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¡Selena Vive As a Barbie!


selena pic2

Selena Quintanilla-Perez lives; her family, fans and celebrities have kept the memory of Queen of Tex-Mex for two decades after her death.

Through the years, fans of the singer have always found a way to remember Selena.

March 31st 2016 marks its twenty-first anniversary of her departure and to continue commemorating, honoring and celebrating the life of Tejano singer; last month Selena fans suggested a Barbie with the image and likeness of the memorable singer through

This request from fans took place after the doll brand, Mattel, announced that there will be diversity among Barbies with curvaceous bodies.

Mattel Doll Company released an official space for fans to sign on your request. This petition asks 7,500 signatures to create the Selena Barbie. As of this writing, 6,573 people support this request, with 927 signatures remaining. You can read and sign the petition here:

selena pic


The petitioner describes herself “as a huge Selena fan and Barbie collector, we want Mattel to create an official Selena doll in her likeness. There has yet to be any curvy Hispanic Barbie dolls in any Barbie line and we think Selena is a perfect candidate for that kind of representation.

Selena was truly a person to be admired and I think young girls and boys would appreciate having a Selena doll in their collection.” — Remy Ocampo, petitioner

A doll was unveiled of the Tejano singer in 1996 but was later discontinued.

If you are a fan of Selena Quintanilla-Pérez and would like a Selena Barbie doll, you can go to and be part of the cause by leaving your signature and comments.



He is back. He looks fierce with his dark goatee. It reflects the place where George Lopez is now at this point of his career. A man in the twilight of his career determined to grasp at anything to remain relevant.

George accomplishes this in “Lopez,” which premieres tonight on TV Land at 10pm E.S.T. He plays a character we are quite familiar with, himself. The formula is similiar to his previous successful effort but darker. He has arrived in 2016 seamlessly.

After leading television series and comedy specials, as well as a stint as a late-night host, Lopez does here what he has always done on screen and in life. He plays to the stereotypes Latinos know all too well and then reverses the perception.

If nothing else, its good to see George on television once more. Even if its on a station that re-runs classic sitcoms while producing original comedy series. George, enter stage left. Let them laugh at you, because in reality, we know that they end up laughing with you. That makes George Lopez a classic.

Voto Latino launches voter app directed at Latinos


In an effort to prevent a bigot from obtaining this country’s 45th presidency, a Latino organization devoted to educating and encouraging Latinos to become agents of change in the country have created an innovated app to hopefully aid in that endeavor.

Recently, at SXSW a Latino organization announced an innovative way of mobilizing millennial Latino voters to participate in the currently election season.

An annual event during mid-March and held in Austin, Texas, South by Southwest—also known as SXSW—is a gathering of like-minded individuals who are changing the scope of film, interactive media, and music that’s all tech-oriented. The conference, of sorts, is a place for young and influential leaders who can shape the future to present their innovative ideas.

So, it makes perfect sense for Voto Latino/strong> to present its downloadable app VotoPal which will be an innovative way for young Latino Americans to vote.

Once downloaded onto your phone, VoterPal will allow users to scan their ID and register to vote. With the online fields automatically populated and a confirmation email sent within a matter of seconds, Non-registered voters will become instantly registered cutting down the time of the usual paper registration process.

So when we’re trying to figure on how to franchise the next group of Americans, we have to figure out where they are, how they talk, and more importantly, we have to use the technology that they crave,” said Maria Teresa Kumar, CEO & President of Voto Latino at the opening of the launch panel of the app.

According to Kumar, the purpose of developing VoterPal was a means to mobilize voter turnout at the upcoming election by ensuring more Latinos become aware of how they can voice themselves within the political world through voting; especially since the current political climate has become quite hostile in-regards to Latinos and immigrant living within the country.

Another purpose for the app’s creation is due to the recent changes to the Voting Rights Act made by the Supreme Court which greatly affected states like Alabama, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas which happens to be the five states that have the lowest Latino population.

As we see these sweeping demographic changes, what we find in the Latino community, is that they often don’t know how to navigate the political process. We have to figure out how to modernize our election systems,” said Kumar.

During the panel, Kumar was joined onstage by actress America Ferrera, who happens to be the Chair for Voto Latino’s Artist Coalition. Ferrerra came onto the panel as a source of someone who understands the mind of young Latino voters.

And which is not surprising for Ferrerra, the former Ugly Betty star knew exactly what she was talking about.

Upon entering the panel’s discussion, Ferrerra pointed out the lack of audience members participating in the panel which she noted as being the “the elephant in the room.”

