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Mayor de Blasio vs. the NYPD: The tension between the Mayor and New York City Police Officers


One week ago, tragedy struck New York City when two NYPD officers were brutally murdered by a mentally unstable man while sitting in their squad car. On December 21st, police officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were struck down by Ismaaiyl Brinsley who claimed he was taking revenge for the murders of Michael Brown and Eric Garner at the hands of law enforcement during the summer.

While focus should be placed on the death of the officers, and failure to bring Garner justice when the city failed to indict the officer involved, and now with the deaths of the officers the attention is being lost to a rising tension between the city’s men in blue and Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio himself.

Since the deaths of the officers, Mayor de Blasio has become the sole target by scores of police officers including some within the department who represent them. The tension was first exhibited during a press conference last Saturday when Mayor de Blasio addressed reporters regarding the deaths of Officer Liu & Ramos. At the conference the officers present chose to walk away from the mayor. A similar scene witnessed during last Saturday’s funeral service for the officers when police officers turned their backs to the mayor.

In-addition to the public display of disrespect and anger against the mayor, a group of retired officers came together and purchased a banner in order to publicly display their disapproval for the mayor. The banner was flown over the Hudson River last Friday which read: De Blasio, our backs have turned to you..

While there is a growing opposition to the mayor, he does have some support among those in blue.

Addressing local officers who have publicly denounced Mayor de Blasio, Anthony Miranda, the executive chairman of National Latino Association, asked officers to “rise above the rhetoric and be more professional” rather than fuel the unnecessary tension. Especially showing disrespect during memorials for fallen officers.

There is a time and place for everything,” added Miranda, “At a funeral, or a hospital during the death of an officer, that’s not the time or place for that thing.

One of the lead agitators against the mayor is Patrick Lynch, the President of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association. Since the murders of Liu & Ramos, Lynch has led a public outcry against the mayor who he claims has the officers’ blood upon his hands.

The initial start for the NYPD not truly standing behind Mayor de Blasio was during his campaign. While running for mayor, Mayor de Blasio mentioned the issue of racial profiling within the NYPD when he talked about advising his bi-racial on how to deal with officers if he finds himself in a situation where he has to deal with them. What may seem offensive isn’t considering the rising incidents of young people of color being stop-and-frisk by law enforcement.

Mayor de Blasio may have seemed as though he was subtly attacking the NYPD, but was he? As a father to a young black male he was only speaking the truth and ensuring his son’s safety. So should he be condemned if he—a man in a position of power—sees something is wrong and wants it to be seen by all so that it may be changed?

Not every New York City Police Department Officer is a villain. It is saddening how police officers are grouped together because there are a few bad seeds ruining the batch as a whole. The NYPD has this reputation of having a “family structure” where officers will protect other officers who in some way or form are connected to committed crime or being dirty, it is this assumption that all cops will continue to be viewed as “the bad guys”.

Officers have the right to protest, just as much as we have the right to protest against their organization if we feel threatened by them. However, with the likes of Lynch seemingly speaking on the “behalf” of members of the NYPD it is more damaging than good. The reason behind the death of the officers a week ago, Lynch blamed the protests and the continued acceptance of them suggesting that people of the city should not engage in the civil right to protest.

This comment along with the continued suggestions made by Lynch that implies that officers have been wronged by the Mayor for the current tension they face by the people of NYC isn’t just ignorant but truly volatile. Passing the blame doesn’t solve issues, but allows it to grow and gets us nowhere.

There is no victor between Mayor de Blasio or the NYPD. However, there is one guaranteed loser if this current issue plaguing our city with institutional racism is not met: we—the people of New York City—could lose if this continued tense climate exists among the Mayor’s office, the NYPD, and the city itself if some form of ground is not met and agreed upon.

Cuban Heartthrob Jencarlos Canela Will Be The First Latino Ever To Countdown The New Year’s Eve in Times Square

photo Univision Radio

photo Univision Radio

JenCarlos Canela will be the first Latino ever to countdown the New Year’s Eve ball drop at Times Square to bring in 2015.

The Latin heartthrob actor and singer Canela will perform during the New Year’s Eve celebration and then press the button that will begin the 60-second countdown that brings in the New Year.

The Miami born Canela said in an interview with People En Español that he’s honored to celebrate the New Years in Times Square’s great event but he’s doing it for all Latinos.

