Shakira stirs #TBT controversy with Soccer fans!


Shakira has found herself in the center of controversy among football or soccer fans due to a recent Throwback Thursday photo.

Earlier this week, the Spanish soccer team—Real Madrid—announced that Zinedine Zidanea—a popular figure amongst soccer fans and a former player for the team—would be replacing former coach of the Real Madrid Rafa Benitez and since then fans have been posting old photos of Zidane.

For a recent Throwback Thursday—a hashtag trend on social media in-which users posts old photos of themselves—fans of Zidane posted a from May 2005 which shows the coach posing for a photos with Colombian singer Shakira and since the post soccer fans have been questioning the singers loyalty.

Soccer fans are calling Shakira’s loyalty into questions since for the last 5 years the singer has been in a relationship with Gerard Piqué—whom the singer has two sons with—who happens to play for FC Barcelona, a team that is known to be a part of a rivalry with the Real Madrid.

The posting on Twitter even takes a dig at Shakira’s loyalty captioning the photo, “Before becoming a Barca fan, Shakira was snapped holding a Real Madrid shirt with Zidane.”

The photo that has stirred fans into a tizzy on social media was taken 11 years ago when Shakira was in Madrid during the European leg of her tour, and had stopped by to watch a match between the Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid.

While in attendance, Shakira was given a signed jersey with her name printed on the back; she also took photos with Zidane other so-called Galácticos, a name given to Zidane and other high-salaried stars like David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo were known as back in the early 2000s.

11 years is a long time for someone’s interest in a sports team to change, especially when in that time a relationship and children are involved, but to some hardcore fans that is no excuse…apparently.

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Marc Anthony launches Sports Management Company!


Marc Anthony has conquered the Latino music scene and is now branching out into the sports business industry.

Recently, the Puerto Rican singer, actor, and record producer has launched his very own sports management company called MAGNUS Sports.

Originally, earlier this year Anthony founded a talent management company that mostly catered to musicians and actors as they entered the entertainment industry but the singer decided to branch into sports management and so far things are looking up with his recent signing.

So happy to start the week with amazing news,” Anthony wrote on his Instagram account on Monday, announcing his sports management debut and recent signing of an All-Star Major league baseball player. “Today we celebrate the creation of MAGNUS Sports, the signing of 4-time All-Star Major League Baseball Pitcher Aroldis Chapman and the association with Praver Shapiro Sports.”

In the new deal, Anthony’s company will represent Aroldis Chapman when it comes to his marketing and sponsorship exploits while the firm of Praver Shapiro will be Chapman’s legal representation when the Cincinnati Reds closer becomes a free-agent at the start of next year.

Baseball, like music, is an ingrained, cultural passion for many Latinos throughout the world, and there’s no shortage of amazing stars of Hispanic origin,” said Anthony, in an official statement released after the signing. “Despite that, until now, there hasn’t been an enterprise designed to meet their needs.”

Anthony’s recent foray into sports management is similar to fellow New York native, Jay Z who also broke into sports management with his company Roc Nation Sports. Under Jay Z’s management he has signed a list of impressive athletes including Kevin Durant.

With Anthony’s deep-rooted Latino connection his company could find similar success to Jay Z since MAGNUS could find athletes in Major League Baseball and boxing where both sports have a large Latino population. Currently, in Major League baseball there are more than 30% of Latino players in the game.

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The success of the initial season of the NUVOtv original reality series “Knockout” spawned a second look. On July 8th, 2015 at 10pm ET we will be introduced to nine fighters split into three groups led by trainers Floyd Mayweather, Sr., “Sugar” Shane Mosley, and John “Iceman” Scully.

All three trainers share the experience of having fought in the ring and led fighters to championships. The team rosters are as follows :


Juan Carlos Velasquez – Featherweight

Jose Arambula-Lightweight

Keith Tapia-Crusierweight


Rocco Santomauro-Featherweight

Hylon Williams, Jr.- Lightweight

Dimar Ortuz- Cruiserweight


Mike Oliver- Featherweight

Jason Litzau-Lightweight

Raphael Murphy- Cruiserweight

There will also be star power behind the mike as well. Roy Jones, Jr. will host the series which will pit these boxers head-to-head until winners emerge in the three weight classes, Featherweight, Lightweight, and Cruiserweight. The prize is to position oneself as a top WBA contender.

The show will include an all-access look at the trainers as well as the fighters and their back stories. Produced by Steve Marcano Holdings, the show is directed by award winning film and TV director Benny Boom.

