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Ford Brings ‘Go Further’ and Auto & Mobility to Life



Ford Brings ‘Go Further’ and Auto and Mobility to Life with New FordHub Brand Experience Studio and Super Bowl Ad

  • Ford expands its “Go Further” brand vision with the launch today of its first-ever interactive brand experience studio – called FordHub – in New York City
  • FordHub, opening in Westfield World Trade Center, is part of Ford’s plan to create new ways to connect with consumers – some of whom have never done business with Ford before
  • Ford is also connecting with new consumers through a 90-second ad launching before Super Bowl LI’s kickoff, showcasing its expansion to be an auto and a mobility company

Ford is expanding its efforts to connect with consumers – some who never have done business with the company before – through the opening of its first-ever FordHub interactive brand experience studio in New York City and a new ad for Super Bowl LI.

FordHub, located in one of New York’s busiest transportation centers – Westfield World Trade Center – is an interactive space designed to show the public how Ford’s expansion to an auto and a mobility company is helping change the way the world moves. FordHub is designed to inspire visitors – whether they own or intend to own a Ford vehicle or not – to think about the future of transportation in an entirely new way by encouraging imagination and dialogue.

Ford was founded on the promise of providing affordable transportation solutions to millions of customers, and this commitment still drives us today,” said Stephen Odell, Ford executive vice president, Global Marketing, Sales, and Service. “As we expand our business to be both an auto and mobility company, we’re using new experiences like FordHub and our first Super Bowl ad that talks about the future to explain what we mean when we say ‘We Go Further so you can.’

Opening today, FordHub invites consumers to join Ford to explore, experiment and learn how the company is rethinking the future of transportation.

Our first FordHub is a place designed to spark questions and curiosity,” said Elena Ford, Ford vice president, Global Dealer and Consumer Experience. “This isn’t a store or a dealer – it’s a place for participation and creativity. We want people to have fun while engaging in conversation about the future of transportation.

Exhibits and activities address mobility

As Ford is working with cities around the world to address growing mobility challenges, the company welcomes visitors to the FordHub to where they can get a glimpse at Ford’s vision for solutions. Guests can explore a world map to see how near-term mobility advancements – including autonomous and electric vehicles, ride-sharing, ride-hailing and connected vehicles – will play a pivotal role in the City of Tomorrow.

FordHub also features a mobility map that tracks the pulse of New York City – with a dashboard of real-time traffic information for commuters, including trains, ferries, and alerts.

Other experiences offer fun and intrigue. In Last Mile Challenge, guests stand on wobble boards and race through a futuristic world using every mode of transportation – from autonomous cars to e-bikes – earning tokens for each mobility decision they make. Still, other experiences provide entertainment. In Mustang over Manhattan, guests use a virtual reality headset to build a Mustang atop the Empire State Building, while their friends watch the build come together on a digital screen.

FordGuides – experts not only on the space itself but knowledgeable about Ford vehicles and innovations – are stationed throughout to answer questions and assist guests.

Dynamic space encourages new ideas

As times change and innovations evolve, so, too, will FordHub. Over time, Ford will collaborate with communities, thought leaders, artists, and others to introduce new interactive programs.

We see this as an active, dynamic space, featuring innovations we have today and others we are exploring for tomorrow,” said Elena Ford. “We want consumers to join us and be part of creating the world’s mobility solutions.

Along with the FordHub opening, Ford is kicking off the Mobilize New York Challenge – an innovation challenge designed to stimulate new ideas and find ways to help New Yorkers get around easier and faster. Offering more than $30,000 in cash prizes, individuals are invited to submit proposals to solve the city’s transportation challenges.

Super Bowl ad focuses on Ford’s auto and mobility future Ford also today is revealing a new 90-second ad that – for the first time ever – highlights near- and long-term mobility solutions it is developing to help people Go Further in their daily lives.

The ad launches just before kickoff of Super Bowl LI on Sunday. The spot showcases moments in which people have become “stuck” in life. It then showcases Ford solutions – including self-driving vehicles and ride-sharing – to help people move freely again.