“When I’m up there pressing that button I will do it in the name of the millions of Latinos who are here in the United States fighting,” Canela said in the interview.

“I will do it thinking of the community I represent.”

Canela will perform two songs before the ball drops (insert joke here) – one of those songs will be “Enjoy”. “I did a version where you can feel the Caribbean folklore and the Latin rhythm fusing with American sounds,” said Canela reports People En Español.

Who knows, maybe this is part of the U.S’s plan to show Cuba that they’re sorry for infiltrating Cuba’s hip-hop scene to trigger an anti-Castro movement, or for stifling the Cuban economy with sanctions that has crippled their economy for more than five decades – or for holding the Cuban 5 as spies with no proof. Or maybe, just maybe the creators of the Times Square NYE event just want Jencarlos Canela to perform and push a button. Nevertheless we’re happy that he’s pushing that button.

The NYE’s “ball drop” (that’s really what it’s called…lol) located in New York City’s Times Square was first established in December 31, 1907 to celebrate 1908. The drop is 141 feet high with computerized crystal like LED lights synchronized to change colors as the ball drops within the final 60-seconds of the year.

Like Canela, other Cuban-American actors are having a great 2014 – as previously reported in LatinTrends magazine (November Issue #113). From William Levy being on the cover of LatinTrends magazine (October issue #112) to other actors like Laz Alonso and Bianca Santos taking over our television screens.

October issue

Ways to Get Out of Debt & Prosper in 2015

By John Kiernan for CardHub
New Year’s isn’t just a time for revelry and midnight kissing; it’s also a landmark for new beginnings. Before the confetti from New Year’s Eve is even swept up, folks around the world will be busy making promises to themselves and loved ones about how they plan to change their lives for the better in the coming months. That’s why the gym always seems so crowded in January, while the job market gets flooded with new applicants and fledgling teetotalers lock their liquor cabinets and hide the keys.

New Year’s Resolutions aren’t limited to one’s physical health and career prospects, however. Financial well-being is a common theme as well, with people often pledging to finally pay off their debt and/or do a better job of budgeting.

With that in mind, we at CardHub came up with 5 Resolutions for Your Finances in 2015. Committing to these changes – some of which might surprise you – will help improve your financial situation in the short-term and keep you out of trouble moving forward. Don’t worry if you’ve had problems adhering to resolutions in the past either; we’ve provided a roadmap of sorts to ensure that you don’t get lost along the path from resolution to end result. Good luck!
Escape Credit Card Debt

Rationale: After displaying relative improvement in years past, U.S. consumers are once again racking up credit card debt at a record pace. Not only are we on pace to incur at least $60 billion in credit card debt during 2014 alone – which would represent an increase of at least 55% relative to 2013 – but CardHub is also projecting that 2015 will see a $60+ billion build-up.
Given how corrosive credit card interest is to investing and retirement planning as well as how vulnerable the lack of an emergency fund makes us to the vicissitudes of the economy, paying off amounts owed and curtailing future overleveraging should be major priorities in the New Year.
Recommended Approach: Extricating oneself from debt can be a very difficult process. As a result, there is no simple recipe for doing so. There are, however, a few tried-and-true strategies that you’ll want to employ, including:

• Make a Budget: Solving your debt problems necessitates living within your means, thereby preventing your balances from growing and enabling you to focus on paying down what you already owe. To do that, you’ll likely have to rethink your definition of a necessity (hint: a flatscreen TV isn’t one). We recommend ranking your common monthly expenses in order of importance and eliminating those that you care least about until your expenses are significantly less than your monthly take-home.
• Adhere to the Island Approach: You can minimize interest and get the best possible collection of rates and rewards by isolating different types of expenses on individual credit cards, as if they are desert islands. For example, you should carry any debt you have on one card while using a different card to make everyday purchases (which you should always pay for in full within the respective billing period). If you’re charged interest on the card you’ve designated for everyday use, you’ll know that you need to cut back. You can use a credit card calculator to identify the best credit cards for each of your unique needs.
• Focus on High-Interest Debt: If you have a few different balances, attribute the majority of your monthly debt payment to the balance with the highest interest rate while only putting the minimum required to stay current toward your other balances. As you systematically eliminate your most expensive debt, the money you have available for other balances and, eventually, pursuits such as saving for college and retirement will increase like a snowball rolling down a hill.
Ask The Expert: Jason S. Seligman – Assistant Professor, John Glenn School of Public Affairs, The Ohio State University
“The last few months have signaled better prospects for workers in terms of both employment, and more recently wages – so this would reduce concerns a bit more this year than in, say the previous few.
That noted, the best way to stay out of debt is to anticipate and budget for expenses. Two categories of expenses that people miss are gifts and vacation expenses. At this time of year both are resonant. Having a budget for holiday gifts for example, and thinking about it in monthly terms can be useful – even if you go over a bit you’ll have saved closer to your target expenditure with less left over as a surprise to finance. Vacations work similarly.
Finally there will always be surprises and these should be saved for ahead of time as well — as much as possible.”

