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2015 Premios Lo Nuestros Awards - Arrivals

Its the red carpet preceeding the latest edition of the “Premio Lo Nuestro” Awards. A young lady, dressed elegantly, was getting noticed and the attention she received was quite a contrast from her previous appearance at these same awards in 2012. Her name is Santaye and the latest point of reference for a career on the upswing was her nomination for “Tropical Female Artist of the Year.” Though she lost out to Olga Tanon, she has come a long way in five years.

“I don’t get desperate. I put things in the hands of God.”

Santaye explained,

“One moment life can change, its only one moment.”

she says in a low tone.


The Bali, Dominican Republic native, a place of creative personalities, went from college graduate to looking to New York to prove a point to people around, even family. So with a songbook of lyrics and a dream, Santaye made her move.

“I have eight brothers, very competitive.”

Santaye shared,

“But when I came here, alone, I put it out there that I am going to prove to everyone I can do this.”

The results was an album that highlighted a rare mix of Bachata in both Spanish and English. It placed her on the map but only locally. But soon she assembled the right team and while in Miami, is working on her second album, which is a polar opposite of her first effort.

“My mood on the first was more feeling, more personal.”

Santaye recalled,

“This one has more modern sounds. I risked myself more as a musician. You can feel its me, writing lyrics people can engage in for years.’


Santaye admitted the new project was a surprise even to herself. But one thing she will not fiddle with is her soul. Refusing to limit herself yet holding to her faith, Santaye has a passionate opinion concerning changing too much.

“I’m consistent in my music, presenting the same face of music, this is important.”

Santaye proclaimed,

“Everything else can change, but the music, has to be modern, go with the times. but the face. you can never change.”

Santaye is looking to do more traveling and engaging in one of her favorite pursuits, languages. Having already traveled to Central America and various U.S. cities, Santaye is looking to work some serious miles in the air this year.

“This is the first time I’m doing some real traveling.”

she smiles excitedly,

“I love visiting countries just to learn languages. On my computer I have Mandarin, Portuguese, French, and English, though I have to think a lot, I can do it better than French.”

Santaye laughs.

But Santaye is going to find it difficult to find the time. The reason is her increased demand on her time. But she recalls not so long ago when she found her moment, like being named “Artist of the Future” two years running by the Grammy Committee.

“That was another checkpoint in my career which was really important.”

Santaye says,

“The attention, this is all for me, letting me know know things are going in the right direction.”

And indeed, like her music, its flying off into a stratosphere of its own.

5 Things You Might Know – Or Might Not Know About Dominicans

image by GoPixGo

image by GoPixGo

In honor of Dominican Republic’s day of independence from Haitian rule – in February 27, 1844 – here is a list of 5 things you might know, or don’t know about Dominicans. But before I get to the list of my people, just know that Dominicans in their own country, in the United States and the rest of the world have offered so many amazing contributions that I am proud to be called a Dominican – even though my Spanglish is corrupting their Spanish like “checke-a-lo”.

1) Platanos
We love our platanos so much that other nations call us Platanos. However, did you know that plantains are in the banana family that originates from Africa? And that plantains are only fruit you can’t eat raw (I mean you can, but why would you).

2) Weird Phrases
We Dominicans like other nations (I’m sure), makeup and say weird phrases to each other. Here are just a few popular phrases like: “que lo que” (What is What), “dimelo loco” (tell me crazy), “que vaina” (what crap) and “Dique” to name a few. I Googled “Dique” and came up with too many meanings (but I still say it…smh). So yeah, we come up with weird phrases.

3) Clapping When The Flight Lands
I don’t know when this started but Dominicans always clap when the airplane lands. The interesting thing about this is that everybody (and I mean every Dominican on the plane) will start clapping as soon as the plane’s wheels touches the runway.

4) Loud Talkers
Yes, we are loud talkers and it gets louder as the conversation progresses. Some people may think we’re angry and yelling but we’re not angry… we’re just yelling for no good reason.

5) Habichuela Con Dulce

Who the heck eats beans as a dessert? Dominicans! And we love it! Yes it makes you gassy. But we love it!

5 Health Benefits of Detox

5 Benefits of Detox

Live It!

