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Shakira Opens another School in Colombia

Shakira is opening the 7th school in her hometown of Barranquilla.

The ‘Hips Don’t Lie‘ star launched her Pies Descalzos (Barefoot) Foundation in 1997 and has opened six schools in the country. The new Institucion Nuevo Bosque will open in 2019.


Shakira said: “When we started to build schools in Colombia 20 years ago, we chose remote areas where there was nothing at all – no infrastructure, roads or even potable water.”

“We built the schools where the government was absent and  children did not have access to quality education. The results were immediate, jobs were generated, malnutrition plummeted and the students responded very well academically.”

In December last year, another one of Shakira’s schools, which was established in 2008 was named the number one public school in the country in a study, which was measured on the strength of students’ test scores.

Gisele Bündchen the World’s Richest Model

Gisele Bündchen the World’s Richest Model

The highest paid model of 2014 (she’s held this title for the last eight years) is Brazilian-born Gisele Bündchen, who according to Forbes made over $400 Million Dollars in her career so far. Gisele is also philanthropic, she volunteers with the nonprofit Rainforest Alliance and is a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations.

In addition to her endorsements, Bundchen has also cashed in through deals with companies that want to monetize on her name. Her line of sandals with Grendene, one of the world’s leading makers of synthetic footwear, is a huge success in Brazil and abroad. Plus she recently teamed-up with Hope, Brazil’s answer to Victoria’s Secret, to launch her own lingerie brand. She also launched her own line of beauty products in 2011, Sejaa Pure Skincare. Altogether, the products that bear Bundchen’s name generate roughly $1 billion per year in sales.

In case you didn’t know: The top male model brings  in less than 2 Million a year, a whopping difference to the 47 million Gisele brought in in 2014.  Clearly this is an area in which females make more money than males

The partnership has been so successful that Hope is now using Bundchen’s name to create a network of stores in Brazil and internationally which will sell exclusively the pieces designed by the supermodel.

“Gisele is our best brand today, Fabio Figueiredo, Hope’s director of expansion, told Bloomberg. “We still have lots of room for growth in Brazil, but we have to think strategically where we want to grow and we want to be a global brand.” The first Hope store dedicated to Bundchen’s Gisele Bundchen Brazilian Intimates brand has already been opened in Paris’ Galeries Lafayette, one of the oldest and most visited department stores in the world.

Gisele is married to Tom Brady Jr.quarterback for the New England Patriots of the National Football League (see photo below). He is one of only two players to win five Super Bowls the only quarterback to win five and the only player to win them all playing for one team. After playing college football for the University of Michigan, Brady was drafted by the Patriots in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft. In Brady’s 15 seasons as a starter  he has quarterbacked the Patriots to seven Super Bowl appearances, the most for any player in history. As a couple their total net worth is $500 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. It appears the Brady’s and Bundchen’s won’t have to worry about a slumping economy….


Since Forbes began tracking Bundchen’s numbers in 2001, her estimated total earnings over the period totaled $386 million. If corrected by US inflation based on the buying power of the dollar over time, that sum goes to some $427 million. That does not include management, agent and attorney fees, but assuming Bundchen’s been managing her cash, spending wisely and making smart investments, which seems to be the case, it’s safe to say she has amassed a respectable net worth.

Op-Ed by NYC School Chancellor Carmen Fariña on “A Path to College and Careers”

Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña

Op-Ed: By NYC Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña

Navigating the college process can be challenging for students and their families. As the first person in my family to go to college, I know how stressful this process can be. As Chancellor, getting every student on the path to college regardless of their home language or zip code and graduating a productive citizen is at the heart of what I want to accomplish. In support of this effort, across the City today we are celebrating College Awareness Day.

Now in its second year, College Awareness Day promotes a college-going culture across all New York City schools and encourages students to consider a wide range of college and career options. And now as part of the DOE’s first College and Career Month, 250 high schools are participating in career exploration events and activities. This means schools will be visiting companies and non-profit organizations to shadow professionals, and inviting alumni and recent college students to discuss college and career planning with students. We are also hosting the first-ever citywide Summer Enrichment Fair on January 28, where high school students and families can learn about summer employment opportunities and participate in career skills and planning workshops. Educators across the City are helping students understand that going to college is attainable with hard work and determination and families should can overcome the financial considerations, geographical barriers, or other roadblocks.