Build Excellent Credit
Rationale: Anyone who has followed the credit card market in recent years understands the value of excellent credit. In an attempt to bolster their business against future economic turmoil, issuers have been offering eye-catching initial rewards bonuses and 0% financing deals to consumers with above-average credit standing. Such cards have the potential to save users $400 to more than $1,000. The importance of a strong credit track record extends far beyond that, however. From mortgage and insurance savings to one’s ability to land certain jobs or rent an apartment, there are a variety of clear-cut benefits that come with responsible credit management.
Recommended Approach: Exactly how you approach credit building depends on your starting point. If you’re new to credit or trying to recover from past mistakes, opening a secured credit card is likely your best option. Anyone who can place a refundable security deposit of at least $200 can get a secured card because the deposit acts as the account’s spending limit and protects the issuer financially. Secured cards are also indistinguishable from “normal” credit cards on your credit reports, which means that as long as you make on-time payments each month, positive information will flow into your credit reports and you should see credit score gains in a little bit over a year.
Those of you who have already built a bit of credit should certainly follow the same game plan in terms of making on-time payments, but you should also make sure to have 3-4 open credit/loan accounts and minimize debt in order to boost your available credit and expedite the credit building process.
Ask The Expert: Edward C. Lawrence – Professor of Finance, University of Missouri – St. Louis

“Today, credit scores are used for almost everything including borrowing money, renting an apartment, finding a job, and obtaining car or homeowners insurance. Therefore it very important to maintain a reasonable score that confirms you are a responsible person who knows how to manage money. Scores above 720 are ideal and will generally put the person in the prime (favorable) lending market.
The best way to improve one’s score is to always pay your bills by the deadline and do not over-extend yourself by borrowing too much money from a multitude of creditors. If you have to use credit cards to pay for basic living expenses, then you are likely spending more than you can afford. One excellent goal is to be able to pay off the full balance of your credit cards each month. It is also important to maintain an emergency fund to be able to draw on when a special need arises.”
Improve Your Child’s Financial Literacy

Rationale: We essentially have a financial illiteracy epidemic on our hands right now. The events of the past few years have proven how little most of us know about responsible money management, and it seems that our children know even less. I mean, more than 70% of parents say their kids don’t know the basics of personal finance. Some changes to the education system are obviously needed, but education always starts at home, and parents need to give their kids practical experience managing their own money when they reach high school.
We recommend giving your child an allowance on a prepaid card and requiring that they pay for some of their own discretionary expenses. Once your child masters the prepaid card, you can progress to cash, a checking account, and ultimately a student credit card. Such a program will give your child experience budgeting and making transactions with the major financial products used during financial independence.

Recommended Approach: The best way to impart financial lessons is through practical experience. We recommend starting by giving your child his or her allowance on a prepaid card and requiring that they foot some of their own bills (e.g. trips to the movies to start). A prepaid card makes for a great starter financial product because parents can closely monitor their kids’ spending habits through online account management and kids can’t incur any debt or ruin their credit standing. After your child masters prepaid card use, we suggest increasing their responsibilities while decreasing the frequency with which you provide their allowance and gradually progressing from providing it in cash to using a checking account and, finally, astudent credit card.
Ask The Expert: Nicholas Prewett – Director of Financial Aid, University of Missouri
“Having an open dialogue about money early and often can lay the groundwork for financial planning. Individuals who know the value of a dollar and what it takes to earn those dollars are more likely to respect the idea of financial planning. Parents sharing experiences (good or bad) on taking out loans, paying those off and the sacrifices made to get what they want is also important.
Also, starting a college savings plan or other savings account in a child’s name and teaching them how to save is another way to establish good habits when it comes to managing finances. It doesn’t have to be a lot, it just needs to become a habit for students to manage their money properly.”
Start a Rainy Day Fund

Rationale: If there’s one lesson we learned from the Great Recession it’s that an emergency fund is extremely important. After all, we’ve defaulted on more than a quarter of a trillion dollars since the beginning of 2009, and that staggering number would be a lot lower if more of us had emergency funds. That’s why when people ask me, ‘which should I do first: pay off my debt or build my emergency fund,’ I always say that establishing an emergency fund should actually be the higher priority.