Digital extensions of the ad also debut at, featuring in-depth stories of Ford people who Go Further every day. Those featured include employees, dealers, and partners who create the vehicles, technologies and mobility solutions Ford is working on today and tomorrow.

Furious customers delete Uber app after drivers went to protest at JFK airport during

Thousands of Uber customers have deleted their app and posting the evidence to social media after some of its drivers tried to do business at JFK airport during a taxi strike.

jfk-protest-immigrants-e1e9e7fb-3fc6-48de-85cf-b55bb57f1817 two 2


The New York Taxi Workers Alliance called for all drivers to avoid John F. Kennedy International Airport on Saturday to make way for protests against President Donald Trump’s executive order barring travelers from seven Muslim countries from entering the US.

Many users noted that Uber still appeared to be servicing riders during the strike. The company also tweeted after the strike saying it had halted higher fares that normally kick in during periods of increased demand.

In response, people began deleting Uber from their phones and posting the evidence to Facebook and Twitter using hashtag #deleteUber

Uber app delete


“We’re sorry for any confusion about our earlier tweet — it was not meant to break up any strike,” the company said. “We wanted people to know they could use Uber to get to and from JFK at normal prices, especially last night.”

The company employs over 35,000 drivers in the New York City region.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick sent an email to employees Sunday announcing a plan to help drivers who may be overseas and unable to reenter the country because of Trump’s travel ban, which he called “unjust.”

Kalanick said Uber would provide lawyers and immigration experts to drivers barred from entering the country using a $3 million company-created legal defense fund. Drivers will also be compensated for lost wages.

Kalanick was recently names among 19 executives who will provide economic advice to Trump. Kalanick now says he will urge the government to reinstate travel immediately.



“Familiarity breeds contempt.”

That was certainly the case for two tennis legends Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in the early 2000’s. They saw way too much of each other with the net between them in the hottest rivalry in men’s tennis at that time.

But time dimmed the lights and a friendship grew. In fact they came together on a project that was true to both their hearts, the future of the game. Federer attended the ribbon cutting ceremony marking the opening of Nadal’s tennis academy.

“I was blown away by that academy and by what Rafa was able to build there,” Federer said.

Now these two opposed one another for the 2017 Australian Open Final and all eyes were upon them once more. The stories were inspiring. Federer leaving the sport for six months to tend to his health and he showed he could learn from Nadal in his comeback from knee surgery.

“I thing is Rafa’s always been unbelievable at comebacks,” Federer said, “I think maybe on this occasion, he’s going to lead the way for me, to show how it’s done.”

He has also re-invented himself, altering his game to more of a net aggressor. Nadal, the Spanish splinter in Federer’s hand for twelve years leads the series 23-11. No one else did as well against the best in tennis. They are the only men to finish in the top two for six straight years. Together they have won 31 Grand Slam titles.

That’s what makes this match so tastefully surreal. You know what you are going to get. Nadal has won all three finals against Federer. Until now. It was close and competitive as it always is with these two. But this time Federer pulled out the five set classic as they traded the first four sets until finally the rebranded Federer rallied from a 3-1 deficit to win 6-3. And they are still friends.

President Trump vs. Mayor de Blasio

trump vs de blasio

President Trump has been in office just seven days and he’s already signed four executive orders, keeping up with campaign promises, one of which was taking a step further into deporting millions of undocumented immigrants as well as building that infamous wall (that’ll probably never be built). The order titled “Enhancing public safety in the Interior of the United States”, orders to what have been nicknamed as “sanctuary cities”, cities like New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, and more, to comply with any requests from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and threatens to cancel any federal grants to those that don’t comply. These cities appear to be targeted because they offer social services to its residents, regardless of immigration status. One service we know of here in New York City is the Municipal ID program known as IDNYC, not only offers free admission to a select number of the City’s museums but is also a great alternative to some form of photo ID for city resident who cannot otherwise obtain one through the State’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

So what are these sanctuary cities doing in response? NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, NYS’s attorney general, and California legislators aren’t planning on complying with this executive order. Miami-Dade County, on the other hand, is a different story.

