but in game two last night it was the worst of times as the Chicago Cub ace Jake Arrieta secured a split for the Cubs.

The opening game was a personal resume for Roberto Perez, who became only the fifth catcher to hit two home runs in a World Series setting the tone for a 6-0 rout for the Indians.

But game two would be Arrieta, the Puerto Rican-Italian American former Cy Young Award winner, who no-hit the Indians for five innings plus and allowing a single run in a 5-1 rout. He would leave the rest of the work to the pen as Mike Montgomery and former New York Yankee Aroldis Chapman closed out Cleveland.

Arrieta, now 30, had that focus on a cold evening in which his performance was self-described by Arrieta,

“I was locked in.”

Jake did things like maintaining movement and riding the stationary bike. As a pilates man and workout obsessive, it was a natural course of action. Jake has always trained with an eye to the day he would need to pitch a game like this

“It’s why you play the whole season,”

Arrieta pointed out. After subpar postseason performances in the past, Jake is more than pleased to put in an elite level start at the best of times. The series resumes Friday at Wrigley Field.

Trump Winning(?) with ‘Latinas CONTRA Trump’

Just when Donald Trump is trying to convince his followers that his campaign is winning, we find this on Twitter.

Latina sisters Annie and Ceci Cardelle of Salisbury, North Carolina, wore homemade shirts reading “LATINAS CONTRA TRUMP” (Latinas Against Trump) to an event where son Eric was campaigning for father dearest. The celebrities-turned-failing politicians weren’t taking many photos with the public but picked the Cardelle sisters out of the crowd. It’s either Trump only saw LATINAS CON TRUMP or even the slightest amount of Spanish isn’t even in his vocabulary.

Image via Twitter

Image via Twitter

Warriors in the Cage: Dominick Cruz & Henry Cejudo

Originally published in the Jul/Aug 2016 issue of LatinTRENDS Magazine

Photos courtesy of UFC/Getty Images

The Latino Faces of the UFC

Latinos have a long and storied history in the world of combat sports. In boxing, legendary figures such as Julio Cesar Chávez and Oscar De La Hoya proudly touted their Latino heritage while winning championships and glory. At the dawn of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and mixed martial arts, Royce Gracie was its first dominant superstar, more recently followed by Anderson Silva, long considered the best in the world.

Carrying the banner for Latinos in the sport are now two rising stars: Dominick Cruz and Henry Cejudo. Cruz is the reigning UFC Bantamweight Champion while Cejudo is an Olympic gold medal-winning wrestler. Both are budding megastars and both are keenly aware of their status as Latino stars in a sport that gains popularity every day.


“The Dominator” Dominick Cruz

Growing up in Tucson, the man they call “The Dominator” was introduced to combat sports quite literally by accident. “I got into wrestling in the seventh grade and I got into [it] because I walked into the wrong room,” he said. “The coach said I wasn’t a soccer player, I was a wrestler. I started practicing that day and haven’t stopped since.

After an undefeated amateur career, he had a successful career in the now defunct World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) promotion, becoming its last bantamweight champion before it was absorbed by the UFC. It wasn’t long before Cruz achieved glory in the UFC, capturing the bantamweight championship twice.

I come from Tucson, Arizona, which is 70 percent Hispanic,” Cruz said. “It’s in me, that pride of being Hispanic. I feel it. In the way that the Mexicans always fought, they’re just tough and stubborn. I feel that’s in my bloodline and I’m proud of that.


“The Messenger” Henry Cejudo

The youngest of six children, the Olympian Henry Cejudo was introduced to the sport of wrestling by his older brothers. “I loved that wrestling was all about one-on-one combat,” he said. “I was always too small to play football, too short to play basketball, but when I saw that wrestling had weight classes, I knew I was home and I fell in love with it from the start.

Cejudo was an amateur superstar, winning four state wrestling championships. After winning gold at the Pan American Games in 2008, he set his sights firmly on Olympic glory, winning Gold at the 2008 Beijing Games. He retired from the sport in 2012 to compete in mixed martial arts. His pedigree and his impressive skills caught the attention of the UFC. Settling in as a flyweight, Cejudo has amassed a 10-1 record and is now one of the coaches on the upcoming season of “The Ultimate Fighter.”

“I want to become the best in the world,” he said. “What else is there to do in sports, but to want to be the best?”

“El Chapo” Judge is Assassinated Outside his Home in Mexico


“El Chapo” Judge is Assassinated Outside his Home in Mexico

Be advised: Video Below is Graphic



In the world of mixed martial arts Bellator MMA has established itself as the alternative to UFC and it can be argued that it has put on the most attractive dream matches in 2016. It has also become the landing ground of legends like Tito Ortiz who will be looking to avenge a childhood nightmare.