Dominican NBA All Star Al Horford Campaigns for #LeaninTogether

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 3.51.40 PM

All Star Al Horford, along with LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and the National Basketball Association, has teamed up with the non-profit organization, Lean In, to campaign for women’s equality.

The pride of Dominican Republic, Al Horford, 28, lends his voice to the website, who created the public service campaign while partnering with the NBA and the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA).

The campaign encourages men to “show the world they’re for equality” and women to “celebrate men leaning in for equality” by “posting… the hashtag #LeanInTogether,” states the NBA. gives men tips on how to be a more supportive husband, father, coworker and manager at home and work to their wife, daughters and generally all women.

“Help women aim high,” says Horford on the promotional video for the #LeanInTogether campaign.

Horford, born in Puerto Plata, DR, was a first round draft pick (3rd overall) by Atlanta. His team, the Hawks, are now the surprise of the NBA with the best winning record to date. The team’s success has a lot to do with Horford’s ability to defend and play as a center and a power forward. Plus, Horford’s ability to score and pass encouraged coaches to elect him to play on this year’s 2015 All Star game at Brooklyn’s Barclay Center.

The pride of Dominican Republic left his native land as a teen and then played for the University of Florida, where Horford led his team to two NCAA national championships (yes, he’s that good). But Horford’s love of Dominican Republic is always displayed. He recently tweeted his pride in Spanish for the Dominican Independence day.

Now the three-time NBA All Star is married to the beautiful Amelia Vega – the youngest Miss Universe since 1994. Vega, representing Dominican Republic, won her crown in 2003 when she was 18-years-old. That’s why Horford knows about treating women right… Vega doesn’t play that!

“MAYHEM: Mayweather vs. Maidana 2”




Mientras nos acercamos al muy anticipado evento de boxeo “MAYHEM: Mayweather vs. Maidana 2”, esto es lo que los boxeadores dijeron a sólo un mes antes de mayhem, la presentación de su revancha por SHOWTIME PPV desde Las Vegas.

MAYHEM: Mayweather vs. Maidana 2,” una pelea de 12-rounds por el Campeonato mundial de los títulos de 147 libras de Mayweather se llevará a cabo el sábado 13 de septiembre en el MGM Grand de Las Vegas, y está promoviéndose por Mayweather Promotions, Golden Boy Promotions y patrocinado por Corona Extra y O’Reilly Auto Parts. El evento será producido y distribuido en vivo por SHOWTIME PPV® y es la cuarta pelea de un lucrativo acuerdo de seis-peleas entre Mayweather y Showtime Networks Inc.


FLOYD MAYWEATHER, Campeón Mundial con Once Títulos en Cinco Categorías Diferentes

Photo credit: SHOWTIME/Esther Lin

Photo credit: SHOWTIME/Esther Lin

La primera pelea estuvo llena de acción durante los primeros cuatro rounds, antes de que tomara el control. Él tiene la intención de ganar al igual que yo. Es un competidor fuerte, y tiene a Argentina que lo apoya –y por supuesto, yo represento los colores rojo, blanco y azul, así que les daremos a los fans lo que ellos quieren ver… Va a ser otra pelea de gran éxito.

El 13 de septiembre, seré más rápido. Más fuerte. Seré un mejor boxeador. Esta vez, vamos a tener una pelea aún más emocionante.”

Pienso que cada vez que Maidana sale a pelear con oponentes, incluyendo a otros boxeadores e incluso a mí, él ha hecho siempre la misma cosa. Mientras que durante las 45 peleas en las que yo he participado, pude hacer cosas diferentes. Puedo boxear. Puedo dar contragolpes. Puedo boxear mientras me muevo. Puedo dar contragolpes mientras me muevo. La única manera en la que él boxea es dando golpes”.


MARCOS MAIDANA, Ex-Campeón Mundial del Peso Welter

Photo credit: SHOWTIME/Esther Lin

Photo credit: SHOWTIME/Esther Lin

No sé si decir que esta pelea será más fácil, ya que la primera pelea no me pareció que fuera muy difícil. Pero ya lo conozco y pienso que es una gran ventaja conocer a Mayweather, porque él usualmente no les da un revancha a muchos boxeadores.”

No me gusta la atención de los medios, pero tengo que hacerlo. Es parte de mi trabajo por la pelea y por la promoción.”

Pienso que vamos a tener más atención, ya que Mayweather es muy conocido y cuando le haces pasar trabajo y le das una buena pelea, la gente comienza a reconocerte.”