Mayor de Blasio, along with former mayor Mike Bloomberg, doesn’t see undocumented immigrants as such, but as fellow New Yorkers. According to DNAInfo, de Blasio acknowledges that “we have half a million New Yorkers who are undocumented and they are part of the fabric of this city,” and has already started to set aside a reserve fund in case those federal cuts do happen. As reported by the Daily Beast, Bloomberg stated during his tenure as mayor, “although they broke the law by illegally crossing our borders or overstaying their visas and our businesses broke the law by employing them, our city’s economy would be a shell of itself had they not, and it would collapse if they were deported.” That Daily Beast article highlighted undocumented day laborers in NYC who simply look to make an honest dollar. The city receives an estimate of $7 billion from the federal government, which contributes to law enforcement and NYPD’s anti-terrorism efforts, social services such as NYCHA and other affordable housing, public assistance, child protective services as well as HIV/AIDS prevention programs, which is almost fully funded by federal dollars.

New York attorney general Eric T. Schneiderman outright called this executive order “unconstitutional”, noting the trust that has been built between immigrant communities and local law enforcement is vital to the safety of ALL citizens. He released a full statement on this, using the president’s favorite form of mass communication: Twitter.



According to the LA Times, California’s high court decisions have interpreted financial threats like this as an unlawful intrusion on the state’s rights. San Francisco officials have determined that since the wording of the executive order is rather vague, it may not even be applicable to them.

Miami, on the other hand, has given in to such demands. According to USA Today, Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez has refused for years to detain undocumented immigrants for federal immigration authorities but changed his mind upon the signing of the order since it would cut federal funding. Gimenez signed his own executive this week ordering the director of Miami-Dade’s corrections department to begin complying with any requests from ICE. Money talks, huh?


STILL a lack of diversity at the Oscar’s


The nominations for the 89th Annual Academy Awards have officially been released and, you guessed it, the list lacks much in diversity.

Out of the 122 total nominations in its categories, including Best Picture, Best Screenplay, and Best Director, only 31 of those are highlighting the accomplishments of actors/actresses of color or featured a diverse cast. The Spanish short film Timecode was the only Latino nomination, contending for Best Short Film; Rogue One starring Diego Luna and Felicity Jones received a nomination in Best Sound Mixing and Best Visual Effects. Other than that, iconic films Fences and Hidden Figures each received four and three nominations, respectively. Moonlight, a film about the life of a young black man from childhood to adulthood as he struggles to find his place in the world while growing up in a rough neighborhood of Miami received a total of eight nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay. With the array of wonderful movies released in 2016, it makes you wonder what the criteria are for an Oscar-worthy film.



You have to be creative to entertain children. If you specialize in such an area it is a double win. For an actress like Criena House, who stands 5-1, it’s the type of role she fit in literally and figuratively. House beat out 500 actresses for the role of Brianna, who gets trapped in a winter world which brings to mind “Alice in Wonderland” at first thought.

“I play children a lot because I’m short,”

House explained,

“It’s something in my back pocket that I always pull out.”

Snowkus Pocus” promises a more athletic display as one may surmise from the name of the preciding company “Cirque-tacular Entertainment.” The show’s soul is expressed through talented acrobats and circus talents. For Criena who trained as a clown, one of her skill sets she can pull from her varied bag of tricks, it’s not a stretch to do this type of performance.

“I’m a gymnast, I do ribbons in the show and a little bit of lifts,”

House said,

“Basically I do physical comedy, kind of like miming, telling a story and the character through physicality and no talking.”


House, a bi-racial, California born, Filipina actress and dancer came to these shores feeling entitled with a confidence born from her parents, who led by example while drawing from her shared Asian-Spanish heritage. She has used that experience to survive and thrive in New York City climbing the ladder meticulously as a “Hungry actress“, which happens to be the name of her blog.