Say, for example, you pay off what you owe and immediately lose your job. If you don’t have an emergency fund, you’ll just fall right back into debt, incur significant credit score damage, and have creditors ranging from your doctor to the cable guy showing up at your door. With that being said, the goal should be to have a nest egg equal to roughly a year’s salary so that you can stay afloat while handling any financial emergency that may pop up.

Recommended Approach: Ideally, you want a cash reserve equal to about one-year’s salary. This will obviously take some time to build, which means you should attribute a certain amount of each month’s take-home to building your fund until it reaches the requisite value.
Interestingly, having a solid emergency fund should be a higher priority than paying off amounts owed. Think about it: If you focus on paying off your debt instead of building an emergency fund, unforeseen circumstances such as job loss will cause you to immediately start falling behind on all of your payments. You’ll therefore not only find yourself back where you started in terms of debt, but you’ll also incur significant credit score damage and have creditors ranging from your phone company to your landlord coming after you.

Ask The Expert: Scott C. Hammond – Clinical Professor of Management, Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University
“Spend for the worse, not the best. Just as you might dress for success, spend for failure. Assume you will go 6 to 12 months every ten years without a pay check. Save accordingly. Live on a budget. Store a little food. Have a solid savings account with liquid assets.”
Improve Your Health

Rationale: There’s actually a strong correlation between your personal health and that of your wallet. Studies show that being overweight or smoking translates to thousands of dollars in additional medical costs over the course of your lifetime, and that doesn’t even speak to lost productivity due to a lack of energy, the added insurance burden, or money wasted on quick-fix health improvement schemes.

Mental health is just as important because being happy and in a sound state of mind has positive ramifications throughout your life, particularly in terms of being more efficient at the workplace. We’re obviously not experts in physical or mental health, but we can point out their importance and recommend addressing them in the coming year.
Recommended Approach: Don’t look for any wisdom in this recommendation, as we have no more expertise in this area than any of you. So make sure your weight is proportional to your height, eat healthy and balanced meals, exercise regularly, and eliminate bad habits like smoking or excessive drinking.

Ask The Expert: William Mahnic – Associate Professor of Banking & Finance, Case Western Reserve University
“Improved health should lead to improved productivity and performance on the job, which will eventually lead to a higher income and greater personal wealth.
‘Seeing more of the gym and less of your doctor’ should be one of your resolutions for 2015.”
There you have it: your roadmap to financial well-being in 2015. Set your goals, focus on remaining disciplined, and remind yourself of the proverbial pot of gold at the end of their rainbow. That way, your wallet is the only thing that’ll be fat when next year rolls around!



The 2014 Slammy awards of the WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment, saw a subtle pipebomb drop from the wife of former WWE superstar, CM Punk. The “Diva of the Year” award was announced and it went to April Jeanette Mendez, now Brooks. You know her better as the three time Divas champion.

AJ, the Puerto Rican women’s wrestling star, made a couple points which alluded to a possible absence in 2015 when she spoke of several of the women wrestlers who could win next year. She also reminded as she has before that she brought a class to a division that has been transformed from a womens wrestling product to a hybrid athletic/beauty queen type of title known as a “DIVAS’s championship.


“You can be a nerd, a tomboy, and the longest reigning DIVAS’S champion of all time.”

AJ has been rumored to be performing hurt and may end up out the company on the heels of her husband, who left for similiar reasons. She was seen next to Punk at UFC 181 as her husband recently signed with the UFC.

5 Healthy New Year’s Resolution


I have done it and I know you have done it – at some point during the last few days or hours, and sometimes right before the last few minutes – before the new year begins you want to promise yourself that you will accomplish something that will make you a better person. So here are 5 healthy New Year’s resolutions that will help you become better, stronger, healthier and enhance your economics (or at least try).

“New Year’s resolutions are a bit like babies: They’re fun to make but extremely difficult to maintain,” writes health writer and blogger Alyssa Sparacino.

