Weird but True

NASA’s Paying $18K To Lie in Bed

A NASA study is recruiting volunteers to lie in a bed that is tilted downward at a 6 degree angle for 70 days. If you complete the entire bed rest project you will earn up to $18,000.

The study is meant to test the conditions that astronauts might experience while traveling in space. Volunteers will be required to live in a bed rest facility located in NASA‘s Flight Analogs Research Unit (FARU) in Galveston, Texas. The subjects will be split into two groups. Some will be required to spend 105 days living in the facility and go through a variety of resistance and aerobic exercises while remaining on bed rest. The others will spend 97 days, and will not be required to do the exercises.

ESA's female bedrest study
While in bed you can play on your phone, read books, Skype, take online classes, or anything else you want …. as long as you don’t stand up. Wondering about showering and using the bathroom? No worries NASA has a modified shower device so the subjects will not need to stand.

Heather Archuletta, a NASA contractor for the studies program, previously volunteered for a bed rest study for the space agency in 2008.

Even when it was sometimes challenging, I tried to remember I was doing this for astronauts, so that we can keep them more healthy in space,” she said to Forbes. “The day I got up, after being in bed for 54 days, my feet hurt like crazy walking for the first time! But, I reminded myself, this is what astronauts go through, too. Being a ground analog tester for astronauts is exciting, because you get to experience a lot of the things they do.

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No Fun Dangling From One of The Tallest Skyscrapers In The World

This week was a scary scene to watch at the same location where so many lost their lives. Two Hispanic window washers were trapped outside 1 World Trade Center after their scaffolding malfunctioned Wednesday, more than 69 stories in the air. People below watched and prayed for over 2 hours. Juan Lizama, 41, and Juan Lopez, 33, seemed in good spirits and their extensive training helped them stay safe and keep those below safe too.


Everyone was safe around us and beneath us,” Lopez said. “Once I saw the fire department inside, I knew it was just a matter of time.” The responders were able to rescue the duo by cutting through thick window glass with a diamond saw. The problem with cutting through the glass, Lieutenant Ryan said, was that it could become pressurized at a high altitude, so rescue workers had to be careful that it did not shatter and injure anyone.


Cleaning windows on one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world is not a easy job and we are glad they are both doing well.



Faja Addiction Taken Too Far?


For the last seven years designer and fetish model Kelly Lee Dekay has been using a tight laced corset to reshape her body. In only 6 months she shrunk her waist by 30 inches and now sports a tiny 16-inch waist. Below is a picture of a 16 inch softball …..ummmm yeah that is the size of her waist.


She mentions that she was a tomboy growing up, but accentuated her curves as a way to emulate her favorite female comic book characters, like Storm. Dekay said “I fell in love with the brocade, the zipping sound the laces made as it got tighter and the overall beauty of a corset. I love the different silhouettes different types of corsets create. There’s something very romantic about it.


Doctors have warned that too much tight-lacing can strain organs, compress rib cages, and cause serious health issues with the respiratory, circulatory, and digestive systems. However the 27-year-old New York resident claims she visits her doctor regularly and is in “perfect health.” Dekay admits wearing a corset makes it difficult for her to climb stairs or lift heavy objects, but she has worn it during other physical activities.

I actually did hiking in my corset and that’s very dangerous. I also played soft ball in a corset once, that was an interesting feeling, but I don’t go to the gym in a corset — that’s really dangerous because I do weight lifting,” she said, according to the Daily Mail. “But if I do want to do something extreme, I don’t limit myself. If I have to be out of my corset, then I’m out of it.


Surprising Kelly Lee does not have the smallest waist. Cathie Jung’s 15-inch waist holds the current Guinness World Record for smallest waist.

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Pandas to Come Back After Nearly 30 Years to NYC?

pandasGood luck seems to be on everyone’s mind lately and some objects in certain cultures, people believe, bring you luck. Some examples are the rabbit’s foot, the four-leaf clover, a horseshoe, or a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Adding to the list of good luck charms, pandas are also considered good luck. Representative Carolyn Maloney is heading to China to bring back a panda in nearly 30 years, as that the last one was loaned to the Bronx Zoo in 1987.

This panda would come from China and Chinese government does agree to do it. The Chinese government has invited her to visit “the Chengdu Research base of giant panda breeding in the Sichuan province.”

If all goes well, the panda would take over prime real estate at the Central Park Zoo in New York City. The zoo brings lots of tourism every year and right now, there are 12 pandas living in zoos around the country. These zoos included the Smithsonian National Zoon in Washington, D.C., the San Diego Zoo, the Memphis Zoo and the Zoo Atlantic. There is no question that the panda is a popular animal in zoos.

Interestingly, this is up for debate and is comparable to the American eagle, the symbol for the United States. Further, it costs roughly one million dollars a year to care for a panda and if the city approves it, officials would have to seek private funding.

Was Santa Elena the First Colonial City?