Criena uses her entire body to reflect her enthusiasm is a force to be experienced.

“I bring myself, an my authenticity, while still having fun on stage.”

Snowkus Pocus is currently running at the YMCA at 334 East 14th Street in Manhattan until February 5th.

Opening Up Doors to Better Opportunities at Hostos

When Sandy Guido left Honduras at 18-years-old in 2008 to live in New York, she immediately knew that in order to succeed in the United States that she had to pursue higher education. She chose Hostos Community College to obtain a degree in social working.

I started taking classes at Hostos Community College…I got my GED…and I chose social working because the people here helped to get to the path of going to college and I would like to do the same for people that don’t know how the system works here. Sometimes you don’t know the opportunities that you have until you learn the process.”

More importantly, she knew from her own experience as an immigrant in a new country what that meant to her.

“You are able to help people that really need your help,” said Guido.

Growing up, she knew that neither of her parents attained the level of education that they needed to get a better job in Honduras or the United States. In her native country, her mother was a housekeeper and her father was a community leader. Together, both her parents work as factory workers building revolving doors.

Guido knew that she wanted more and that with a college education that she would obtain a better job. First, she went to HCC for her GED and ESL courses. Once she finished that she pursued her Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts. Currently, she is on track to receiving her Bachelor’s Degree at Lehman College in June 2017, something that she believes she wouldn’t have been able to do without the help that she received from the social workers at HCC that helped her.

DSCN2433 rc

I like to study because I will be the first in my family to get a Bachelor’s Degree. It makes me feel proud of myself and that I’m making my family feel proud of me.”

Not wanting to stop there, Guido also has plans to follow up her bachelor’s with another.

“Seeing myself almost finishing my bachelor’s made me realize that I can go to higher level. I will continue to go and then get my master’s…I am doing this for myself. This is an accomplishment for me.”

Guido only hopes that her story will be an inspiration for others.

If you want to get the best opportunities you have to work hard to get to the level that you want. For example, if you come here and want a better job you have to get a better education, start from the beginning. I didn’t think that I will be getting my bachelor’s, but I started from the beginning with English classes to get to where I want to be. It will take time and little by little you can do what you want in life. It’s not easy, but you will get it.”


Full Circle at Hostos Community College


Learning a new language can take years to master. For Dominican native, Madeline Santana, a recipient of the Auxiliary Police Officer Eugene Marshalik Scholarship, grasping English became a pathway to her career through Hostos Community College.

After leaving the Dominican Republic at age 10 in 1998, Santana struggled to become fluent in English even though she would speak on stage in junior high.

I focused a lot on my studies and I represented my eighth-grade class. My graduation was at Hostos Community College.”

After graduating from Stevenson High School in the Bronx with a baby Santana knew that she had to find a school that would accommodate her needs. Before she went to Hostos she attended a college that was more focused on getting her into as many classes as possible and simply graduating, but at Hostos University she found something different.

“The school was very flexible towards my needs. I cannot complain about that school at all. It’s a very good school. They focus on the student’s needs.”

Learn more about opportunities at Hostos continuing education programs

When she started heading to Hostos Community College, Santana was simply taking remedial reading, writing and speaking courses in English as a Second Language (ESL) courses without anything else in mind. However, she soon came to love the school and found her passion.

After that, I went to take my career courses…I basically love the fact that I’m helping patients improve their health…in advising them how to take their medication I feel good. I love helping others.

Not only did she attend school as a young mother, but she volunteered as an auxiliary police officer for three years.

“I would patrol the city of New York and cover events like parades…and events that they have for the community.”

In 2015, Santana earned a Pharmacy Technician’s Certificate and then received a part-time position at the Bronx Lebanon Special Care Center. Next, she will be joining Kingsbrooke Jewish Medical Center full-time, but she is not done yet.

I would like to go to pharmacy school…I want my daughter to know to never give up…and know I did my best to give her a better future.”

