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Boxing has been improving in the number of attractive boxing events they are providing the public. The key to this has been promotional cooperation. Oscar de la Hoya’s Golden Boy Boxing is teamed up with Arano Box, Top Rank, Inc., and ELITE Boxing to provide just such an event this Saturday, October 3rd, in Carson, California via HBO Boxing After Dark.

“Whenever we do a fight at Stub Hub, magic seems to happen there.”

said Tony Walker, Director of HBO Sports.

The two combatants will be Argentine, Lucas Matthysse, one of the most exciting fighters today, and undefeated Viktor Postol for the vacant WBC 140 pound crown. Postol, from the Ukraine, at 31, is 27-0 with 11 KO’s. His most impressive wins include Karen Tevosyan for the vacant WBC International Silver belt, and decision wins over Jose Lopez and DeMarcus Coley. He also has an ace with Freddie Roach training him for the third time in his career.

“Freddie never changed my style of fighting,”

Viktor explained,

“Instead he made small important changes, a movement here and there, tweaking things.”

Matthysse (37-3, 34 KO’s) however, is the knockout man here. The former WBC Interim 140 pound champ, has scored big wins such as Humberto Soto, who he stopped in five. His most impressive knockouts though was a three round demolition of Lamont Peterson in three in 2013, and a classic slugfest with John Molina, Jr. last year. Lucas rallied from two knockdowns and a cut to floor Molina twice, the final one leading to an 11th round stoppage which garnered him the WBC Continental Americas 140 pound crown. In his last contest he won a 12-round majority decision over Ruslan Provodinikov to get this opportunity.

“I’m very delighted that the time has come for me to fight for the World title”

Lucas shared,

“What can I say? The fans can expect a great fight.”

Matthysse, known as “The Machine,” does not do boring fights and his three losses were to elite fighters like Zab Judah, Devon Alexander, and Danny Garcia, the first two by split decisions and the one against Garcia, another close decision. Lucas has been floored but he doesn’t stay down which should make this battle a classic boxer vs slugger duel in the Stub Hub Center.

“I am about to face the strongest, most heavy handed fighter I have ever met in the ring.”

Postol shared.

The co-main event will also be one to watch as the aforementioned Humberto Soto, 65 wins strong, who will match up against undefeated Antonio Orozco in a ten rounder.

Christina Aguilera travels to her Father’s native country Ecuador for the first time


Christina Aguilera has mentioned in past interviews that she has no real relationship with her father, but that hasn’t deterred the Beautiful and Dirty singer from embracing and her acknowledging her Latino heritage.

Last week, the four-time Grammy singer ventured to Ecuador—her father’s native country—to take part in relief effort trips.

It felt much better to me that I was in a place that I felt so connected to and was able to give back to,” said Aguilera, 34, who acts as a global spokesperson for Yum! Brands’ World Hunger Relief and has visited other countries like Haiti and Guatemala to provide aide.

Traveling to Quito, Aguilera then traveled by car into the nearby countryside and farmland visiting some of the country’s impoverished areas.

This was a really interesting and raw way to go about it. It wasn’t like I vacationed there in one of the more beautiful spots such as Galapagos Islands or things like that. I went into the fields and got to meet the women and children there who are really trying to survive,” the singer describes, talking about immersion into the livelihood of the Ecuadorian people she was able to visit.

According to a volunteer spokesperson for the Yum! Brands’ effort, prior to the trip Aguilera was presented with a list of places in-which she could choose from. Upon that list was Ecuador. The selection of the country isn’t all too shocking, but is quite interesting since Aguilera did select a place closely associated to her father in-which she is estranged from.

I definitely had always wanted to go visit where my dad comes from, the culture, you know, not having sort of a consistent relationship at all in my life with him and not really knowing him as I’ve gotten older through the years as well. You know, there’s a history there. But, you know, it is a part of my blood and a part of my heritage and a part of my people,” she explains, wanting a deeper connection to her fellow Ecuadorans.

During the recent trip, Aguilera also visited schools and served lunch to children who endured a long journey in order to obtain an education.

