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The 89th edition of the Thanksgiving Day Parade was large, 8,000 people took part, decorative with theme floats and balloons, with top line entertainment with Mariah Carey taking center stage.

Mariah waved to her fans from a nutcracker suite lined float with toy building blocks and big red bow. Mariah dressed in a red ballgown and short white coat. She performed the Christmas classic, “All I want for Christmas is you.”

Before the singing sensation appeared, some of the more prominent balloons featured were the NYPD Cop, SpongeBob Squarepants, Ronald McDonald, Power Ranger, as well as all time favorite, Snoopy.

Prince Royce was the favorite of all the young fans as he sang “Stuck on a Feeling” on a float with a outcropping of a Big Apple emerging out of the New York skyline.


As the procession ended in Macy’s Herald Square, Mariah, now 45, stood tall, a flesh and blood princess soaking in the moment at the heart of New York City.

Sesame Street is Moving to HBO!

Sesame Street‘s 46th season will be a season of major changes for Big Bird and Friends as they move to their new network home of HBO.

After inking a five-season deal announced this summer, Sesame Street will move from public television in-which it first aired back in 1969 to the premium HBO channel with all new episodes starting in the new year.

On the new network, two new episodes premiere on a selected day at 9 a.m., with one new episode airing at 9 a.m. while a repeat runs at 9:30 a.m. Also, new episodes will be dubbed in Spanish and be available on HBO Latino. Although the show is moving to a paid channel, newer episodes of Sesame Street will air on PBS after a nine-month window.

On HBO, Sesame Street will only run for 30 minutes (originally it would run for 60) and will have a fresh new look. With Big Bird moving into an actually bird’s nest and Elmo taking residence on 123 Street, the iconic show’s once familiar opening has been updated and will provide audience members a deeper tour of the Sesame Street neighborhood.

Along with it’s new television address, Sesame Street will be introducing a new cast member named Nina (played by Suki Lopez), a bilingual Hispanic woman who works at the laundromat and bike store.

According to HBO’s press release, Nina will use “her wit, compassion and charisma to help the furry residents of Sesame Street solve their daily dilemmas, providing a positive role model for preschoolers.”

When Sesame Street returns back in January famous faces will join its residences to welcome their move ranging from Gwen Stefani, Pharrell, Nick Jonas, Ne-Yo, and Gina Rodriguez along with many more.

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If only Lionel Messi had either a World Cup or Copa America trophy in his hands to show how well he has really done the past two years in World Futbol. Then came the ligament tear on September 26th that was heard from Spain to Argentina.

It could have been the best of times as Messi led his National team to the World Cup Final for the first time in in 25 years before its close loss to Germany and the Copa America ambush in Chile where a penalty kick meltdown led to the hosts to the promised land.

But Europe has always been a place where Messi always excells and with players like Uruguay’s Luis Suarez and Brazil’s Neymar on your side, the possibilities are endless.

Barcelona is the team to watch in Europe as Messi made an impressive return to the pitch, scoring twice, against Roma, in a 6-1 shellacking while aiding the Spanish club to the top slot in Group E of the Champion’s League.

“We played a perfect game”

Suarez proclaimed.

To say Barcelona is hot is to understate the obvious. Just ask Real Madrid, who were crushed 5-0 last Saturday in league play by their eternal rivals.

“Right now Barca is unstoppable,”

admitted Roma coach Rudi Garcia.

Now that the big three are together again, Luis Enrique, Barcelona coach, is enjoying the return of arguably the best player in the world today as he added his 78th and 79th goals in Champions competition history. The only one deemed better is the man who holds the goal record with 83, Cristano Ronaldo.

“We are in a sweet moment and hope to keep it going as long as possible,”

Enrique explained.

Though its still early, with the return of Messi and the reunion of the big three, a focus and motivation throughout the unit not seen before, and its historical pedigree, Barcelona may just be the next club soccer dynasty.

Jennifer Lopez Steals the Show at 2015 AMAs

JLO Hosted and opened the 2015 American Music Awards. her dancing was superb. Many are saying it has been the best ever in AMA history. Jenny from the block has indeed come a long way. She can dance, sing, act and is an astute entrepreneur. She looks amazing at 46 and her moves don’t reflect her age. She is actually more appealing now in her 40’s then when she was in her 20’s. Go JLO!

Gossip corner: Nicki Minaj did not look happy when she saw JLO dancing to her hit “Anaconda”…don’t hate Nicki, you too are talented, and JLO did “Anaconda” before you…remember the movie? leave your comments below if you think she was hating on JLO or not.


Watch JLO AMA Dace Video Here:

Joe Manganiello & Sofia Vergara are now Husband & Wife!!