To doing a speech in her eighth-grade class to becoming a graduate of Hostos Community College, Madeline Santana has truly come full circle.


Bayley One Rumble Away From Pinnacle Of Women’s Pro Wrestling


Yes, Pamela Rose Martinez is a hugger. And today is National Hugging day. Wait? Back up a moment. Martinez? Oh, well, the WWE Universe and you know her better by her ring non de guerre, Bayley. Now that we got that cleared up let’s focus on the 2017 Royal Rumble where Bayley will face Charlotte Flair for the WWE Raw Women’s championship.

Bayley wants to hug Charlotte. Really she does. But in this case it’s the set-up to her finishing move, the belly-to-belly suplex. It’s been a long road for this 27-year old paragon of positivity. She was the last of the four horsewomen, which included Charlotte, Sasha Banks and former WWE Women’s Smackdown champion Becky Lynch, to be called upto the main roster. She had competed in the WWE development league NXT for four years where she held the championship for nearly a year before dropping the strap to Asuka.

But Bayley in a short time has already made great strides, pinning Charlotte twice and overcoming the women’s version of a mastodon, Nia Jax, earlier this month to claim the number one ranking and shot at the belt. When presented with the question of whether a Women’s Royal Rumble could be possible, Bayley intimated it’s a numbers game.

“If we had more girls brought in, maybe like NXT girls, that would be really cool and I think it would be a lot of fun,” Bayley reflected.

The Bay area originate remains humble with an enthusiasm for the business that has never dimmed. It continues to endear fans to her in flocks. As she makes her debut in Birmingham, Alabama one has to think that this is the moment for the underdog once more.

“I’m just this normal chick that loves wrestling and got lucky enough to pursue it and got into WWE. I feel I snuck in,” Bayley explained.

Welcome to America, Chapo!


Its Official, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman has been Extradited to America…and he’s coming straight to Brooklyn!

kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, who became a legend in Mexico through his prison escapes and years of staying just ahead of local cops and US Federal agents has been was extradited and transported to the United States on January 19th 2017

chapo 2

Mexican authorities planned to turn over Guzman, head of the Sinaloa cartel, before Friday’s inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump, a US official shared with the media.  A Mexican court on denied Guzman’s appeal of the extradition.

The US Justice Department confirmed the announcement Guzman’s initial appearance are forthcoming. He faces six separate indictments.

Cartel Boss will stand trial in Brooklyn New York. Guzman was picked up by a team from the Drug Enforcement Administration, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and US marshals. They will take him to New York. He is expected to stand trial in Brooklyn, no date was given.

“The Justice Department extends its gratitude to the Government of Mexico for their extensive cooperation and assistance in securing the extradition of Guzman Loera to the United States,” it said in a statement, Guzman and other cartel leaders were indicted in 2009 in US District Court in Brooklyn on charges of conspiring to import more than 264,000 pounds of cocaine into the United States between 1990 and 2005. The alleged traffickers are accused of sharing drug transportation routes and obtaining their drugs from various Colombian drug organizations.

“EL Chapo” Guzman also faces charges in Arizona, California, Texas, Illinois, New York, Florida and New Hampshire.

Mexico’s Foreign Ministry has said it had received assurances that if convicted Guzman would not receive the death penalty. Mexico opposes death sentences. For years, the notorious cartel leader has been staying ahead of the law. He is known for using a maze of secret underground tunnels for both evading authorities and moving the massive quantities of drugs that made the Sinaloa Cartel very powerful and dangerous.

Guzman’s recapture in January 2016, after many months as a fugitive represented a major success in what has been an embarrassing ordeal for Mexico. For many, “El Chapo” has become a symbol of the Mexican government’s corruption.

Guzman, also escaped In 2001 and again in 2015 by crawling through an opening in the shower area of his cell block leading to a nearly mile-long tunnel. In August, Guzman’s son was kidnapped from a Puerto Vallarta restaurant, in what was perceived as an attempt to exploit the cartel’s vulnerability. He was later freed.