2017 College Awareness Day

College Awareness Day is part of College Access for All, one of Mayor de Blasio’s Equity and Excellence for All initiatives. Through College Access for All, every middle school student will have the opportunity to visit a college campus by 2018 and every high school student will have the resources and support to develop an individual college and career plan by 2019. For the first time this spring, every high school junior can take the SAT free of charge during the school day and we’ve also eliminated the CUNY application fee for low-income students applying for college, removing a significant financial barrier for families.

Early Conversations and planning around college and careers are critical, and helping our youngest learners see higher education as attainable begins with raising greater awareness of what college is and why it matters. We are laying this groundwork early, by building on our promise of Pre-K for All, working toward universal literacy in 2nd grade by 2026, and expanding bilingual programs in classrooms as early as pre-K. Every student must have the opportunity to pursue their dreams, and we are making unprecedented investments to make that a reality – especially for students who are new immigrants, just learning English, and will be the first in their family to go to college.

Every day can be College Awareness Day across the City. Our schools will continue to share information with students and families about college and career readiness as the school year moves forward. By making a clear path to college and career for everyone, we are going to make a real difference in our City and country. I encourage all educators to share their college experience with students and continue the college conversation today.  Additional information about College Awareness Day and College and Career Month are available at: Together we can eliminate obstacles and make the path to college and careers for all a reality.

Celebrity Tips for Outdoor Cookouts

“Celebrity Tips for Outdoor Cookouts”

Gear up for outdoor cookouts and entertaining with celebrity tips that will prep you for get-togethers with your friends and family during the spring and summer months.

According to a recent Harris Poll, 8 in 10 American adults watch cooking shows, and consumers and celebrities alike are trying out TV recipes to throw dinner parties that will wow their friends and families.

kKarent Sierra, from Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of Miami, loves entertaining at her house – and living in South Florida means she can host dinner parties outdoors all year long.   Coming from a Colombian background, she especially likes to cook Sancocho, a delicious stew with lots of fresh ingredients, including chicken, meat, corn, potatoes, cassava, carrots and onions.  She offers these top tips:

“So I don’t have to cry cutting up my onions, I love the Princess House Press & Chop Food Processor to chop up all my vegetables.  I also use Bamboo Chef’s Board; it’s perfect for preparing everything before I start grilling or cooking.”

“Hearty meals like Sancocho, need extra-large cookware. I like to use the Princess Heritage Tri-Ply Stainless Steel 14 Quart Sear and Simmer Pan which fits all my ingredients.”


dDania Ramirez is a Dominican-American television and film actress and mother of two, whose credits include the roles of Maya Herrera in Heroes, Alex in Entourage, and Blanca during the last season of The Sopranos on television. She loves to entertain guests outdoors and she’s discovered how to make it simple, fun and easy-to-clean up so she can enjoy the meal and time with her guests, as much as they do!  Here’s her star-studded advice:

“When entertaining outdoors I like to keep it simple.  I use cookware that can go straight from the oven to the table without disrupting the décor. Plus it makes cleaning up that much easier!” Durable and beautiful, the Princess Moderna™ Cook + Serve collection from Princess House can go from the refrigerator to over or microwave, then straight to the table – perfect for everyday use and special occasions.

“I always love to have small versatile glass containers. They are easy enough to move around and allow me to have juice, iced tea or margaritas ready-to-go for any occasion on a moment’s notice.” From special occasions to quiet evening with friends, the Princess Heritage® Pitcher and Grande Glasses bring style to spring entertaining.





6 Ways to Find Your Special Talent & Purpose


6 Ways to Find Your Special Talent & Purpose

According to the dictionary, a talent is a natural endowment of a person. It is an ability or natural capacity that we have, which may range

Ask 10 people what their talents are and you are bound to get a variety of responses, many of which will include that they simply don’t know. How can that be, you ask? Because people are often too close to what is going on for them to notice their natural abilities. So these gems go unnoticed and untapped, for years!

Finding your talent is actually much easier than you may realize. Here are 5 simple ways to find your hidden talents:

Listen to others:

Those around you usually know what your talents are, even when you don’t. If you think about it, people have likely been telling you that you are good at something for a long time. You just weren’t listening. Now is the time to listen.

Determine what is easy:

Are there things that you find really easy or obvious to do, while others may struggle or muddle their way through? If you have things that you find super easy, you believe that they should be just as easy, or obvious, for others, but that’s not how it plays out. In this scenario, they struggle while you stand there feeling like it was a cake walk!