It takes these kids 45 minutes walking by themselves, alone, up a hill,” she said, “It’s really hard for these kids and I couldn’t wait to come back and tell my own kids these stories to … better appreciate what they have,” the mother of two said. “These kids, they just were the most well-mannered, sweet-natured, little kids.”

As a spokeswoman, Aguilera has also filmed a public service announcement that will be released next month hoping to raise hunger awareness. So far, Yum! Brands Inc., the parent company of Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and KFC, in its eights as a World Hunger Relief initiative has raised an estimated $600 million in cash and food for the United Nations’ World Food Programme and other organizations.

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On the 19th of November, in Las Vegas, Nevada, the 16th edition of the Latin Grammy Awards will be presented. The landscape of the music industry favors those artists who are self-motivated and willing to think out the box to attract attention from labels. Camila Luna, 21 years of age has broken down the walls of the fort called Music Elite with her voice, a guitar, and an I-phone.

Luna, a Puerto Rican artist based in Miami, Florida spent 2014 working on her album “Flamboyan” writing all the songs on this most personal of projects. At the same time she was a student at the University of Miami, Florida.

Camila surprised the music world by gaining her first ever nomination for this album in the “Best Pop/Rock album of the year” category at this year’s Latin Grammy’s. She will be matched against industry giants like Mana, El Cuarteto de Nos, and Moderatto.

“I’m incredibly emotional about my album being entered in this category,”

Luna shared,

“I’m very grateful to the Latin Recording Academy for this nomination. It’s an honor for me to share this with famous artists such as Mana.”

It’s even more amazing that she graduated from the University in May of this year and now four months later will be competing with the best in music through a project produced by Jose Luis Pardo, the former guitarist of Los Amigos Invisibles while utilizing mostly her vocals and trusty guitar.

Camila doesn’t stop there as the video for “Flamboyan” was filmed in areas which represented her childhood in San Juan. This is accomplished by using only her I-phone. Camila Luna shows that at the core she is a true artist with creative abilities that far outstrip any fully financed venture that any label can produce. Her accomplishments are flamboyant indeed.

An Unexpectedly Long Interview with Daniella Alonso

daniela alonso - magazine

[Originally published in the May 2015 issue of LatinTRENDS Magazine. Subscribe today!]

Because She’s Freakin’ Awesome

By Giovanna Acosta

Hard working, animal loving, 100% honest and the star of the new movie “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2” in theaters now. We sat with the beautiful Daniella Alonso, and this is what she told us…

Can you tell us a little about the movie and your character Divina?

The movie takes place in the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, there is a mall cop convention and Paul Blart ends up going. All the mall cops show up. So you get to meet different kinds of mall cops from all over the Unites States, which is just even funnier! My character, Divina Martinez, she’s the manager of the Wynn Hotel. She’s very put together and everything runs smoothly under her command, until she meets Paul and…

And then madness ensues.

Yes… yes!

What’s your favorite memory from working on the set of this film?

You know, there are so many because I have to say, this is one of the most amazing sets I have EVER been on. Not only is almost everyone in the entire cast comedians, which is amazing because you’re laughing nonstop… Kevin [James], Gary Valentine, Andy Fickman, who’s the director, these guys are so generous with their talent and their time and every time you do any scene with them, it’s like nothing’s ever wrong. You were just having fun and doing the work. So it was just… I can’t pick a favorite moment, because they were all pretty amazing.

I’m glad that you had such a great experience! You’ve been quite busy lately, in addition to “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2,” you are also playing the titular role in “Isolated Victim,” produced by Zoe and Cisely Saldana. Can you tell us a little bit about that film?

That was a very special movie, in a different way. We shot in the Dominican Republic. It’s loosely based on a true story of this woman who came to Haiti after the earthquake to help out for a few days. She saw that a lot of the kids there lost their parents and they were sold as slaves and the government turned a blind eye. She couldn’t believe what was going on, so she started to fight for these kids and founded two orphanages. It’s a beautiful story about a hero. A normal everyday woman who saw something wrong and decided to do something about it.

How is your character, Liliana Santana, different from your other roles?