1) Losing Weight:

According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology’s 2014 research on New Year’s resolution losing weight is ranked number one. But the reason most people fail this great task is because they associate not eating with being healthy. They couldn’t be so wrong. Eating the right foods, exercising regularly and being happy will not only have you lose weight but it will also give you lots of energy and decrease stress.

2) Spend Less & Save More:
If I had a dollar for every time I heard somebody’s resolution to save money I wouldn’t have a resolution to save money, because I would be rich. Creating an economic plan will more likely increase the amount of money you will save than not having one. “Stash 10 percent of your paycheck (after taxes) to another bank account,” says PhD professor, Jim Roberts, of Baylor University at Waco, Texas.

3) Help Others:
LatinTrends loves helping others by supporting positive social causes that will better our community and world, which leads to them having happier hearts. Yes, giving leads to happy hearts according to a published review by the Harvard School of Public Health. So don’t forget to volunteer, donate or support a charity this new year.

4) Relationships:
Some people want an intimate relationship or a stronger relationship with their families. Nevertheless, 31 percent of Americans seek to build some type of strong connection with people they love, admire and respect. Creating a greater bond with people in your circle is known to decrease stress, increase happiness and create a stronger sense of self.

5) Self Improvement:
More than 45 percent of Americans set a self-development or educational related resolution according to Journal of Clinical Psychology. Unlike dogs, we’re never too old to learn. According to a 2007 study adults who re-entered school had “stronger memories and verbal skills than those who did not. What’s more… [other] studies linked higher education attainment to a decreased risk of Alzheimer’s disease,” reports online site,

Live it. It’s your life. It’s your health!
It’s time for a change! That’s why LatinTRENDS has partnered with healthfirst and created the Live It health section. Designed to bring health content front and forward in a creative, fun, yet important, and engaging way that embraces modern day technology, lifestyle trends and pop culture. Because health and health information should be embraced by all, including the young and young at heart. Live it is brought to you by

Raul is prepped for the Red Carpet!

FARA (1)

When you see this face, first thing that comes to mind is “where have I seen him before?” Well most likely everywhere because Raul has been able to monopolize his talents and branch out into a number of different fields of entertainment. Off the bat looking at total physique, his dark brown hair to his memorizing eyes, the camera must love him. His image has played a vital role in his career as an established TV Host and elite actor. But it doesn’t end there, as a successful host and actor one has to also have the charisma and the voice. Another career which desires those endearing qualifications is music. Though in today’s era one can digitize and Photoshop with a swipe or a click of a button, in Raul’s case why would you want too? Raul has established himself in this industry with a captivating voice with the mentality of ‘take me as I am.’

Now with the long list of accomplishments, we can add Latin Tropical/Urban artist. His dream has come true. From his initial release of “50 Sombras” based on the film ’50 Shades of Grey” to his new single “Mala Actitud”, Raul has proven that he is in a league of his own with the continued aspiration that anything is possible.

“Mala Actitud” was a composed by “Nacho” Miguel Ignacio Mendoza of the famous duo of Venezuela, Chino y Nacho , Raúl and Frank Santofimio.

“Mala Actitud’s” music video has become a favorite in various music outlets on an international scale. TV, radio and social media have embraced this single because it has become not only a hit with rhythm and mind friendly lyrics, but it has become a single with a message that people relate too.

” Mala Actitud ” is a single that will stay around for quite some time. You think its a Grammy Winner?

Putting Subway Dancers in the Corner: Young Black & Latino Street Dancers targeted by NYPD


From the Naked Cowboy, to the possibly copyright-infringing costumed characters, to those artists who draw those exaggerate portraits of people, New York City—mainly Times Square and the Subways—can be a stage for numerous artists to display their creativity for the mass public to view. However, there seems to one particular group of artists who are not welcomed and it may not be merely related to their specific talent.

If you happen to be a subway rider in the city, you may have encountered a group of about 3 to 4 men of various ages who step into a subway cart or perform out on subway platforms and begin dancing for travelers. Swinging from the handle bars to performing backflips in tight spaces while narrowly avoiding hurting anyone, these Street dancers are considered a joy to some, a nuisance to others, and for some reason more threatening than robbers or thieves for the New York City Police Department.