Joe Manganiello & Sofia Vergara are now officially husband and wife.

The Magic Mike star & Modern Family actress tied the knot on Sunday before an estimated 400 guests at a luxurious beach-side resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

Taking to their Instagram accounts, Manganiello, 38, and Vergara, 43, posted numerous photos to share their happy and special moment with the world via Social Media.

Vergara’s 23-year-old son, Manolo, had the honor of giving his mother away. As for her dress, Vergara was wearing a gown designed by Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad, who happens to be a close friend of hers and has designed several of her red-carpet looks in the past.

Although the wedding celebration was for the loving pair, the couple were charitable requesting that their 400 guests make donations to several charities rather than spend gifts on them. One of the charities guests could choose from was for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

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Who is the Billionaire Backing Marco Rubio?

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 6.28.44 PM

Cuban-American presidential candidate, Marco Rubio, is not quite as popular as Donald Trump and Ben Carson amongst the Republican crowd, yet.

But, after trouncing Jeb Bush in the CNBC debate on Oct. 28, he has garnered a lot of new backers that seek a serious contender that is part of the GOP establishment to go against Democratic front-runner, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

One of those supporters is Paul Elliott Singer.

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 6.10.15 PMBut who is Singer and what does he want out of a candidate?

Through his hedge fund company, Elliott Associates Corporation, Singer has become a self-made billionaire and is worth $2.1 billion.

His business practices have come under attack for absorbing debt at low prices from bankrupt companies and countries on the brink of financial collapse, only to sue for money at high-interest rates. Two of the countries that have taken the bait are the Congo and Peru. Argentina is currently countersuing.

Singer is one of few billionaires that Republicans go out of their way to court when they need donations for their political campaigns, the others being the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson. His endorsement or lack of support can make or break a candidacy.

Last year, the self-described conservative Libertarian donated $11.5 million to Republican candidates. He was a major contributor to George W. Bush’s presidential bid and supported both Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney’s run. After Romney was leading the Republican nomination in 2011, it was Singer that helped Paul Ryan snag the spot of running mate.

A Jewish New Yorker from the Upper West Side with strong ties to Wall Street, Singer is a strong pro-Israel supporter and is known as the “bundler”, because of his ability to rally other wealthy donors and guide their decisions towards a certain candidate.

Singer was one of the few financiers to predict and speak up about the downturn of the housing market and unstable global economy but was ignored. During the Great Recession, Singer’s company managed to remain unscathed as other hedge funds went under. Similar to the Republican elite, he is a defender of the 1%.

Unlike other Republicans, Singer is a supporter of LGBT rights. After his son Andrew came out to him in 1998 he became a strong advocate of fighting discrimination in the workplace for the LGBT community.

Defender of the 1%, pro-Israel and supporter of LGBT rights. Well, Rubio supports two out of the three of Singer’s initiatives. Rubio’s tax plan, which would make changes to corporate income taxes, would benefit one-percenters like Singer by giving them tax cuts. Rubio is also all for supporting a nuclear Iran deal that would include Israel and currently agrees to shut down mosques after the Paris attacks. However, while he is willing to respect those in the LGBT community that want to get married, he firmly believes that marriage

should be between one man and one woman,”

and has vaguely implied that he would overturn the current same-sex law if given the opportunity.

By next year, we will find out if Rubio, with Singer’s backing, will succeed or not.







This Sunday, November 22nd, 2015 at the 2015 American Music Awards there will be a special attraction duet. On one side is iconic singer Alanis Morissette, who will be performing a special rendition of her 1995 hit “You Outta Know.” The other artist will be Demi Lovato, the former Disney star, who is enjoying a renaissance of her own with her October release of “Confident.”

The occasion for this union is the 20th anniversary of Morissette’s award-winning album “Jagged Little Pill.” Alanis has performed on this show four times as well and matched that number in nominations, two of which she collected trophies for in 1997.


Lovato, who has spoken about her struggles with depression, drugs and drugs, and alcohol, as well as an eating disorder, and desire to tackle them in a public spotlight has won over many a fan.


She has also won the respect of music’s elite watchers which is confirmed by this very unique opportunity with an artist like Morissette who has spent her life outside music as a supporter of female empowerment. Her views on spiritual, pschological, and physical wellness are a perfect complement to Demi and should make for a classic set.