What you enjoy most:

Your talents may be demonstrating itself in other ways. Are there magazine topics that you just can’t get enough of? Are there shows you love? Think about what it is that you love to do most when you have free time. If you are drawn toward it, it is a natural talent.

Shut up already:

Is there a specific subject that you love to talk about, often to the point that your friends want to shoot you? Consider the subject, perhaps it may be one of your hidden talents or is connected to one.

Just ask:

Ask everyone you know that will give you an honest assessment about what they think your talents are. Ask them to ignore your bad habits and have them share the one or two things that they think you are hands down most talented at. Ask a lot of people who know you, but always ask them one-on-one. Compile the results and there is your hidden talent.

Key Components:

When you know what your talents are, you feel more in tune with your life. You can also use those talents to excel in the business world. Whether you leverage those talents in your product or service, or you use them to network and make quality connections, they are important to know. When you capitalize on your talents, it no longer feels like work, it just feels like living. And anything that makes business and life more enjoyable is bound to be a good thing.

Antonio Banderas Makes it Through Heart Attack


Antonio Banderas Makes it Through Heart Attack

Actor Antonio Banderas has recovered from a heart attack that he had in January. The 56-year-old actor from Spain shared with the media that “I suffered a heart attack on Jan. 26, but it wasn’t serious and hasn’t caused any damage.”

Banderas says he underwent a procedure to place three stents in his arteries, adding that “it hasn’t been as dramatic as some have written.”

Banderas  known for roles in such films as “The Mask of Zorro,” ”Desperado,” ”Philadelphia” and the animated “Puss in Boots.”


Banderas spoke Saturday at a film festival in his hometown of Malaga in southern Spain, where he received a lifetime achievement award for his career as an actor, director and producer.

What You Didn’t Know about Antonio Banderas



Spanish singer, actor, director and producer Antonio Banderas is a man of many talents within the entertainment industry. Before he became a renowned thespian in Spain and an international super star of the big screen, he wished to be a professional soccer player and was a part of Real Madrid’s youth team from 1974 to 1977 as a striker, but had to retire from the sport after an ankle injury. Even though he had to give up pursuing his first dream, Banderas is happy with his career decision to switch gears and become an actor.

“If I was a soccer player that would be over 15 years ago. I am very happy actually that I broke the foot,” said Banderas.

Following the damage to his foot, Banderas started taking drama classes in high school after seeing a production of the musical “Hair” and then went to the School of Dramatic Art in Malaga. Soon afterwards, he made his acting debut in a small theater. Later he toured with a troupe at a theater company throughout Spain at playhouses or on the streets, but he would be arrested at least three times for his performance in controversial works by playwrights like Bertolt Brecht under the repressive regime of General Francisco Franco.

In order to support his acting career when he moved to Madrid, Banderas had to wait tables and take modeling gigs. In 1981, Banderas’ patience soon paid off because at 21-years-old he became the youngest actor in the National Theatre of Spain. From there, he quickly captured the attention of one of Spain’s most celebrated directors, Pedro Almodovar, and became a part of the La Movida Madrilena film movement after the death of the dictator Franco, and collaborated in several of the filmmaker’s sexual and political liberation films.

After a string of films with Almodovar during the 1980s, Banderas made his Hollywood debut in the highly regarded movie, “The Mambo Kings,” as a Latin crooner. Critical and commercial success followed in films like “Philadelphia” and “Interview with a Vampire.” After starring with Madonna in “Evita,” Banderas became a Hollywood heartthrob and go-to leading man. This resulted in him nabbing the character of Zorro in the popular film franchise which is one of his most recognizable roles. The other being the scene stealing role of Puss in Boots in “Shrek 2,” a character that was so popular that it led to a spinoff film which earned $555 million internationally and will have a sequel (Puss in Boots 2: Nine Lives & 40 Thieves) that will hit theaters Nov. 2, 2018.

“It did incredibly well with audiences and critics, all around the world, and the character is going to keep going… this character was born almost 12 years ago.  We have had a lot of fun with him, and it seems that audiences do, too.  So, we’re doing another one,” said Banderas.

For fans that can’t wait to see more from Banderas, he has two films that were announced this year (Dear Mister Obama and 33 dias), one in post-production (Altamira) and two films coming out later this year (Knight of Cups, The 33).