I’ve never played a real person, so that was kind of a little added pressure. And it’s somebody who is, like I said, a hero, a real modern day hero—you want to do her justice. When I got the script, I was working on a TV show and I literally had three days to prepare. I worked on it and worked on it, and the day before shooting, the director was like ‘The whole movie is in Spanish, English and Creole’ and I had no idea! So I had a little mini nervous breakdown.

You had to learn Creole?

Yes! I had a coach who came on set every day during lunch and we would work on my Creole.

That’s amazing

It was one of the best experiences of my life. We worked with a lot of Haitian children, actors and non-actors. It was just something that, as an American, you’re not really exposed to. They are just the sweetest people, the most generous; they have nothing but will offer you everything they have. It was really life-changing. And I got to work with one of my favorite actors, Algenis Perez Soto, he’s like one of my best friends.

Another Latino! The past couple of years have seen a rise in Latinos/as in film and television. What do you think about the growing numbers of Latinas in entertainment?

I think it’s definitely a step in the right direction. A lot of people that have come before us have fought for this and I’m thankful and always grateful. At the same time, it’s still just a step in the right direction. We are still just “the girlfriends of ” and “the best friends of.” We are still supporting, as opposed to leading. Once we have leading roles and a full Latino cast without just being the one Latino to fill the quota, I think that’s when real change would have taken place. Again, I’m grateful because I have been given so many opportunities and I’m so thankful for them. I just still see the road ahead and see that there’s still work to be done.

Who is your favorite Latina/o actor or entertainer right now?

I love Jennifer Lopez for everything that she’s done, across the board. Her, Eva Longoria, actresses like that, who really fight for Latinos to be seen and represented. I really respect them, and would love to one day be able to do the same. I definitely respect them so much.

If you could work alongside anyone in the future (Latina or not), who would it be?

Right now, my favorite actress is Cate Blanchett. To me she can do no wrong. The way that she transforms from role to role, she looks amazing, and she takes risks, not only in fashion but in her roles, they’re so different! I’m obsessed with her right now.

Talking about fashion, what is your favorite item in your closet right now?

Probably my jeans. My black jeans. You can never go wrong with skinny black jeans. You can dress it up, dress it down, you can do anything.

Obviously you are very beautiful. Can you share some of your beauty secrets with us?

I have eczema on my face. So I can’t use anything like peels or any of that stuff, but what I really try to do is to moisturize like crazy. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize all day long. And stay out of the sun. Sunblock, stay out of the sun, moisturize and drink water. Water is the best.

You grew up in NYC and have a mix of Puerto Rican and Peruvian origins, how has this affected your cultural identity?

I definitely am closer to the Puerto Rican side of my family, my mom’s side of the family, because I grew up with them. I grew up with a very large extended family, my grandmother, her sisters, all in the same building and had 5 or 6 kids, my great grandmother, my grandpa. So I grew up with this really enhanced sense of family. I had friends, but I didn’t need friends because I had my cousins, and those were my friends. And those are the people that I grew up with and that I love and I trust 100%. I was very lucky in that. I grew up in this Puerto Rican household with Latinas that were opinionated and loud and strong women that took care of the household. And that just really molded me. I am very honest, 100% honest.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

How much I love animals. I love all kinds of animals. Every single animal alive. It came from my grandfather, he loves animals and I’ve just grown up with them.

What is next for Daniella Alonso?

I don’t know what the future has in store, but right now I’m working on a show called “Being Mary Jane.” It’s so much fun. I’m such a fan of the show. I just started a few weeks ago. I’ll be playing the new Latina telecaster.

A show called “Being Mary Jane”? Um, yea. We’ve heard of it. It’s a huge hit show! Congratulations Daniella Alonso! Muy bien hecho!

Interview with Jasmine V.

jasmine v

[Published in the Sept. 2015 issue of LatinTRENDS magazine. Find on newsstands today!]

By Geraldine Estevez

While some may remember her as Justin Bieber’s love interest in the “Baby” music video, Jasmine Villegas, known commonly as Jasmine V., has worked tirelessly to build a name for herself. She launched her career at a young age, appearing on shows like “That’s So Raven” and “My Wife and Kids.” Still, success would not come as quickly as she once envisioned. Flash-forward several years and Villega’s music, including her single “That’s Me Right There” featuring Kendrick Lamar, along with her fan base, consisting of 1.6 million Twitter followers, attest to the kind of artist she is–one who connects with her audience.