Top–10 World Cup Hotties That Will Make You Scream… GOOAALLLL!!!

Here at LatinTrends we’ve had the very difficult task to search through hundreds of World Cup soccer players to find the hottest hotties in the game.

With very happy (wide) eyes we can tell you it wasn’t easy but we’ve narrowed it down to the top 10 hotties of all for 2014’s World Cup!


Rafa Márquez is one of the Mexican national team’s most beloved players (and it’s easy to see why)! He’s also the first ever Mexican soccer player to win the Champions League with Barcelona in 2006.

Lionel Messi, captain of the Argentina National Team, is handsome and arguably the top soccer player in the world.

This handsome fella plays as a defender for the England’s national team.

Sergio Germán Romero is an Argentine soccer player who plays as a goalkeeper for the Argentina national team. And he’s a hot dad.

We also don’t mind watching Besler’s teammate, Omar Gonzalez, a defender for team US, run around the field!

USA men’s national soccer team goalkeeper Tim Howard continues to be a hero to us all: First, he continues to be a beast in the U.S., making wonderful saves galore.

Something about France’s Olivier Giroud reminds me of David Beckham … maybe it’s all those tattoos!

The Brazilian football star can definitely hold his own standing next to Gisele. Check out that toned stomach!

Gerard Pique
The 27-year-old plays center-back for Spain, but is known just as much for those baby blue eyes as for his skills. Too bad he’s already taken by our girl Shakira!

Besides being the star and captain of the Portugal team, the forward knows how to work the crowd. The world soccor audiences and all of social media are absolutely in love with Cristino, regardless of whether they are into soccer or not.

Latino Star Victor Cruz: Playmaker, Crowd-thriller, Record-Breaker, A NY Giant

[Originally published in LatinTRENDS Magazine Issue #85; Jan-Feb 2012].


Written by: Ray Monell
Photos by: Scott Church


New York Giants receiver Victor Cruz discusses the historic year he’s enjoying, his childhood and being Latino in the NFL in an exclusive interview with LatinTRENDS magazine at the Copa.

Once overlooked, overlooked no more. No one would select Paterson, N.J. native Victor Cruz in the 2010 NFL Draft, and now every team save for the New York Giants is regretting what ignorance cost them: one of the most explosive wide receivers in professional football.

I knew that I had it within me to be a great athlete and a great individual person,” Cruz, 25 told LatinTRENDS on Monday, Dec. 19 during his cover shoot at The Copacabana in midtown Manhattan. “I just needed the time to go out there and prove myself [on] the real stage, in a real game, where it counted, so I could come up and make some huge plays.”

I got that opportunity this year, and I made the best of it.”

victor cruz

Cruz, signed by the Giants in the summer of 2010, had a three-touchdown performance vs. the New York Jets in a preseason game shortly after joining Big Blue. The UMass graduate’s prodigious athletic talent was obvious then, but he’d injure his hamstring in October of last year and missed the rest of the season. He entered 2011 fully recovered, made the team and has since compiled-over the first 15 games of the 2011-12 campaign-76 catches for 1,358 yards and eight touchdowns.

In a 29-14 victory over the Jets this past Christmas Eve at MetLife Stadium, Cruz sent 79,088 people-and countless more watching on TV-into a frenzy when he caught an 11-yard pass, broke multiple tackles, leaped beyond the clutches of another defender downfield and scored a 99-yard touchdown. Later that afternoon, he broke the Giant’s single season record for receiving yards with a 36-yard reception, surpassing the 1,343 yards Amani Toomer amassed in 2002.

I don’t know, man, it’s still kind of surreal for me, it’s still kind of a dream come true,” said Cruz, who was recently selected to the 2012 Pro Bowl (i.e., the NFL’s all-star game). “So I just kind of take it every day and still keep some humility about it, and understand that there’s still a lot more that I want to do in my career and just take it day by day. All the individual stuff is cool, but as a team, man, I want to get these wins and make the playoffs and hopefully win a Super Bowl one day.”

Cruz, a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, was born to Michael Walker, an African-American from Paterson, and Blanca Cruz of Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Michael, who passed away five years ago, introduced his son to the game of football.

I believe I was 9 years old when I started playing football,” Cruz, himself a soon-to-be father recalled. “I remember the first game, I played like center or something like that. And my dad was one of the assistant coaches and he begged [the head coach], ‘Put ’em in at running back. Please, just one play.’ They put me at fullback, and the very first play they gave me the ball and I broke like three tackles and had a 65-yard touchdown run.”