Fun Facts

  • He has a line of perfume
  • Banderas’ English was so poor when he first came to Hollywood the script for “The Mambo Kings” had to be made for him phonetically and the opposite happened for his co-star Armand Assante, who played his older Cuban brother, because Assante didn’t know Spanish
  • He has a 50 percent stake in a winery in Northern Spain
  • He serves as an officer for a religious brotherhood in Malaga and takes part of the Holy Week processions
  • He also does the Spanish voice over work for Puss in Boots


By Naeisha Rose

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Manchester City Team To Provide A Football Fantasy For One Lucky Winner in Latin America

Manchester City Team Up To Provide A Football Fantasy For One Lucky Winner in Latin America

(scroll down for Spanish)

Contest brings star power to a Wix user in Latin America Ltd. (Nasdaq: WIX) and the English Premier League’s Manchester City have teamed up for an all-star campaign, featuring the Club’s star players, to reward a Wix user in Latin America.

Through the multi-country campaign, the competition which officially opens today, will grant an amazing opportunity to a user and football fan to promote their winning brand throughout Latin America and beyond.

Manchester City players – Sergio Aguero, Gabriel Jesus, Claudio Bravo and Aleix Garcia – will promote the campaign, which is the latest in a series of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities giving Wix users the ability to promote their brands with the help of a star spokesperson. Pairing football fandom with Wix, the campaign will identify an outstanding individual that reflects both the work hard, play hard Wix brand and the winning team spirit of Manchester City. The campaign, and the winner, will be promoted via Wix and City’s social.

Wix works with artists, photographers, designers, musicians and small businesses all over the world and currently has over 26 million registered users in Latin America.

According to CAF, Development Bank of Latin America, one-third of Latin American workers are autonomous or small employers. SMEs represent more than 90 percent of companies in Latin America, they generate more than half of the employment and one fourth of GDP.

This competition goes beyond business owners, and is open to all Spanish and Portuguese speaking Wix users only in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela.

“We are making a football fantasy come true. It is no secret that Latin America has a passion for football,” said Omer Shai, CMO of Wix. “Latin America is also one of our most dynamic markets, and we are combining the best of both worlds to give our winner an unforgettable prize. Our customers and their ingenuity are our greatest pride, and we love being able to delight them with such an exciting opportunity. We want to make some magic and create an experience beyond our winner’s wildest dreams.”

In February 2016, Wix became City Football Group’s Official Website Design & Hosting partner for their clubs Manchester City FC, New York City FC and Melbourne City FC. Since then the company has been developing initiatives such as The City is Ours to engage the clubs’ fans.

Omar Berrada, Chief Operating Officer at Manchester City FC added, “We have a large fan base in Latin America, and their passion and support is invaluable to everyone at the Club. With Wix’s support, we will be able to offer them a unique opportunity to share their success stories and be featured in a campaign alongside some of their favorite players. We love the boundless creativity and energy and are certain that our fans will as well.”

How to enter:

The contest is now open for Spanish and Portuguese speaking Wix users only in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and Venezuela. Wix users should submit their websites via the link below by March 30, 2017:

Wix and Manchester City will collectively choose one winner in early April. The winner will get an online advertisement for their website staring popular City players, which will be promoted across Wix and the Club’s social channels.

About is a leading cloud-based web development platform with more than 102 million registered users worldwide. Wix was founded on the belief that the Internet should be accessible to everyone to develop, create and contribute. Through free and premium subscriptions, Wix empowers millions of businesses, organizations, professionals and individuals to take their businesses, brands and workflow online. Wix ADI, the Wix Editor and a highly curated App Market enable users to build and manage a fully integrated and dynamic digital presence. Wix’s headquarters are in Tel Aviv with offices in Be’er Sheva, San Francisco, New York, Miami, Berlin, Vilnius and Dnepropetrovsk.

About City Football Group
City Football Group is the owner of a number of football related businesses with global relevance. These include high profile professional football clubs, academies, technical support and marketing companies. CFG’s clubs include Premier League Title Winners 2011-2012 and 2013-14 Manchester City FC, Melbourne City FC of the A-League and MLS Franchise New York City Football Club. CFG is also a minority shareholder in Yokohama F. Marinos of the J-League. The Group also includes Manchester City Women’s FC and 2015-16 Westfield W-League Premiership and Championship Winners, Melbourne City Women’s FC. The common aim across all clubs is to provide the best possible experience and an unmatched opportunity for fans and communities to participate in, and benefit from, football at both a local and global level.