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When detoxing is done right, detox has many great benefits that will help rev up (yes, like car engines… vroom, vroom) your body by helping eliminate toxins from your blood, intestines, lungs, skin and lymph. And even though your lungs, skin, kidneys, intestines and especially your liver are already detoxifying your body 24 hours 7 days a week. Unfortunately, we don’t always easily release sweat, urine or stool as often as needed to rid toxins from our body. So go and consult a doctor and read these 5 health benefits of detox.

5 Health Benefits of Detox:

1) Flushing Out Waste:
Detox has many benefits but the most recognized benefit is releasing waste (that means poop. Yes, I said poop). The toxins of a backed-up colon can deteriorate its walls, absorb into your bloodstream, cause sickness like the cold or flu and contaminate other parts of your body. Having a healthy colon is having a healthy digestive, metabolism and immune system to name a few.

2) Strong Immune System:

When you have a strong immune system you’re less likely to get sick. The nutrients absorbed from detoxing – like calcium and vitamin C – strengthen your immune system to better detect a wide variety of viruses that can cause minor to serious illnesses.

3) Energy Boost:
When detoxing, it is very likely that you will eliminate caffeine, enriched flour, saturated sugar and fat during your diet plan. Replacing those components with fruits and vegetables will give you longer energy boosts without the crash.

4) Lose Weight:
It seems that everyone’s goal is to lose weight rather than just being healthy. But if that’s what you’re looking for then detox or cleansing – as some people refer to it – will do that for you. Flushing out your system from toxins and waste while boosting your metabolism – the part of your body that distracts fuel from the food you eat and converts it to energy – will give you a slimmer and healthier body.

5) Healthier & Happier Attitude:
When you feel good the world becomes an oyster (but don’t eat this oyster… it’s the world). Distracting toxins from your body and replacing it with natural sugars and healthy minerals will give you the energy to stay positive and be happier.

Live it. It’s your life. It’s your health!
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latino trendsetter awards 2015
LatinTRENDS dedicated to the concept of “redefining a star,” celebrated The 13th Annual Latino Trendsetter Awards full to capacity, and set New York City’s Symphony Space theater ablaze with a flawless parade of trendsetters, icons and inspirational leaders in the Latino community. The evening was co-hosted by fashion pioneering celebrity plus-size model and current LatinTRENDS Magazine cover person, Denise Bidot; and film and TV actor J.W. Cortes, as well as a special appearance by Melissa Mark-Viverito, speaker of the New York City Council during the evening program. NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer, another elected official joined over 100 influencers, made up of CEO’s, executive managers and entrepreneurs at pre-event VIP reception, which was full to capacity. The awards program culminated with live performance by living legend and GRAMMY winner Tito Nieves, who closed the show with a spectacular live performance.

The 2015 Award recipients honored were Lorraine Cortés-Vásquez, EVP Multicultural Director for Multicultural Markets & Engagement, AARP; Seny Taveras, Executive Director, CUNY In The Heights; Frank Galarza, professional boxer and youth activist; Hector D. Ruiz, Regional Sales Manager, US Latin America, Delta; Lynda Baquero, consumer reporter, NBC4 New York; Vanessa Gonzalez-Plumhoff, Director of Latino Leadership and Engagement, Planned Parenthood Federation of America; Daisy Auger-Dominguez, Vice President, Talent Acquisition and Organization & Workforce Diversity, Disney ABC Television Group; Eric Garcia, Radio Revenue Chief, Spanish Broadcasting System, La Mega & Amor; Tony Jimenez, President & CEO, MICROTECH; M“Maria Amor, Vice President, Formulatin, Selected as a 2015 Latino Trendsetter Award Recipient”>aria Amor, Vice President of Formulatin; Anthony Lolli, Founder & CEO, Rapid Realty NYC, and special Live it Award to: Nemesio Ortiz, Vice President of Medicare Sales, Healthfirst, for his contribution to the communities well being through proper medical care and health insurance.

Elected officials in attendance: speaker of the New York City Council NYC Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and NYC Comptroller Scott M. Stringer

Additionally, LatinTRENDS presented a special award to two top New York bloggers making striking contributions to the community, George Torres of Sofrito For Your Soul in English and José Zabala of Zabala al Día for his Spanish-language blog.