McDonald’s® Opened Doors to Showcase Fresh Ingredients and Balanced Meal Options in All Day Breakfast® Menu

For the second time this year, McDonald’s New York Tri-State Area Owner/Operators invited local media and influencers to an open discussion and demonstration of balanced food choices and food quality at McDonald’s. Owner/Operator Celeste Quintana along with Registered Dietician/Nutritionist Sandra Arévalo and renowned chef Jesús Núñez welcomed everyone to the McDonald’s restaurant at 167 Chambers Street to taste the balanced options as part of the new All Day Breakfast Menu. After sampling popular McDonald’s All Day Breakfast® menu items and having an informal exchange with the guest speakers, attendees left with a new outlook about McDonald’s food. Now you can have your egg Mcmuffin any time morning or night…and did you know that the eggs in the Mcmuffin are steamed, not fried?

Por segunda ocasión en este año, los dueños/operadores del Área Tri-Estatal de Nueva York invitaron a medios locales y a personas influyentes a una discusión abierta y una demostración de las opciones de alimentos balanceados y la calidad de la comida en McDonald’s. La dueña/operadora, Celeste Quintana, junto con la Dietista/Nutricionista Registrada, Sandra Arévalo, y el reconocido chef, Jesús Núñez, dieron la bienvenida a los asistentes al restaurante McDonald’s en 167 Chambers Street para probar opciones balanceadas como parte del nuevo  menú de All Day Breakfast®. Después de degustar diferentes platillos del menú de All Day Breakfast® y de conversar con los oradores invitados, los asistentes al evento se fueron con una nueva perspectiva de la comida de McDonald’s.

The CIA’s Latino Hunt…Why They’re Coming For You!

Carmen Middleton_resized

Originally published in the Oct 2015 issue of LatinTRENDS Magazine

By David Puente

When CIA Director John Brennan sat down with LatinTRENDS, a trusted CIA officer remained by his side. Hanging on his every word, Carmen Middleton, the CIA’s fourth-highest ranking official nodded in agreement as the director addressed the agency’s need to hire more Latinos. The CIA’s hunt for Latino talent is on.

Carmen Middleton, the CIA’s Deputy Executive Director, oversees just about everything at the Agency except for the three individuals above her in rank. In fact, she’s the top-ranking Hispanic official in the history of the CIA.

We met in New York at the annual convention of the Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA) where the CIA was recruiting. The 31-year government service veteran says that many Latinos don’t know enough about careers at the Agency. “So much of the reason why we don’t have strong Hispanic representation at the CIA,” Middleton says, “is because they just don’t know it’s a possibility.

A recent diversity study, commissioned by Director Brennan, delivered predictable news: Latinos are underrepresented at the CIA. In order to make more Latinos aware of CIA openings, the Agency will be recruiting at conventions like ALPFA and visiting schools with a large Latino student body. The CIA will also be answering more questions like these:

Carmen, why is this a good time for Latinos to look into jobs at the CIA?

Latinos are one of the most underrepresented groups at the Agency, as they are across the federal government. We stand to benefit greatly from the expertise and perspective of the Latino community. Another simple reason is that CIA is currently hiring—we are seeking Intelligence Officers to join our mission in a wide range of career occupations all serving to protect our country.

How should Latinos get started with their job search? is a good place to start. Check out the careers page that lists job positions in a myriad of disciplines and fields of work. We encourage applicants to apply to up to four positions for which they feel they will qualify.

What skills and level of education are you looking for?

Regarding skills, the Agency has a wide range of occupations for which it hires. We have occupations such as finance, HR, medical, and security officers, lawyers and logisticians, data scientists and project managers. There is indeed something for everyone at CIA. Our applications typically have at least a Bachelor’s degree and a minimum G.P.A. of 3.0. Although degrees and experiences are very important, we look for applicants with specific attributes, such as personal integrity, initiative, excellent communication, teamwork and critical thinking skills.

Your family came to the U.S. from Mexico. Has being Latina helped you professionally at the CIA?

I have certainly been lucky to have had an exciting and thoroughly rewarding, 31-year career at CIA. CIA has given me opportunities to grow professionally—as an Intelligence Officer and as a leader. Being Latina and an intelligence officer are two of the most important aspects of who I am. Sharing my story of leaving California 31 years ago, taking on incredibly interesting and challenging assignments allow me to reach out to future CIA officers on a personal level.


The CIA recently released a discouraging diversity study about itself. Why has Latino recruitment lagged?

I would say that the findings of CIA’s Diversity Leadership Study were sobering, not necessarily discouraging. CIA has a history of deep commitment to identifying challenges within the organization and looking for opportunities to address those challenges and make much-needed progress. As the Hispanic population grows in the United States and the Hispanic representation in federal service, as well as in the Agency, is not keeping pace, the disparity is becoming quite stark. The Agency is working on attracting more talent from the Hispanic community.