The Group’s support companies – City Football Services and City Football Marketing – operate from a number of offices around the world in support of the Group’s clubs, associate organisations and customer organisations. City Football Services shares footballing IP and “know-how” to recruit, develop, train and win. City Football Marketing creates media, marketing and fan engagement properties to support the commercial development of clubs and their partners.

City Football Group is majority owned by Abu Dhabi United Group (ADUG). ADUG is an investment and development company privately owned by His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan. In December 2015, ADUG divested a 13% shareholding to a China Media Capital-led consortium, creating an unprecedented platform for the growth of CFG clubs and companies in China and internationally. City Football Group’s headquarters are in Manchester and it has offices in Abu Dhabi, London, New York, Melbourne, Singapore and Tokyo.



Spanish y Manchester City se asocian para crear un comercial exclusivo a un ganador

El concurso ofrece la exposición de las estrellas a un usuario de Wix en América Latina Ltd. (Nasdaq: WIX) y Manchester City, de la English Premier League, se han asociado para crear una campaña increíble en la que participarán los jugadores estrella del Club y premiar a un usuario de Wix en Latinoamérica.

A través de la campaña en varios países, la competencia, que se inaugura oficialmente hoy, otorgará una asombrosa oportunidad a un usuario y fan del fútbol para promover su página web ganadora en América Latina y más allá.

Los jugadores de Manchester City – Sergio Agüero, Gabriel Jesús, Claudio Bravo y Aleix Garcia – promoverán la campaña, que es la más reciente de una serie de oportunidades únicas para los usuarios de Wix y que ofrecen la capacidad de promover sus páginas web con la ayuda de un portavoz estelar. Uniendo la fanaticada del fútbol con Wix, la campaña identificará a un individuo sobresaliente que refleje el trabajo duro y el juego duro de Wix y el espíritu del equipo ganador de Manchester City. La campaña, y el ganador, se promoverán en Wix y en los medios sociales del City.

Wix trabaja con artistas, fotógrafos, diseñadores, músicos y pequeños negocios en todo el mundo y actualmente tiene más de 26 millones de usuarios inscritos en América Latina.

Según CAF (Corporación Andina de Fomento), Banco de Desarrollo de América Latina, un tercio de los trabajadores latinoamericanos son autónomos o pequeños empresarios. Las empresas pequeñas y medianas (PYME) constituyen más del 90 por ciento de las compañías en América Latina, generan más de la mitad de los empleos y una cuarta parte del Producto Interno Bruto (PIB).

Esta competencia no se limita a los dueños de negocios, y está abierta a todos los usuarios de Wix en Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, México, Nicaragua, Panamá, Paraguay, Perú, Puerto Rico, República Dominicana, Uruguay y Venezuela.

“Estamos haciendo realidad una fantasía futbolística. No es un secreto que América Latina siente pasión por el fútbol”, dijo Omer Shai, director general de Marketing (CMO) de Wix. “América Latina es también uno de nuestros mercados más dinámicos, y estamos combinando lo mejor de los dos mundos para dar a nuestro ganador un premio inolvidable. Nuestros clientes y su ingenio son nuestro mayor orgullo, y nos encanta poder deleitarlos con una oportunidad tan emocionante. Queremos hacer un poco de magia y crear una experiencia que supere los sueños más locos de nuestro ganador”.

En febrero de 2016, Wix se convirtió en el socio de Diseño y Alojamiento del Sitio Web Oficial de City Football Group para sus clubes Manchester City FC, New York City FC y Melbourne City FC. Desde entonces la compañía ha estado desarrollando iniciativas como La Ciudad es Nuestra para atraer a los fans de los clubes.

Omar Berrada, director de Operaciones de Manchester City FC, agregó: “Tenemos una gran base de fans en América Latina, y su pasión y su apoyo son invaluables para todo el mundo en el Club. Con el apoyo de Wix, seremos capaces de ofrecerles una oportunidad única de compartir sus historias de éxito y presentarlos en una campaña junto con algunos de sus jugadores favoritos. Nos encantan la energía y la creatividad sin límites, y estamos seguros de que a nuestros fans también”.

Cómo participar: 

El concurso está abierto para usuarios de Wix en Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, México, Nicaragua, Panamá, Paraguay, Perú, Puerto Rico, República Dominicana, Uruguay y Venezuela. Los usuarios de Wix deben presentar sus sitios web a través de los enlaces a continuación a más tardar el 30 de marzo de 2017:

Wix y Manchester City elegirán colectivamente a un ganador a principios de abril. El ganador recibirá un anuncio en línea para su sitio web protagonizado por populares jugadores del City, que se promoverán en los canales sociales de Wix y del Club.