Scholarships were awarded to Danitsa Andaluz, sophomore at Macaulay Honors College at Lehman College and Nicole Lopez, freshman at John Jay College, who are also enrolled in a leadership program in the 100 Hispanic Women organization. The #LatinoTrendsetter Awards were produced by LatinTRENDS and sponsored in part by CUNY, Nissan, New York Presbyterian Hospital, SBS, La Mega 97.9 & Amor 93.1, Inca Kola and Hennessy.

Dominican Singer Hector Acosta, ‘El Torito’, Meets with Leaders at White House

hector acosta el torito

Dominican born merengue singer Hector Acosta ‘El Torito’ is quit the busy bee lately. Recently Acosta participated in a political gathering at the White House along with other Dominican-American community leaders from across the nation, while also receiving an award and continuing to tour with his band in the United States.

The lead singer of the legendary merengue band, Los Toros Band, said he was proud and excited to be a guest of honor at the White House, reported Agustin de la Cruz.

Dominican and North American leaders, according to the presidential agenda released before the political session, discussed immigration reform, education, international affairs and workforce development to name a few.

Acosta, 47, said he is proud that Dominican-Americans continue to succeed and prosper in the United States.


“America is a land of immigrants and of great opportunities where our Dominican brothers come in search of the American dream and become a proud example of overcoming struggles,” Acosta said.

The awards ceremony, Premio Lo Nuestro (Our Awards) in Miami’s America Airlines Arena, honored ‘El Torito’ with “Artist of the Year”. Acosta and Los Toros Band were also nominated for “Orchestra of the Year” and “Merengue of the Year”.

Acosta, who now has more than 13 celebrated albums since he started with his band in 1982, is performing on the “AMA USA Tour 2015” throughout the southwestern part of the United States.


By Eddie Olmo

In Theaters March 6th!


Jose Pablo Cantillo, aka Cesar Martinez from “The Walking Dead,” is now starring in the new release from Sony “Chappie.” Jose plays “Yankie,” a gang leader who teaches Chappie, the first robot with feelings, how to rebel against the existing government. Check out the March issue of LatinTRENDS for more from Cantillo on his role in “Chappie.”


Although Jose is working on many different projects he tells us that he is still a fan of the AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” “I’m so glad that the stuff with Woodberry and the Governor is over. I could go back to being a fan,” states Jose in his interview with LatinTRENDS. Unfortunately for us, Jose could not talk about the new season, but he did go on to say that this was the best job ever.



Its been two days since the announcement of the end of the bidding war for Cuban 19 year old prospect, Yoan Moncada. The Boston Red Sox won, the New York Yankees lost. Boston acquired the young infielder who is projected to be able to play three positions, second, third, or short. Though he hit only .277 last year, the Red Sox paid the most anyone has paid for an amateur international athlete, $63 million in total, 31.5 million in the form of a signing bonus alone.

The move is a preview of things to come as Cuban-U.S. relations improve, Cuba is being looked at as the next major source of new talent for MLB. Boston likes its Cubans as proven by their free agent signing last year of Rusney Castillo for $72 million over seven years.

The difference is that Moncada is unproven. But the pressure of recent Red Sox reverses which led them to spend lavishly on free agents Pablo Sandoval from the current World Champions, San Francisco Giants and Hanley Ramirez is an indication of what desperation will do to a franchise.

“He’s got a lot of ability and projects to be a quality player,”

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said.

“I don’t think anybody disagrees with the ability. It just comes down to how much money you were willing to commit.”

The downside will be that the Red Sox cannot sign an international free agent for two years and the tax allotment which the Sox will have to dole out will be at 100%. But Boston seemed to have used the human touch as they employed former player, Luis Tiant, who ate and worked out with Yoan beforehand.

“From the get-go, Boston was there to offer any assistance, any advice,”

David Hastings, who represented Moncada said as much,

“Whether they were the eventual winner or not, they were concerned with Yoan as an individual as much as a potential superstar. Mentoring was a part of their commitment.”

Whether Moncada upside is worth the payout remains to be seen, but Boston is willing to roll the dice.

New Play ‘Of Mothers and Men’!


February 25 – March 1
Feb 25 at 8:00pm to Mar 1 at 4:00pm

A heartbreaking meditation on the complex lives of women and the people they love. Rendered on stage in vignettes, each a link in the chain of disaster, deception and delectation. Writer, director and owner of The Black Latina Movement, Crystal Shaniece Roman deftly conjures raw experiences and the scars they shape on the soft skin of women.