DiggingMost everyone is familiar with the story of how the United States began its journey into what it is today. We learn about the history of the United States in school, through our parents, grandparents and other influential people. A common known fact is that Jamestown, Virginia was American’s birthplace. But now a new place was deemed as the first colonial capital, Santa Elena located in South Carolina.

Since realizing this piece of history, archaeologists are now resuming digs properly to uncover what was ultimately forgotten. The site where the archaeologists are interested in is within the Marine Corps Recruit Depot on Parris Island. Tourists are also attracted to this area when they visit South Carolina.

This discovery is going one step further. According to a news source, The National Park Service “plans to release a curriculum this fall on Santa Elena for middle and high school teachers. Spain has offered to provide software, documents and other artifacts to help tell the town’s story, as part of an agreement the U.S. signed with Spain last year on the initiative.”

Also, Santa Elena was named a National Historic Landmark in 2001. Despite this, the history books give an interesting timeline of the beginning for the United States. The history books talk about Christopher Columbus, to the 1607 to Jamestown and to the landing in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620.

The Santa Elena Foundation is a non-profit organization that was created in 2013 and hopes to open up a temporary center in 2014, with a permanent center in 2016. The Marine Corps expectations before the center opens that the artifacts found be collected, re-packaged and re-cataloged.

Tattooing on Heads?

Rob Ferrel TattooWhy is art such a mysterious thing that only the artist can understand? Because they express themselves for what they see and not what the naked eye sees. They see something in a plain format, which is then translated into a sculptor, painting or some other effect.

This idea is parallel to a writer’s way of thinking where they start with a blank sheet of paper and begin to form words that are not only poetic, but take you into a different word and as a result, authors are created.

Take tattooing for example. It is a form of art created on the body where the object or in this case, a portrait, is inked on a person’s body.

In Texas, artist Rob Ferrel, also known as “Rob the Original”, from Los Angeles is a barber and stylist. As a hairstylist, you not only have to keep up you reputation, but also come up with new styles. In Ferrel’s case, he makes portraits on the customers head.

Ferrel had a passion for art and hair because when he was younger, he used to cut his own hair. By combining the two passions, he was able to create these portraits. One of his very first portraits was on his brother and it was of the rapper Tupac Shakur.

Additionally, the types of portraits that he does are of music artists and San Antonio Spurs players and now with the World Cup playing, inspiration has gone to now soccer players.

The process of making the portrait starts with a picture of the person off of his phone. Then, he uses trimmer, straight razors, non-toxic eyeliner, and lip liner pencils to fill in the details and complete the drawing. Afterwards, he uses hair spray as a protective layer over the tattoo.

In addition to this tattooing, there are also 3D tattoos and on the down side, there is a law that is banning the tattooing of animals.

Bones Found and Human Bodies Created; But How?

BonesFor archaeologists and researchers alike, the thought of finding human remains or any kind of bones and other artifacts for that matter, is fascinating. They are able to get answers to questions that many researchers before them were unable to answer. Even though the world has gone digital, archaeologist stills uses old methods and discovers something new.

Dating back 430,000 years, researchers found bones that were able to be restructured into 17 skulls of early humanoids in the “Pit of the Bones” which is located in Madrid, Spain.

The history of the Pit of the Bones was first discovered in 1983 and the largest number of human remains that are ever recorded here. The age of the fossils are unknown, yet still being debated today and also what species of humans they represent.

Interestingly, the species called Neanderthal is the closet extinct species to our own and right next to that are the Homo sapiens that coexisted with humans thousands of years ago. To tell the difference between the two, Neanderthal skulls have human like features including a brain, jaws, and teeth.

The reconstructed skulls that were discovered, had the features in the face and teeth, but the brain could only accommodate a small skull. Further, it was not just the face that was restricted, but entire human bodies.

At the end of the study, the researchers were able to answer two of the questions, “who were these people? And when were they living on the landscape?”

Your Pet Can No Longer Get A Tattoo in NY

PetsIs it animal cruelty or showing your pet that you love them? Some acts that you do to your pet may seem completely normal, but to some they may be uncomfortable. Dressing dogs up, for example, is a fashion statement among many pet owners. Other owners may have a small house for them to sleep in as opposed to a simple doggy bed.

Having a pet does bring its unique challenges. In this case, they would have their dog tattooed or pierced. It sounds almost unreal, but people do it for all kinds of reasons.

Yet, being able to do this freely is not expected to stay around much longer. Governor Cuomo is expected to sign the bill into law. The law was passed by the New York Senate and Assembly that will ban people from having their pets tattooed or pierced.

The issue was first introduced in 2011 by Assembly member, Linda Rosenthal, but was brought up again this year after a Brooklyn tattoo artist posted a controversial photo on Instagram of his pet pit bull.