Acerca de es una plataforma líder de desarrollo de sitios web basada en la nube con más de 102 millones de usuarios registrados en todo el mundo. Wix fue fundada con la idea de que Internet debería ser accesible para todos a fin de desarrollar, crear y contribuir. Mediante suscripciones gratuitas y premium, Wix empodera a millones de negocios, organizaciones, profesionales y particulares para que pongan en línea sus empresas, sus marcas y su flujo de trabajo. Wix ADI, el Wix Editor y un Mercado de Aplicaciones muy organizado permiten a los usuarios construir y administrar una presencia digital dinámica y totalmente integrada. Wix tiene su sede en Tel Aviv y oficinas en Beerseba, San Francisco, Nueva York, Miami, Berlín, Vilna y Dnipropetrovsk.

Acerca de City Football Group
City Football Group es el dueño de varios negocios relacionados con el fútbol con relevancia mundial. Estos negocios abarcan destacados clubes profesionales de fútbol, academias, apoyo técnico y compañías de marketing. Los clubes de CFG son los ganadores del Título de la Premier League 2011-2012 y 2013-2014 Manchester City FC, Melbourne City FC de la Liga A y la Franquicia New York City Football Club del MLS (Fútbol de Grandes Ligas). CFG es también un accionista minoritario en Yokohama F. Marinos de la Liga J. El Grupo también abarca al Manchester City Women’s FC y a los Ganadores del Campeonato y la Primera División de la Liga W Westfield de 2015-16, Melbourne City Women’s FC. El objetivo común de todos los clubes es ofrecer la mejor experiencia posible y una oportunidad sin igual para que los fans y las comunidades participen y se beneficien del fútbol, tanto a nivel local como internacional.

Las compañías de apoyo del Grupo – City Football Services y City Football Marketing – operan desde varias oficinas en distintos países en apoyo de los clubes del Grupo, organizaciones asociadas y organizaciones de clientes. City Football Services comparte IP (protocolo de Internet) de fútbol y “conocimiento práctico” para reclutar, desarrollar, entrenar y ganar. City Football Marketing crea medios, marketing y propiedades de captación de fans para apoyar el desarrollo comercial de clubes y sus socios.

City Football Group es de propiedad mayoritaria de Abu Dhabi United Group (ADUG). ADUG es una compañía de inversión y desarrollo, de propiedad privada de Su Alteza el Jeque Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan. En diciembre de 2015, ADUG enajenó una asignación de acciones del 13% a un consorcio encabezado por China Media Capital, creando una plataforma sin precedentes para el crecimiento de clubes de CFG y compañías en China y otros países. La sede de City Football Group está en Manchester, y tiene oficinas en Abu Dhabi, Londres, Nueva York, Melbourne, Singapur y Tokio.


Team USA Beats Team Puerto Rico in WBC Final

Toronto Blue Jays ace Marcus Stroman  wanted to pitch for Puerto Rico, where his mother was born, however after re-thinking it all, he felt he needed to pitch for Team USA. His decision turned out to be what helped Team USA win its first WBC championship. Stroman took a no-hitter into the seventh inning, and even after a third-inning walk to Carlos Beltran that lead a double play grounder.

Angel Pagan finally broke up his no-hitter with a single to left field, ending Stroman’s night, as he walked off the field to a huge standing ovation. He was very dominant, permitting just three balls out of the infield. Team USA’s starting rotation was the story of the tournament. They overwhelmed the opposition, going 3-1 with a 1.25 ERA. They gave up just one run in their final 23 innings.

Team USA, for the first time in the tournament’s history are now the champions. They will be the defending WBC champions until the next tournament, in 2021, says Commissioner Rob Manfred, despite baseball returning to the Olympics in 2020.


Stroman nullified the Puerto Rico’s offense, never giving them a chance to get into the game.

He struck out in his first two at-bats, looking worse with each at-bat, and then botched a sacrifice bunt. He finally broke his zero-for-11 skein with a seventh-inning single, breaking a streak of six consecutive strikeouts. Puerto Rico decided before the game that win, or lose, they were going to fly together to their native island to celebrate their WBC performance.

“This means so much to our country,’’ veteran reliever J.C. Romero said. “We want to be an inspiration. Something people on the Island can be proud of.’’