“El Chapo” is aware that drug trafficking won’t end once he’s gone. “The day I don’t exist, it’s not going to decrease in any way at all,” he told actor Sean Penn in an interview in October 2015.



“How can a Puerto Rican be seditious towards the U.S. state when we never had any part in electing a U.S. government official?

These words were spoken, in October of last year, by a man who has spent 35 years in prison and 12 in solitary confinement not for the violent act that got him here but for seditious conspiracy.

Oscar Lopez Rivera will be free in four months as President Obama commuted his sentence, the last acts of an outgoing president. Rivera is considered a political prisoner by many over the years who understood his motivations as part of the FALN which conducted bombings and killings, though in 1983 they renounced violence as a means of pursuing independence from the United States yet casualties were incurred opening the door to arrests of members of that organization.

His actions were an extension of the outcry of a Puerto Rico which is a territory of the United States that through the Jones Act of 1917 bestowed citizenship, not to have a vote for president or to even have a voting member in Congress, but to be available to contribute troops to the U.S Armed Forces in all their wars past and present. U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill) is just happy he will walk again as a free man.

“Oscar is a friend, mentor and family to me and he and his brother Jose have been that for my entire life.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda, creator of “Hamilton” cried tears of joy upon hearing the news tweeting.

“Sobbing with gratitude here in London. OSCAR LOPEZ RIVERA IS COMING HOME. THANK YOU.”

Though the gesture was welcome, the problem remains. He was never formally charged with a direct role in the bombings. Eight years ago he passed on a pardon from then-president Bill Clinton on behalf of two more prisoners who were not included. Some are unhappy, many are pleased but with Oscar Rivera back among the people, he will remind them what has always been at stake, their own identity.

Why I am proud to say: “I Am Hostos”!

Madeline Santana

As the recipient of the Auxiliary Police Officer Eugene Marshalik Scholarship, Madeline Santana continues to climb the education ladder at Hostos Community College as she pursues an associate degree in Office Technology, Medical Office Manager. Madeline enrolled in the Division of Continuing Education & Workforce Development and earned her certification as a Pharmacy Technician. Making the most of her experience at the College, Madeline was able to secure a part-time position at Bronx Lebanon Special Care Center, where she has been employed for the past seven months. She will soon be joining the staff at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center full-time. Upon completion of her associate degree, Madeline plans on enrolling in Pharmacy school.

When asked about her experience in the Pharmacy Technician Program, she responded as follows:  “The Pharmacy Technician Program has impacted my life and career in a great way. I have set new goals for myself while pursuing a rewarding career. From the moment I began attending Hostos Community College, many opportunities have opened up for me, while the guidance I received from my mentor, Dr. Geoffrey Lord, has been priceless. I am grateful for the relationships I have formed and the people within the program that truly care about their students’ success. I AM HOSTOS.

Learn more about opportuneties at Hostos continuing education programs


Here are some things she has learned and want to share on her educational journey:

  • I heard about the program through the catalog delivered to homes. I am a Bronx native and I am always looking into furthering my education.
  • My experience was a wonderful experience taking the pharmacy technician class. Dr. Lord is a great professor and enrolling into this program offered from Hostos has been such a major impact in my life and he has definitely become a mentor to me in my career path.
  • This program has been very beneficial for me and has allowed me to transition into the medical industry. Dr. Lord prepared me by exposing the retail and medical skills needed to be marketable in my job search. During my program I was able to work closely with my mentor in the pharmacy and learn from his staff. The collaboration between Hostos and Bronx Lebanon has been a priceless experience for me and other students. I was also able to secure employment upon completion of my program.
  • What I took away most from my time in the program is the relationships I formulated.  I was able to establish and network with those experts in my industry who created employment opportunities.
  • I encourage future students with an interest in this program to take advantage of the training and the preparation Hostos offers. I was fully prepared and gained my certification within 4 months, and shortly after secured a new position with Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center. This experience has been an absolute life changer.