Where are you from?

Originally, I’m from the Bay Area, San Jose. I’m half Filipino, half Mexican, and the only girl out of four kids. I never thought I’d be singing, but I sang karaoke at family parties, and that’s how it all started.

How will you approach maturing out of a teen following?

Although I appeared on the shows, I wasn’t a part of Disney, so it was easier for me to be myself and not feel like I had to be perfect.

What was working with Kendrick Lamar like?

I was a fan of his before doing “That’s Me Right There.” When he asked, I said do what you do because I knew he was talented.

What is the creative process like for you?

I’ve never sat down to write a song by myself. I’m quite nervous to do so. I talk with writers about the context of what I’m going through, and then we write together.



William Levy joins cast of ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’


William Levy, the October 2014 cover of LatinTRENDS, joins the cast of the final film installment of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

Joining Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter, and Iain Glen, the Cuban-American actor made the announcement regarding his latest role via his Instagram by posting an image created by his fans.

Along with his Instagram post, the actor who has been referred to as the “Latino Brad Pitt” thanked both his enduring fans as well as the Latino community for being huge supporters of his.

I chose this photo that was done by one of you guys with the purpose of showing you guys how thankful I am for every single one of you. The name that you see on that picture became known not just because of my efforts and dedication,” said the actor in his post, referring to his fans being as being huge pillars for his success.

The above photo is of Levy dressed as his character “Christian” for the next and final installment of ‘Resident Evil: the Final Chapter’ which his posted to his Instagram account: @willevy

Within the post he dedicated to his fans, Levy described how his past projects in such films like The Single Moms Club & Addicted; to telenovelas like Cuidado con el ángel and La Tempestad; as well as his stint on Dancing with the Stars would not have happened for him had it not been to the strong support of his fans and members of the Latino community.

I feel really lucky to receive love from not only the Latinos but from so many of you from around the world that take the time to write me a message, the actor wrote.

Levy also expressed his appreciation for how during a time where Latinos remained supportive of each other and show a sense of unity since the community currently faces harsh criticism in the United States thanks to the likes of Donald Trump and those who do not express the same sentiment regarding Latinos.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is still currently filming in South Africa and is expected to be released in theaters early 2017, and will be directed by Paul W.S. Anderson.

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Apple Set to Launch a Car in 2019!

First the iPod, then the iTouch, then the iPhone, then the iPad, and all their generations, then finally the Apple Watch. Mac users have enjoyed these nice additions to their desktops & laptops, but now Apple has something more up their sleeve: the Apple Car. Its set release date is 2019, according to various sources,  it’ll run on electricity. The Wall Street Journal reports that it’s a “committed project”, code named Titan, with the help of experts on driver-less cars. Once this car is built, where will it be tested? USA Today sites that London’s The Guardian first reported that it has been in conversation of using a decommissioned military base off of San Francisco. Apple has also ( allegedly hired over 600 engineers ) Other than that, this is all anyone outside of Cupertino, California, knows.

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Take Action on Puerto Rico Now!


Community Call to Action:

White House Petition on Puerto Rico. Help us get 100,000 signatures. TODAY!

“if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”  

Our friends at the Hispanic Federation have launched a petition (see below) to push the President to respond with a plan of action for our people on the island.

Here’s the challenging part: there is  less than 25 days to get 100,000 signatures, which would force the White House to respond in writing. The link is now live and the deadline is October 10, 2015.

Please sign and share with your networks via email and social media, both personal and professional.

Petition link:

The shortened link (good for social media!) is here:

Signing the petition comes in 2 easy steps:

1)      Input Name, Email, Zip Code

2)      A confirmation email will be sent to the address you input.  Please open the email and click the confirmation link. Your signature (just initials) will then be added to the petition website.


Share this link on facebook:

  • 3.5 million American citizens are living on the island of Puerto Rico, as it faces its worst economic crisis in more than a century.  If unable to restructure its debts, the island will descend into an economic crisis that will wipeout savings, pensions and compromise its economic viability for generations to come.  Please consider signing and sharing our petition today to urge the Obama administration to take action on Puerto Rico:


Take Action on Puerto Rico Now!