These games have taken Puerto Rico by storm, the whole country gathered for viewing parties in homes at restaurants and bars to watch games. Stores have even run out of blonde hair dye, with entire classrooms dying their hair to emulate their idols.

“I believe with the performance that we had in Mexico and San Diego,’’ Puerto Rico manager Edwin Rodriguez said, “that the excitement for baseball in Puerto Rico has been increasing. It grows and grows, and it becomes stronger. Obviously to win always attracts people that are in  positions of helping to further to develop the programs and consciousness so youngsters can see the possibilities when they see a Francisco Lindor , Carlos Correa or others like that so they can imagine a future”.

What You Didn’t Know about Romeo Santos

romeo santos

Anthony “Romeo” Santos, or just Romeo Santos to his fans, may be considered the modern “King of Bachata”, but it wasn’t that long ago that the half Dominican, half Puerto Rican heartthrob was simply a shy kid writing poetry at home to try to woo a girl that use to be mean to him.

“She wasn’t the nicest girl. I expressed myself by writing poems and lyrics (to her but) I kind of thank her now for being so mean to me,” said Santos.

Growing up in the Bronx, Santos was exposed to hip-hop, R&B and Latin music. The introverted singer continued to find his voice after joining his church choir and in 1994 he decided to form a group with his cousin Henry Santos and friends Lenny and Max Santos, in which he was the lead singer.

The group would later go on to be called Aventura and be the first bachata group to hail from the U. S. instead of the Dominican Republic. Despite the group’s rise from the streets of the Bronx, to its first cover on a magazine, Dominican Times/Latin Trends, and to stadiums around the world, Aventura received a lot of initial backlash from older traditional bachata listeners and musicians. By fusing bachata with R&B, hip-hop, rock and reggaeton, bachata purist didn’t acknowledge the group as making bachata music.

In spite of the criticism, Aventura went on to achieve international success with songs like “Obsesion”, which is covered in multiple languages throughout Europe, and the album which it’s included, “We Broke the Rules”, topped the pop charts in the United States and broke sales records for a bachata album.

In 2012, the once timid Santos decided to go out on his own with his debut solo album, “Formula Vol. 1.” Vol. 1 was the best selling Latin album of that year, was critically acclaimed and went on to be certified Triple Platinum. The bachata tracks on the album were written, produced and arranged by Santos. The superstar producer, Rico Love,  worked on the English songs. Vol. 1 has five consecutive chart topping songs on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs, “You,” “Promise,” “La Diabla,” “Mi Santa,” and “Rival.”

“I want to touch people’s lives with my music and my lyrics,” said Santos.

Santos’ Hollywood debut was in the blockbuster hit movie, “Furious 7” and his second film will be in 2016’s film adaptation of the video game “Angry Birds.” Santos’ second solo album, “Formula Vol. 2”, which he is on tour for now, became the best selling Latin album of 2014. It features songs like, “No Tiene La Culpa,” about a gay youth’s struggle with his sexuality.

“The message is that we shouldn’t worry about anyone’s sexual preferences, nor color, race, language, or anything, because we are all equal… this is not a gay record, this is a reality song,” said Santos, a strong supporter of the LGBTQ community.

Fun Facts

  • He is the first Latino to headline a concert at Yankee Stadium
  • He helped usher Drake and Nicki Minaj into bachata music
  • His music is in heavy rotation on jukeboxes, second only to the Rolling Stones
  • He sang in English and Spanish when he was in his church choir
  • He has won all 28 American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers’ awards

By Naeisha Rose

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Official Report Shows Immigrants commit less crime than US-born citizens

By Rafael Bernal

Immigrants commit crimes and are incarcerated at a much lower rate than U.S. citizens, according to two separate studies released this week.

A study by The Sentencing Project, a criminal justice research and advocacy group, found that “foreign-born residents of the United States commit crime less often than native-born citizens.”

Another study, by the libertarian Cato Institute, compares incarceration rates by migratory status, ethnicity and gender.

“All immigrants are less likely to be incarcerated than natives relative to their shares of the population,” the Cato study reads.

On the campaign trail and as president, Donald Trump has portrayed illegal immigration as a dual risk: an economic threat and a source of increased crime. Under President Trump’s 2018 budget request, the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) budget would grow by $3 billion to fund his proposed border wall and executive orders on immigration.

When he launched his presidential bid, Trump said that illegal immigrants “are bringing crime.” And in speeches, he frequently mentions individuals whose loved ones have been killed by illegal immigrants.