Recently, videos have been popping up online showing how Streets are continually being targeted by the NYPD and arrested for their performances. However, they haven’t harmed anyone or been accused of anything malicious; also it’s not that they cannot dance that has warranted their arrests. The arrests of several Street dancers are being claimed as incidents of one of the NYPD’s ongoing problem: the stop-and-frisk policy and the continued racial discrimination & criminalization of young men of color.

Local dancers D and Texas are just two Streets who were arrested multiple times by police who were dressed in plain clothes seemingly to target and arrest dancers like them. Not threatening but merely providing entertainment for those who watch them and also non-confrontational if not given a tip, Street dancers are being approached by officers and being charged with reckless endangerment.

While it is hazardous performing in a moving train that is compact, dancers are being targeted by cops on train platforms themselves. Approached by officers wearing plain clothes, the dancers are not told their rights and taken into custody on charges that are not upheld when it goes to court.

In-response to the harassment at the hands of NYPD, a dancer by the name of Tay suggests that the reason dancers are approached is purely based on their appearance. “Just because we have tattoos doesn’t mean we’re bad. We’re good guys.

Mostly Black or Latino young men, Street dancers could be targeted by the NYPD solely because of the color of their skin. For the past year now, the number of stop-and-frisk cases in the city has doubled with incidents occurring more and more frequently. While the NYPD may cite reckless endangerment it is questioning how true this is. From the way they are dressed, to the tattoos some may wear, and the way they dance it appears that Street dancers are being stopped and frisk largely because of racial profiling.

Although they are being stopped and some are even arrested, there are still Street dancers who go out and perform. What will probably stop them is if it truly becomes unsafe for them, and that may come at the hands of law enforcement. With such performers like the Naked Cowboy or the Naked Cowgirl prowling around the city it is quite obvious there is racial profiling at play when it comes to Street dancers. With Michael Brown & Eric Garner still on our minds and with some in the NYPD seemingly becoming more aggressive, young people of color are still in danger is policies are not changed or amended to prevent further harassment and criminalization.

Tupac Shakur’s aunt could be extradited from Cuba

Tupac Shakur’s godmother is on the FBI’s Most-Wanted Terrorists list. There is a 2 Million dollar reward for her capture Joanne Chesimard, also known as Assata Shakur, is a radical who was convicted of a trooper in the 1970s in order to escape jail.

With the assistance of accomplices from the Black Liberation Army and Weather Underground, the left-wing radical group, Shakur escaped prison in 1979 and fled to Cuba and, now, New Jersey police are hoping that the new relationship status with Cuba will help them catch her.

According to the magazine Rolling Stone, Assata was a step-aunt and godmother to late hip-hop icon Tupac Shakur, the stepson of her brother Mutulu Shakur.

In 1973 she was convicted for shooting Trooper Werner Foerster where her gun was found near the victim, forcing the FBI to place her on the list of most wanted terroristst, the first woman to be added.

With both Cuba and the United States now on speaking terms, authorities in New Jersey are serious about capturing and extraditing Shakur, offering a $2 million reward for her capture.



It has been quite a year for Oscar de la Hoya. He has gone from the depths which saw him go for rehabilitation for personal issues to the heights where he was inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame in June.

Oscar, leader of “Golden Boy Promotions” was losing its luster. The relationship with HBO was traded for one with Showtime. The general feeling about the promotion was far from positive.

But Oscar made a promise.

“I said when I was inducted that Golden Boy Promotions would focus all its energies on a simple premise -bringing the best fights to the fans of our sport. “


It paid off as Golden Boy oversaw superfights like Alvarez-Lara, Hopkins-Kovalev, and Khan – Alexander. In particular Golden Boy has pushed Saul “Canelo” Alvarez as their top star. In addition their are a few young stars they are nuturing which will make Golden Boy the place to go in the future years as well.

Many point to the stepping down of co-owner Richard Schaeffer as a major turning point. Oscar took more things into his hands and he moved to repair his relationship with HBO while retaining one with Showtime. Even more significant was rebuilding a working relationship with rival Top Rank.


Sports Illustrated recognized these major workings to award De La Hoya as Boxing Promoter of the year.

“I’m humbled and honored and thank Sports Illustrated for this incredible recognition.”

But Oscar is not stopping now. He is looking to build on recent success to extend into 2015.

“I’ll never forget that boxing is for the fans. I do this for them.” Oscar reminded. “I want them to get the fights they want to see, and I won’t rest until that happens.”