I spoke to him almost every other day [before he passed],” he added. “He was definitely one of the biggest influences of my life. He was definitely an [integral part of my career]. He still is, and I still think about him every day.”

Cruz’s mother, who worked as a customer service representative throughout his childhood, arrived in New Jersey with her family when she was 9. After his parents’ split, he grew up mainly with her, his maternal grandmother and younger sister.

My household was very Latin, it was very Puerto Rican,” Cruz said. “It was everything that you could think of, with the [Latino] food every day and just being around my grandmother, and her instilling her tough Puerto Rican ways on me and just making sure I always had a level head on my shoulders. She took care of me, always telling me what I needed to hear when I was down.”

The second-year Giant described his upbringing as “relatively rough” and “middle class.”

My mother did her best, man, to try to just keep us happy,” he said. “[My sister and I] understood our situation. We had to sometimes go out there and work on our own and just help our mom out the best way we could. So, every summer I would go get a job and help her out, give her money.”

My mother lived check-to-check. I couldn’t get everything I wanted, obviously. Certain parts of that was rough for me growing up. There were times where she would get frustrated because she couldn’t get us what she wanted to get us, because she had to pay the mortgage that day, or the mortgage that month, and we couldn’t get that extra Christmas gift because she had to give my grandmother something. It was all budgeted.”

But, just like a kid, any kid in a small urban town, you make do,” Cruz explained. “You find what you want to do, you find your friends that are like you, and you don’t really think about that stuff. You think about [going outside] and playing. I lived on a one-way street with like nine boys that lived on the block. So, we just had a blast, man. We used to play stickball, basketball, wallball, handball…everything you could think of. No matter what our situations were, what our circumstances were, we always found a way to kind of put it aside and not think about it, and just have fun and be kids.”


The NFL confirmed to LatinTRENDS 31 players (out of nearly 1,700) who’re of Latin American descent, including Cruz, who says “It’s awesome” being a Latino in professional football. The 6-footer is known for displaying said pride when he celebrates his touchdowns with a salsa dance in the end zone-though admitted it confused some at first.

A lot of people were kind of confused at first, like, ‘Is he [Hispanic]?” Cruz said. “And then when I did it again, they were like, ‘OK.’ And then they started to hear my story. They welcomed me with open arms, they’re excited to have a Latino in the league, a Latino guy that represents his side and isn’t afraid to show it.”

That Cruz’s emergence this year is making an impact on Latinos is hardly surprising. What the NFL would appreciate is that people historically more inclined to watch and attend baseball, basketball or soccer games are tuning in to see a member of their community play.

Just going around Paterson, N.J., where I grew up, and just seeing all the different Latin people, people of Latin heritage that just come up to me that may not have known anything about [American] football, but they know my name and they come up to me asking questions and tell me that they watch football now because of me,” Cruz said. “I remember this last game I signed someone’s Puerto Rican flag before the game. It was one of those moments that I’ll cherish forever. That was the first time I’ve done that, so it was definitely just a cool feeling to see, not only the flags around the stadium, but just a lot more Latinos coming to the game.”

Off the field, the Giants receiver spends a lot of time reaching out to kids in his community, appearing as a guest speaker at schools. The classroom is a natural setting for Cruz, who would’ve “probably” been a teacher-given his degree in African-American history-if he weren’t already catching passes from quaterback Eli Manning.

I would probably go back to my community and be with the kids, and start teaching and just be with the kids, and start teaching and just be a different type of role model for the kids in my city,” he said. “I’m a guy they can look up to, I’m a guy they can relate to. They see me and they’re like, ‘He’s from a small urban town, and he did everything he had to do, stayed focused, walked these same streets I walked and he was able to break through because he was persistent.'”

I’m always around where I grew up, so they can definitely just reach out to me and ask questions.”

Even with one great season under his belt-a season in which he has recorded more receiving yards than anyone else in the Giants‘ 86-year history-Cruz refuses to rest on his laurels, going full throttle each time he takes the field.

There are certain times where I understand that I just got to keep my foot on the gas and keep improving myself,” he said. “Because every day I go in there, it’s not over. I still feel like I’m an undrafted guy; I feel likeI could be let go at any minute despite what my stats are. I feel like I’m just one mishap away from being out of there. That’s the kind of mindset that I [will] try to keep throughout my career; it’s that anything can happen and I could be out of there within a matter of moments.”