By how much does the agency want to increase Latino diversity and by when?

We will use the civilian labor force as one useful measure of our success. But a number can never tell the entire story, and it is imperative that we go well beyond measuring just representation, but look at how we engage our diverse workforce.

Over the decades, it’s become clear that most diversity initiatives fail, often because they lack progress measurements. How will the CIA measure progress?

There are a myriad of reasons why diversity initiatives fail. It could be the lack of senior-level focus or long-term sustainment, diversity fatigue or even the absence of good measures of effectiveness. We are setting up a range of measures of effectiveness. In addition to closely studying progress on promotions, recruiting…

Are diversity initiatives in danger of being ridiculed because they state the same rhetoric year after year but have provided little progress?

Over the decades, CIA has stepped back to assess its performance in this regard and highlighted ways in which it can do better for its workforce, and thereby for more effective mission accomplishment. Diversity and inclusion are enduring priorities for CIA. They will only make us stronger and more effective as an organization.

Photos of the Opening Night of the 5th Annual International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival

International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival reaches new milestone with 5th successful year. November 11-15, 2015.

Photos: Jhon Caballero

Celebrating the Heritage of Puerto Rico with the world!” was the theme for the 5th International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival. The Festival opened Wednesday, November 11, 2015 with an acknowledgement of the contributions of two remarkable Puerto Ricans at the historic St. Paul & St. Andrew in New York’s Upper West Side.

The Festival presented its 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award to the legendary Puerto Rican virtuoso, José Feliciano; Mr. Feliciano has been awarded over 45 Gold and Platinum records; has won 16 Grammy nominations, earning him 6 Grammy Awards and is in receipt of countless prestigious awards the world over. His influence on American culture is widely credited with opening the gate to mainstream acceptance for many Latino artists.

In addition, the IPRHFF 2015 Humanitarian Award was presented to Ray Negron. When George Steinbrenner saw a young Ray painting the team logo on a Yankee Stadium wall in the late 70s, instead of punishing the erstwhile graffiti artist, Steinbrenner hired him as the Yankee bat boy and propelled him into a career with the Yankees that resulted in Mr. Negron becoming a sports executive, award winning author, producer, executive producer, humanitarian and philanthropist. His animated film Henry and Me (voiced by Hollywood mainstays and baseball greats) screened during the festival.

25 separate IPRHFF screenings with over 50 films ran from Thursday, November 12 to Sunday, November 15 at various theater spaces within Mount Sinai Hospital and at the Riverside Theater, in East and West Harlem, respectively. Four Puerto Rican feature presentations made each evening a unique IPRHFF experience: the films included Angel by Academy Award nominated Jacobo Morales, La Granja, and Las Vacas con Gafas (Cows with Glasses), presented in collaboration with AfroTaino Productions, and Ms. Homicide, 15 Faros de Puerto Rico (15 Lighthouses of Puerto Rico) in collaboration with Prime Latino Media.

Prime Latino Media Salon (in collaboration with the Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors – HOLA) also produced two panel discussions for the Festival. The first in the West Village featuring interviews with the subjects of two IPRHFF films: Ms. Homicide (featuring Ret. Det. Irma Rivera solving some of NYC’s most notorious homicides) and EKAJ (about homeless gay youth) and a second panel & workshop, LATINOS IN COMEDY, at New York University (Latino Studies) with a distinguished group of thought- leaders: Yamin Segal (FLAMA), Jaime Fernandez (Room28comedy), comedian and author Bill Santiago, Rhina Valentin (La Reina Del Barrio Productions, Inc.) Janio Marrero, Melissa Diaz, plus case studies with reviews of webisodes produced & starring, Elaine Del Valle (Reasons Y I’m Single) and Vanessa Verduga ( Both panels were moderated by Louis E. Perego Moreno, Founder & Executive Producer of Prime Latino Media.

Returning principal sponsors Univision/UniMás (Official Media Sponsor) and Mount Sinai Hospital were joined by Delta Air Lines and WADO 1280 this year to ensure a successful outcome. Chivas Regal also hosted a filmmaker mixer leading into the Festival.

Festival CEO and Founder Veronica Caicedo indicates: “We are grateful for our 5th Annual Festival but are already looking forward to next year and to improving every year for our filmmakers, audience and sponsors alike.

Caicedo Productions is a privately-owned New York corporation established in 1990. Caicedo Productions is a full-service boutique studio that develops, finances, and produces and markets quality films and theatrical productions. The company’s mission continues to be that of providing creative and technical space for writers and visual artists from inter-related genres (i.e. theater, film, video, and television).

For more information visit IPRHFF.COM