“It’s all enforcement-only, following the rhetoric of Trump that he used in the campaign and continues to use, making immigrants at fault for everything, from crime to the economy,” said Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-Ariz.).

But the two studies don’t point to immigrants posing more of a threat of crime than citizens born in the U.S.

Among people aged 18-54, 1.53 percent of natives are incarcerated, as are 0.85 percent of undocumented immigrants and 0.47 percent of documented immigrants, according to the Cato study of comparative incarceration rates.

The Cato study found that there are about 2 million U.S-born citizens, 123,000 undocumented immigrants and 64,000 documented foreign citizens in U.S. jails.

If natural-born citizens were incarcerated at the same rate as undocumented immigrants, “about 893,000 fewer natives would be incarcerated,” read the study. Similarly, if native citizens were incarcerated at the same rate as documented immigrants, 1.4 million fewer would be in prison.

The Sentencing Project study even goes so far as to suggest that increased immigration “may have contributed to the historic drop in crime rates” since 1990.

While the study is “not definitive in proving causation,” it links crime trends — 730 violent crimes per 100,000 citizens in 1990 compared to 362 per 100,000 in 2014 — and immigration trends in the same period. According to the study, there were 3.5 million undocumented immigrants in the country in 1990, and 11.1 million in 2014.

Democrats say it’s a well-known fact that immigrants are less likely to commit crimes, but they say Trump is using fear of immigrants for political gain among his voter base.

“There’s always the horrible, fallacious view that you have to go after immigrants and then you point out a few immigrants that have committed horrible crimes,” said Rep. Juan Vargas (D-Calif.).

“You could do the same with mothers. I remember quite well a mother taking her children and driving them into a lake, and they all drowned. You wouldn’t make the argument then that mothers are bad and we have to go after mothers because mothers are criminal,” he added.

Grijalva said the tactic would ultimately backfire on Republicans.

“The weakest of people in this country are the ones being made the scapegoats for everything, and unfortunately, facts don’t matter, logic doesn’t matter,” said Grijalva.

“It’s a rush to deal with a campaign issue that I think Republicans in general and the Trump administration specifically feel that an anti-immigrant strategy is going to be something that will serve them well in the next round of elections. I don’t think so, I think it’s going to catch up with them,” he said.

But for Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.), the issue isn’t whether the Trump administration enforces existing laws based on statistical information, but whether those laws are adequate. He criticized both Trump and former President Obama for their immigration priorities.

“This president is emphasizing border security — the last president deported more people than anybody in history. Both of those approaches, I think, don’t deal with a big part of what is broken, which is a legal system that is just dysfunctional,” Diaz-Balart said.

Diaz-Balart added that the border is “porous” and that Trump is fulfilling his campaign promises by focusing on border security.

But Democrats have a sense of urgency in reversing Trump’s initial actions on immigration, both because they believe that immigrants are less prone to crime, and because they disagree with Trump’s budget proposal.

“I live in San Diego. A high number of immigrants live there, both documented and undocumented, and that’s one of the reasons why it’s such a safe area. The crime rate among immigrants is much lower than it is among the general population. So spending all this money to go after immigrants, a safer population, really makes no sense at all,” said Vargas.

Source: The Hill 

J.Lo and A-Rod Dating?

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s relationship continues to heat up as the couple was spotted sitting next to each other while riding on the back of a golf cart on at the New York Yankees’ spring training game against the Baltimore Orioles in Tampa, Florida.

EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Lopez and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez show their romance is growing - as they get photographed together at a baseball game. The new couple were seen sitting side by side on the back of a golf cart at the New York Yankees' Spring Training game against the Baltimore Orioles in Tampa Florida. J.Lo, who is from the Bronx, NY, wore a Yankees cap as she showed support to her boyfriend who is now a special instructor to the world famous team. He retired from professional baseball last summer. 18 Mar 2017 Pictured: Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. Photo credit: FAITH RANKIN/MEGA +1 888 505 6342 (Mega Agency TagID: MEGA25084_001.jpg) [Photo via Mega Agency]

“They looked comfortable with each other and were seen holding hands,” a witness told ET  “They were waving to fans as they drove away on the golf cart.”

Despite retiring from professional baseball last year, A-Rod is still involved with the Yankees, while J.Lo, a Boogie down Bronx,  native herself, rocked a blue Yankees hat to show her support.

This was the latest outing in the couple’s romantic Florida trip. Last week, the Lopez wore in a leggy white mini-dress while on a dinner date with the former athlete.