I had to come in and play my heart out on every down, whether it be practice, whether it be in the film room, or anything like that. I understood that it was going to be a long road for me, and I made the best of it. This is just all my hard work paying off, me going in there and proving to everybody that I could make these big plays, in a real game, when it matters the most.”



The Diversity Employment and Business Opportunity Career and Trade Fair Will be held April 14th and 15th at the Manhattan Center and the New Yorker Hotel




Major League Baseball announced today that it will partner with the New York Yankees to co-host the 2014 MLB Diversity Business Summit, which will provide attendees with unprecedented access to human resource and procurement executives from all 30 MLB Clubs, MLB Network, MLB Advanced Media, Minor League Baseball Clubs and MLB’s Central Office, in New York City. Various elements of the third annual MLB Diversity Business Summit will be held on Monday, April 14th and Tuesday, April 15th, which is Jackie Robinson Day throughout Major League Baseball, at the Manhattan Center and the New Yorker Hotel. Individuals may now visit to register and learn more about the 2014 MLB Diversity Business Summit.

Diversity and inclusion throughout Major League Baseball are central priorities for our industry and are essential to future success,” said Baseball Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig. “Through the MLB Diversity Business Summit, we are taking innovative steps to provide unprecedented access for individuals who aspire to careers in our game or hope to find other valuable opportunities with our organizations.”

The Yankees have always been committed to maintaining a diverse workplace in every facet of the organization — from the field to the front office to the workforce of men and women who constructed the current Yankee Stadium,” said Yankees Managing General Partner Hal Steinbrenner. “It is an honor for us to be involved with the MLB Diversity Business Summit, and we look forward to hosting the many talented attendees looking to launch their careers in the game of Baseball as well as the business owners and entrepreneurs who are seeking partnerships with Major League Baseball and its teams.”

The MLB Diversity Business Summit is a unique sports employment and business opportunity career and trade fair that provides job seekers and entrepreneurs with opportunities to connect directly with decision-makers for employment and business opportunities at Major and Minor League Clubs, as well as well those from MLB media entities. The agenda for the event will include a keynote speech by Commissioner Selig, league-wide networking, exhibit floor access, workshops and executive roundtable discussions. Additionally, the Yankees will host attendees at Yankee Stadium for the Welcome Reception (April 14th) and the April 15th Jackie Robinson Day Interleague game between the Yankees and the Chicago Cubs. As a part of Jackie Robinson Day ceremonies, the Yankees will honor Nelson Mandela with a dedication of a plaque in Yankee Stadium’s Monument Park. The plaque will celebrate the life of the former South African leader and commemorate his Yankee Stadium visit and address on June 21, 1990.

The first two MLB Diversity Business Summits were held in Chicago in 2012 (co-hosted by the Chicago White Sox) and in Houston in 2013 (co-hosted by the Houston Astros), and, in total, attracted approximately 1,500 registrants from across the United States.

Argentinian boxer proves to be a solution to Adrien “The Problem” Broner


It was supposed to be a “stepping stone,” but turns out Adrien “The Problem” Broner prediction regarding his boxing bout against Argentinian boxer Marcos Maidana was a false—a very, very, very false—prediction. Prior to entering the ring at the Alamodome in San Antonion, Texas, Broner danced his way into the arena for his scheduled fight…

However, on his way out of the ring he wasn’t exactly dancing…

Before a crowd of 11,312–versus the possible thousands or millions who watched at home–Broner received his first career loss and title as WBA welterweight champion to Maidana who wasted no time proving to be a real “solution” to “the problem.”

Current WBA Welterweight Champion

Current WBA Welterweight Champion, Marcos Maidana

A three-division champion, who has won 27 of his 28 boxing matches, Broner endured a devastating barrage of blows from Maidana. Broner managed through the punishment of jabs and punches. However, out of the nearly one thousand punches he managed to throw Broner was only able to land a recorded 122 power shots to Maidana’s 231.

At the end of the match the scores were announced with judge Stanley Christodoulou giving a score of 115-110, Levi Martinez giving a score of 116-109, and Nelson Vazquez giving a score of 117-109 declaring Maidana the victor much to the joy of audience members in the arena.

The truth is, I’ve never fought anyone like (Broner), and it was a great fight,” said Maidana, 30, after the match holding up his new title belt. “The plan was to fight any way I could do it, and I won because of that.” Maidana said.

While there is much talk about the fight, the main focus came before the fight when Broner called his future fight with Maidana a “stepping stone” in his career. Well, the stepping stone turned out to be quite the boulder.