Support Latino art. See yourself in the play’s cast—characters varied in size, color and shape, an element so painfully lacking in mainstream entertainment today. ‘Of Mothers and Men’ is a dose of what we need to see right now.

Katya Collazo
Cassandra Johnson
Teniece Divya Johnson
Apryl Lopez
Crystal S. Roman
Melissa Roth
J.F. Seary
Jenelle Simone Valle

5 Motivations To Stay Active This Winter

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Winter isn’t the time for you to hibernate. You’re not a bear, no matter how many layers of clothing you put on. Winter is great for preparing your body for the beaches, pools and summer nights. But if that didn’t convince you, here are 5 great motivations to stay active this winter.

5 Great Motivations To Stay Active This Winter

1) If the cold and gloomy weather brings you down then find something that you’ll enjoy doing in the winter, other than watching TV. Motivation comes from interest and interest comes from enjoyment – so don’t go running if you don’t enjoy it. Instead, take dance classes or go ice-skating.

2) Who said you have to keep fit on your own. Get with friends or family for group activities. Engaging in activities with somebody or some bodies will create the necessary social support and accountability when you feel lazy and want to stay in your warm and cozy bed.

3) Getting a dress 2 or 4-sizes down or a suit you want to wear for a special occasion in the summer is a great motivational tool. Continue trying out your outfits to gauge how much closer to a perfect fit your attire will be. Remember, your weight does not equal inches. So make sure your exercises build lean muscles while reducing body fat, which will help you to get the shape and size you are looking for.

4) Use social media to keep tabs on fitness instructors and health & fitness influencers. Get inspired by their online activities and learn what they do to keep from gaining the winter weight. Also, the most relevant and best motivations come from friends and family on social media that want to show you support and love.

5) Buying new gear will motivate your swag to come out and play in the cold. A pair of new running shoes, sport jacket or a stylish sweat suit will motivate you to show it off. Whatever gets you going – get it going and stay fit.

Live it. It’s your life. It’s your health!
It’s time for a change! That’s why LatinTRENDS has partnered with healthfirst and created the Live It health section. Designed to bring health content front and forward in a creative, fun, yet important, and engaging way that embraces modern day technology, lifestyle trends and pop culture. Because health and health information should be embraced by all, including the young and young at heart. Live it is brought to you by

Detoxing Diets: Is It Safe?

Detox Image

There are so many detox diet plans for people starving to lose weight that the word “DETOX” has lost its meaning. Marketing companies are taking advantage and selling you the “Best New Detox Program That Will Melt The Pounds Away”. What do these marketing companies think; your body is made out of butter?

Detox is short for detoxification, which allegedly (not much research to prove its affects), helps clean toxins from your blood, intestines, lungs, skin and lymph. Some science organizations, like Science About Science, believe that detox is a “waste of time and money” and others believe that it’s too risky and could backfire. Yet, organizations in the alternative medicine fields – also known as homeopathic medicine – say these are effective methods to remove toxins and wastes from your organs and that scientists don’t want you to find out that natural herbs and foods can actually improve health without medicine.

Did you know that your body is already detoxifying 24 hours 7 days a week? “Your lungs, intestines, kidneys, and skin play a role in detoxification, but your liver is the most important organ involved in this process,” says Chief Medical Officer of Body Logic MD, Dr. Jennifer Landa.

“All day long, it works to make toxins, most of which are fat soluble, water soluble so that they can be easily excreted from your body (through sweat, urine, and stool),” she writes on news website FoxNews.

That’s not to say that properly cleansing your body or helping your body detox is not effective. When done right and your body is cleansed, you’ll have healthier skin, lots of energy, less sinus congestion and less stress.

Dr. Landa’s most recommended detox plans is to eliminate “added sugars, alcohol, coffee, gluten, dairy, soy, egg, and peanut”. Most experts say that “clean eating” – a diet that focuses on vegetable, fruits, whole grains and proteins (chicken, beans and grass fed beef) – is better for you and give you the results you are looking for long term.