In the renovated Forum in Los Angeles, Bellator 170: Ortiz vs Sonnen will be presented there free on Spike TV on January 21st, 2017. It’s a promoter’s dream with two of the best talkers and showman in the MMA World. It’s a wonder that they never met in the professional ranks. Ortiz thinks Sonnen has “bitten off more than he can chew” while Chael thinks Ortiz is only fighting because he’s broke.

The man known as the “Huntington Beach Bad Boy” Tito Ortiz (18-12-1) who held the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship for three years, has not fought since a loss to Liam McGeary in September of 2015 but has a more personal reason to call out “The American GangsterChael Sonnen.

Apparently Ortiz was pinned to the mat by Sonnen in a college wrestling match and on his birthday no less. Sonnen (29-14-1) surprised many by signing with Bellator MMA this past September and calling everyone out. He also comes off a loss to Rashad Evans in UFC 167 three years ago. So in this battle of elder statesmen who never fail to bring their all in the cage, you can bet that MMA fans will not be disappointed no matter the result.

Photos from the premiere of “La Gradua”

Photos by Eddie Olmo

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”34″ gal_title=”Photos from the La Gradua]

It’s Time To Talk About Breast Cancer


Originally published in LatinTRENDS Magazine

By Daisy Cabrera

October marks National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it’s time to talk about this deadly disease. Breast cancer is the most common cancer, and the leading cause of cancer death among Latinas. Latinas tend to be diagnosed with more advanced breast cancers. Although breast cancer is not preventable, there are steps you can take to lower your risk. We spoke with Dr. Raegan McDonald-Mosley, Chief Medical Officer of Planned Parenthood Federation of America and board certified obstetrician-gynecologist. As a leading healthcare provider to women across the country, the nonprofit organization provides up-to-date, expert information and supportive, confidential care.


Why is breast cancer prevalent in the Latina population?

Latinas in the U.S. face more barriers to accessing health care, are less likely to get preventive screenings, are more likely to be diagnosed at later stages, and are more likely to experience worse health outcomes when it comes to breast cancer. A recent national Planned Parenthood survey showed that when asked what prevented Latinas from getting checked for breast cancer, the following barriers played a role: 40% said the cost of the test, 26% said time to go to the doctor, 22% said the distance to the doctor’s office, 25% said fear of the test, and 32% said fear of the test results.


Is breast cancer linked to other gynecological cancers?

Certain types of breast cancer are linked with other types of cancer. The most well studied types are related to the BRCA gene, which is associated with a hereditary type of breast cancer, and can lead to an increased risk of ovarian cancer. There are other hereditary types of breast cancer that are linked with other diseases such as brain cancer, leukemia and colon cancer.


How important are breast self-examinations and mammograms?

Finding breast cancer at its earliest stages is important to improve survival and the chances of living a long, healthy life. Be aware of how your breasts normally look and feel. Simply looking at, touching, and feeling your breasts from time to time will help you notice any changes. Talk to your health care provider if you have any concerns about changes in the look, shape, or texture of your breasts, or nipple discharge, or if there is breast cancer or other types of cancer in your family history. You and your health care provider can decide together whether getting a mammogram is right for you. Clinical breast exams are recommended every one to three years for most women in their 20s and 30s. Mammograms are recommended yearly for women starting at age 40 and may be suggested sooner if a woman has a history of breast cancer or has abnormalities discovered during a clinical exam.


What are some common misconceptions about mammograms?

There are many misconceptions about mammograms: that they are very painful, or they take a long time, or are only necessary for older women. In terms of discomfort, you will feel some pressure. Pressing your breast in this way helps spread out the breast tissue and prevents movement. It also helps get a sharper image of the breast tissue. The compression for each breast only lasts a few seconds — the overall procedure takes about 15 minutes. Most women feel uncomfortable when their breasts are being pressed. Some women find it painful. But the discomfort only lasts a few seconds each time. Some women may also feel sore after a mammogram.


What happens if the mammogram finds an abnormality?

Not all abnormal results are breast cancer. Your health provider will tell you what other tests you might need, including another mammogram or another test. There are several other diagnostic tools to confirm mammogram results including: biopsy, core-needle biopsy, and ultrasound.


If you can’t afford a mammogram, what local resources are available?

Planned Parenthood provides affordable breast cancer screenings regardless of whether or not you have health insurance. Our health centers provide clinical breast exams and refer patients to other facilities for mammograms based on breast exams, age, and/or family history. If an abnormality is found during a clinical breast exam, our health centers will help patients get the follow-up care they need from specialists. Understanding the importance of breast health, and early detection is key to battling breast cancer. The disease doesn’t discriminate, and Latina celebrity survivors include Daniela Romo, Ana María Polo, Adamari López, Angélica María, Alejandra Guzmán, and Bárbara Mori. Talk to your medical provider about breast cancer, share your family history of cancer, and visit for more information.

*Editor’s note: former LatinTRENDS digital editor Shelley Mendoza is also a breast cancer survivor.