Although he was no Indiana Jones escaping the barreling boulder, Broner left the ring being held up by two men while being adorned with cups and bottles by the former champion’s fans who were not pleased with his lost.

The "Solution" Marcos Maidana (right) to the "Problem" Adrien Broner (left).

The “Solution” Marcos Maidana (right) to the “Problem” Adrien Broner (left).

OK. I’m still the three-time world champion in three different weight classes,” Broner said, at the post-fight press conference. “Tonight, Maidana was just the better man, but we fought a hell of a fight. I hope the fans got what they deserved. … I’m still going to live like we won the fight. I’m still going to party.

Not wanting Maidana to get too comfortable with the belt, Broner has demanded an immediate rematch.



Unprecedented $1 Billion Three-Year, Top-to-Bottom Transformation Project Complete

The Madison Square Garden Company will unveil a fully transformed Madison Square Garden Arena on Thursday, October 24 at 11:00 a.m., marking the completion of its unprecedented $1 billion, three-year, top-to-bottom project. With the Transformation of the Garden, which began in 2011 and included three offseason shutdowns in 2011, 2012 and 2013, the most storied and historic arena in the world is now also a fully state-of-art sports and entertainment venue – a powerful combination that will ensure its position as The World’s Most Famous Arena for generations to come.

As a result of the first two phases of this historic project customers have already been enjoying more comfortable seating with significantly improved sightlines, expanded concourses, and food selections from top chefs and restaurateurs in New York. The Transformation has also resulted in an expanded lineup of exclusive clubs and suites, and several new exhibits that pay homage to The Garden’s rich history.

With the completion of the third and final phase, MSG will unveil a transformed Chase Square 7th Avenue entrance that is nearly double in size and features a retail store, a brand new box office, a broadcast location, and a specific area dedicated to The Garden of Dreams Foundation. Also debuting are two new spectacular Chase Bridges that deliver one-of-a-kind views of the action; a new EIGHTEEN/76 Balcony (10th floor) offering a selection of new food and beverage options and unique seating lounges with direct views into the Arena bowl; a new state-of-the-art GardenVision, the Arena’s center-hung multimedia display; a new Signature Suite Level (9th floor) featuring 18 completely transformed suites with “center stage” views, and the restoration of The Garden’s world-famous ceiling.

Pitbull Opens Charter School In Miami


Pitbull is giving back to his hometown of Little Havana in Miami by opening up a charter school. SLAM, or the Sports Leadership and Management school will be run by non-profit Mater Academy and Academia, a national charter school management company. SLAM will also work with the Miami Marlins and other local teams.

SLAM specifically focuses on sports and preparing young scholars for careers in the sports field. SLAM runs from 6th through 11th grade and offer classes in athletics, broadcasting and sports medicine.

Mr. Worldwide stated to the press: “My mother always told me two of the most dangerous diseases in the world are ignorance and greed,” he reminisced. “That’s why we have to educate. That’s why I fight for it and that’s why I feel it’s the real revolution.

The Cuban rapper also added: “There’s no way you could tackle any obstacle or any issue around the world if you’re not educated.”

Premios Tu Mundo Performers Confirmed For The Big Show


By: Yanii Gough

Premios Tu Mundo gives viewers the final say in what’s hot in novelas, music, fashion, movies and sports, selecting from 20 competing categories, and making the winners a true reflection of the people’s choice.

The list of finalists for the 2013 edition of “Premios Tu Mundo” (Your World Awards) include Daddy Yankee, Natalia Jimenez, Victor Manuelle, Cristian Castro, Banda Los Recoditos, Voz De Mando, Elvis Crespo, Roberto Junior y Su Bandeño, Tito ‘El Bambino’, Carlos Ponce, Aaron Diaz, Gabriel Coronel, Aracely Arambula, Paola Guanche, and STOMP also featuring the anticipated arrivals pre-show “La Alfombra de Premios Tu Mundo.”

After fan voting closed, the list of finalists included top Latino music stars Don Omar, Pitbull, Prince Royce, Wisin y Yandel, Gerardo Ortiz and, Jesse & Joy; novela stars Rafael Amaya, Aracely Arambula, Christian Bach and Saul Lisazo; top Hollywood Latino stars such as Michelle Rodriguez and Zoe Saldaña; sport icons Lionel “Leo” Messi, and Chicharito Hernandez, among many others.

The winners for each category will be announced at the coveted awards show being broadcast live on Thursday, August 15 at 8pm from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida. So make sure you’re WATCHING!