Puerto Rico faces its worst economic crisis in more than a century due to a $72 billion debt burden that is unpayable. If Puerto Rico is unable to restructure its debts, the island will descend into an economic crisis that will wipeout savings, pensions and compromise its economic viability for generations to come.

President Obama must act decisively to help the 3.5 million American citizens living in Puerto Rico.

We urge the President to call for a full federal agency review of policies that are economically harmful to Puerto Rico, including health care reimbursement, and convene his Working Group on Financial Markets to develop an in-depth debt relief, repayment, and investment plan to stabilize the island’s economy.

We call on the President to take action on Puerto Rico now.  

¡Ayuda para Puerto Rico Ahora!

Puerto Rico se enfrenta a su peor crisis económica en más de un siglo debido a la deuda $ 72 mil millones que es impagable. Si Puerto Rico no es capaz de reestructurar esta deuda, hundirá a la isla en una crisis económica que eliminará los ahorros, pensiones y pondrá en peligro su viabilidad económica por varias generaciones.

El presidente Obama debe actuar ahora para ayudar a los 3,5 millones de ciudadanos estadounidenses que viven en Puerto Rico.

Instamos al Presidente que ordene a las agencias federales que evalúen todas las leyes que sean económicamente perjudiciales para Puerto Rico, incluyendo los reembolsos federales al sistema de salud, y convocar a su Grupo de Trabajo sobre Mercados Financieros para desarrollar un plan de alivio de la deuda y crear un plan de inversiones para estabilizar la economía de la isla.

Hacemos un llamado al Presidente para ayudar a Puerto Rico ahora.



The 30th anniversary of Cuban singer, songwriter, and lyricist Carlos Varela will be celebrated in various homes next month via HBO Latino in the movie “The Poet of Havana.” Havana was the locale where this documentary was filmed. It will show how Varela and his country influenced each other over the years. The politics and people of Cuba impacted him while his music returned the favor.

Ron Chapman, who directed and produced the film, has been a musician and music manager. His Toronto music club “The Edge” has been a hub of promotional events for top international artists. But it was through his film production company, where he directed rock videos and commercials for leading brands worldwide that made him perfect for this project.


He provides exclusive access and backstage views for different concerts and secured interviews with the likes of Jackson Browne, Benicio del Toro, Ivan Lins, and Luis Enrique, among others. They all shared their stories about the man, even showing them on stage with him.


The man who was known as “Cuba’s Bob Dylan” was in a constant battle over the censorship of his work. Long before the healed relations between Cuba and the United States, Varela was often a loud voice for freedom for the individual in Cuba while spending great deals of effort in building bridges between his country, his people who immigrated to Miami, and the United States. On October 23rd, at 7pm on HBO Latino and also on HBO on Demand, HBO GO, and HBO Now, “The Poet of Havana” will tell you all you need to know about Carlos Varela.

Gina Rodriguez & Henri Esteve have Split Up!


Gina Rodriguez reportedly a single lady.

According reports, the Jane the Virgin has split from her boyfriend of one year Cuban actor andRevenge star Henri Esteve.

Currently there are no reasons as to why the couple’s breakup, and the news comes just days after Rodriguez was spotted attending the EMMY Awards solo.

The news comes as quite a shock considering the actress has spoken so highly of her boyfriend and has stated in interviews how supportive and emotional response he has been to her acting on her hit CW show.

When your super-tough Cuba boyfriend from Miami starts tearing up, you’re like, ‘I’m doing something right’,” said Rodriguez, in past interviews about Esteve.

Earlier this year, Rodriguez stated in an interview how she knows “that I have a very strong [and] supportive boyfriend. He’s an amazing artist himself who respects the craft…He supports me and I think that’s all that matters. We’re very honest and there’s a lot of communication. He knows that my priority is Jane and him and family.

Back in April, after winning her Golden Globe for Jane the Virgin Rodriguez noted how it was Esteve that kept her grounded amid her growing success after winning a Golden Globe.

The actress, who is usually on her various social media platforms talking to fans, has yet to comment about the breakup.

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