Live it. It’s your life. It’s your health!
It’s time for a change! That’s why LatinTRENDS has partnered with healthfirst and created the Live It health section. Designed to bring health content front and forward in a creative, fun, yet important, and engaging way that embraces modern day technology, lifestyle trends and pop culture. Because health and health information should be embraced by all, including the young and young at heart. Live it is brought to you by Healthfirst.

Even With The Oscars’ Lack of Diversity Latino Director Alejandro González Iñárritu Wins Coveted Awards

AP Images/ Invision

AP Images/ Invision

The Oscars are many things to many people but usually they’re not for all. At least that’s what the Academy continues to portray, especially when it comes to honoring the artistry of black and Latino entertainers consistently.

At last night’s 87th Oscar Academy Awards show on ABC Neil Patrick Harris opened the show welcoming “the talented and the whitest… I mean brightest,” he said. Harris, who was amazingly funny as the host of the show, gave a verbal punch at the Academy’s lack of diversity.

Yet, and not surprising, Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarrito won the Oscar for Best Picture and Best Director for the film “Birdman”.

Iñarrito, on live television, took a moment from his thank you speech to recognize his people in Mexico and the Mexican immigrants in the U.S. facing government adversity and discrimination.

“I pray that we can find and build a government that we deserve, and the ones that live in this country, who are a part of the latest generation of the immigrants in this country. I just pray that they can be treated with the same dignity and respect as the ones who came before and built this incredible immigrant nation.”

But lets not leave out Emmanuel Lubezki, another great Mexican, on winning Best Cinematography for “Birdman”. Lubezki was nominated seven times since 1995 (“My Little Princes”) and adding another award with last year’s win for “Gravity”.

The Oscar for Original Screen Play went to the Argentinians, Armando Bo and Nicolás Giacobone, for the film… guess who… “Birdman”. Yes, the movie that featured no Latino actors (even though Edward Norton and Michael Keaton kicked ass) won a lot of awards.

But other than the film from Nicaragua’s Gabriel Serra Argüello, “The Reaper,” nominated for Best Documentary Short Subject – there wasn’t another film directed, produced, written or featured in the awards ceremony. And for obvious reasons I’m not counting on the Oscar’s Foreign Language Film category.

At some point the chair-people at the Academy need to welcome diversity and not continue to be “the whitest” as Harris said. Maybe, just maybe, this is the reason why the glamorously pale awards ceremony didn’t do well in the TV ratings and dropped 17 percent – a six-year year low – on a 10.8 rating.

Premios Performances a Powerhouse Success!!


It seems to me that Premios have taken its tone of repetiveness. Every year or more like every season we look forward to seeing out favorite artists perform their hit single on that main stage full of lavish lights and sexy standstill performances. One of biggest hits this year was ‘6am’ by J Balvin. This urban youth stole the night from his platform performance on the red carpet to winning numerous awards and dynamic performances on Stage during the cncert with Prince Royce.

Ricky Martin along with Univision producers had us in suspense during the pre concert moments. With mentions of an annnouncement, fans were full of crazy ideas.. “New Baby coming?” “Marriage?” Even my favorite, “Is Ricky switching teams? God would I love him to play on my team for a few bases and home runs. This ballad performance of ‘Disparo al Corazon‘ had me praying during every close that cupid would come target me.

Pablo Alboran came on stage with a very relaxed fit look. With his rustic voice he put his foot on the pedal of this baby grand piano and began to sing his heart out that fans became nostalgic even in the dark. This Spanish superstar has vocals to tell a story of broken heart and brave combat to conquer the one he loves.

Becky G. and Thalia performed a collaboration that I haven’t seen in a while. Thalia angelic appearance with sensual induendo in contrast to Becky G.’s moxiness kept the audience on their feet mimicking the chorus and chaos on stage from the creative choreography put together for this performance.

Marc Athony and Romeo, what can I say? Awesome!! I have to admit I was not a true fan of Romeo with Marc. I love the music and their story moment. But.. it kind of reminded me of Romeo’s collab with Don Omar of “Ella y Yo” The girl that loves to men. The guy that says I’m better.

Premio lo Nuestro was a great event.. From Pitbull’s opening performance to the closeing with Chiqui, Jenny Rivera’s daughter, I can honestly say that the performances we awesome. Some colors and styles of of red carpet sexy attires, suits and ties, I would of stayed away from, but every artists has their own way of feeling true to their deliverance.