People may feel that this is a medical necessity, but it is not and animal rights groups are pleased that the issue is being addressed. Animals are creatures that help us in a time of need or bring us joy, yet are being banned from places like the circus. Similarly, there are exotic animals living right here in New York City. In the end, animal issues are always going to have two sides of every story.

So is this right or should pet owners be allowed to show their pet and others some kind of affection through tattoos and piercings?

From Pay Phone to a Wi-Fi Spot?

Pay PhoneEverything that use to be ‘the way of life’ is slowly becoming digital. There is less mail with paperless bills, there are reminders via a text message, being able to buy groceries online, and remember those phones that you use to put a quarter in and dial a number? Yes, the pay phones will soon cease to exist because they will be turning into Wi-Fi spots.

Currently, proposals are being made as to how the pay phone could be made into a Wi-Fi spot. Some features at minimum would include them being offered 24 hours a day, seven days a week use and be able to make free 911 and 311 phone calls.

The process for the Wi-Fi spots would extend throughout the five boroughs over the next 4 years and be overseen by the New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications.

One interesting question that has not been resolved yet is what to the with the existing pay phone system? There are so many generations who are just use to the classic phones that it may be tough to get rid of them. Think about it. How do you get someone who has a flip phone, for example, to use a more upgraded phone with email, Internet and other advanced features?

The proposals would have to include this information as well. Yet, with this advancing technological world, it is certain, that someone will come up with a solution. We will have to see in the years to come what will happen.

Leech Therapy May Be Coming Back

LeechCan an age-old technique help with curing a wound? It is possible that what was once a treatment being used almost 200 years ago that could help someone today? The healthcare field changes more rapidly than most other industries because new technology is surfacing, new theories are being tested and more importantly, people are finding innovative ways to stay ahead of the crowd.

The technique we are talking about is leech therapy, also known as hirudotherapy as a fertility treatment. A leech is a small worm and the therapy that is used today is by placing the leeches on the patient’s stomach until they are attached. The purpose of the therapy and leeches is to increase blood circulation and microcirculation and also detoxify the liver.

The most recent use for leech therapy was in Brooklyn and it is not surprised that people will take it into their own hands to find treatments on their own and be willing to do anything to be cured.

Purposes and Uses of the technique

At one point, there was a belief that leeches were a ‘cure-all’ and a miracle to get rid of all diseases. This was not a bad idea for someone who lived during the 19th century.

The idea of leech farms was created so that farmers could produce their own leeches and thousands of leeches were sold showing the impact of the demand.


There were several other ways that the technique was being used, yet it has dwindled and then come back throughout the years. This is one of those kinds of treatments that not the average person would think of when trying to cure a wound. However, it is one of those kinds of treatments where at a glance it could not work and the only way for it to work, would be through trial and error. Who knows, with how advance technology is today, it may become a permanent kind of treatment in the future. Of course, explore all options and ask a lot of questions before starting any kind of treatment.

Cutbacks with Limes, Really?

LimesCutbacks are commonly talked about these days with people and companies being so price conscious. But we have to face it because it is true. With rising costs, demands are going up, supplies are going down and there seems to never be way out.

From traditional cutbacks in the office, to people spending less at the store, airlines are now cutback as well. If you ever flown before, you know that there is a variety of snacks and beverages available. However, for those that like limes in their vodka tonic, will notice that the lime is no longer there on Alaska Airlines. The reason for this is because of a shortage and a price hike with the fruits. Because of the frigid winter, Mexican and India lime prices have soared; for Mexico, the biggest impact was in Jalisco.

United Airlines is making do with offering lemons and Alaska Airlines are expected to have a normal supply of limes back in late May. This pattern is not new and started in the 1980s with American Airlines. Here the CEO decided to remove one olive from every salad offered and saved $40,000 a year.

Note though, that not all airlines have changed their drink service, it is just a small annoying setback that is only temporary.

Tips Can Go a Long Way

tipsDo you tip? Many people and those that do, think that everyone should do it. Tipping should be a personal choice and for not tipping, you should not be looked down upon. Whether you tip or not, is not really the matter, it is the aftermath, like this story.

People take the waitress, the bartender, or pizza delivery job to put themselves through school or to help pay the bills. In Oregon, a pizza delivery driver received a 33 cent tip on an order that was $22.67. Now, most people would react, argue and think that the .33 cents was absolutely nothing. But the man turned a negative into a positive.

He did this by appreciating the tip and being grateful that it would help him get through school because 2/3 of his paycheck is relying on tip money. The next day when the man went into work, he was given a note that was left by the couple that gave him the .33 cent tip. The note simply stated, “To the driver who delivered our pizza last night around 9 p.m. – A thank you note.” Inside was the remainder of what they should have originally left for him.

Like most people, the couple did feel bad about forgetting the tip and were able to make the situation right to the best of their knowledge. It is people like this, that we need to thank for having in the world to remind that times are tough for everyone. However, doing the right thing in the end is truly worth it and a simple thank you note is something that is very appreciative.