That’s why I feel this work is so empowering to me. There is an answer. We just need to resource and give people the proper tools and educate them, and ask them to be a part of the conversation,” said Ferrera, describing the importance of involving more American Latinos in the voting process by providing a better outreach to the community.

As a way of providing voter outreach, Voto Latino will continue to pursue their effort in getting more Latinos registered to vote by promoting the VoterPal app throughout the election season by present at conferences and college campuses across important electoral states like Nevada, Texas, Arizona, Colorado and California, with plans to expand to New Mexico and Florida.

Celebrities Celebrate Easter


By Florentina Narchet

¡Feliz Pascuas!

Easter is a religious festivity and everyone celebrates differently. In the USA and around the world, Easter tradition is the Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ after Good Friday. Traditionally, children gather to hunt eggs. It is believed that the Easter Bunny is a rabbit-spirit and symbolizes fertility. USA Today stated, “Decorating eggs for Easter dates back to at least the 13th century, according to the History channel. Dying eggs red symbolized the blood of Christ.”

Yesterday celebrities celebrated Easter their own ways and shared those moments with us on social media!

Some celebrities posted a throwback picture of themselves hunting Easter eggs as children. On her official App, Kim Kardashian-West shared a picture of her father and two sisters Kourtney and Khloé. “Happy Easter Everyone! Easter has always been a big celebration in my family! I love this throwback of Kourtney, Khloé and me with our daddy in our yard. We had just finished an Easter egg hunt!,” said Kim.


Others celebrities cited from the Bible. The actress Melissa Joan Hart celebrated Easter and posted a picture with a biblical quote, “He has risen, as he said – Matthew 28.”

Kourtney Kardashian also took this moment to celebration to share words of reflection. From the book “Jesus Calling” by Sara Young, Kourtney posted content for March 27 of the book. Be still in My Presence, even though countless tasks clamor for your attention. Nothing is as important as spending time with Me….. Do not seek Me primarily for what I can give you. Remember that I, the Giver, am infinitely greater than any gift I might impart to you. Though I delight in blessing My children, I am deeply grieved when My blessings become idols in their hearts…

Many celebrities took their children out for hunting eggs. Zoë Saldaña, shared a pic of her twins Cy and Bowie.

zoe saldana easter

Madonna posted a photo of colorful eggs decorated with “Mercy,” “Happy Easter,” “David” “Gypsy” and a cross quoting, ‘”Easter = New Life”’

madonna easter pic

Even presidential candidate Hillary Clinton used her Twitter account to with everyone a happy holiday, “To those celebrating, I wish you a season full of love, hope, and renewal. Happy Easter! –H.”

How did you celebrate this year? Share your photos to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages!

New Navigator Concept SUVs

Lincoln Navigator Concept

New Navigator Concept Is Most Spacious, Luxurious Lincoln SUV Yet, Bringing Quiet Luxury to More Customers

  • Performance to take you anywhere: New Navigator Concept provides drivers even more peace of mind and capability, thanks to a new 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine and technologies that can handle various driving conditions and terrain
  • Personalized sanctuary delivers comfort and enjoyment: Most spacious Navigator yet features gullwing doors and concertina steps for easy access; 30-way seats, Revel audio and custom wardrobe management system improve each trip
  • New smart technologies help make driving easier and keep you more connected: Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection, 360-degree camera, enhanced park assist and lane-keeping system help make driving easier, while new digital touch screens and Wi-Fi help make trips more interesting for passengers


Lincoln today reveals the all-new Navigator Concept, introducing quiet luxury to full-size SUVs and offering a glimpse at what comes next for the brand’s best-known nameplate.

The all-new Navigator Concept reinforces our commitment to give every Lincoln client what we call quiet luxury – vehicles and experiences that are elegant, effortlessly powerful and serene,” said Kumar Galhotra, president of Lincoln. “This kind of quiet luxury sets Lincoln apart. Now, we’re showing fans of large SUVs how we can exceed their expectations, without being the loudest statement on the road.

Lincoln’s design team drew inspiration from luxury sailboats and yachts when designing the new concept. This influenced everything from the clean, modern lines and Storm Blue paint on the exterior that mimics the grays and blues of sea and sky, to the teak finishes, custom gear and wardrobe management system found inside.


Go-anywhere performance

The Navigator Concept is engineered to provide drivers peace of mind. It features a 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine delivering more than 400 horsepower and smart new technologies to make this SUV even more sure-footed on different road surfaces and in changing weather conditions.

Drivers can choose several drive modes to improve ride and handling and to find the drive experience that best suits their mood – including steering, suspension and noise levels. Each mode is accompanied by a matching digital animation in the cluster.


Personal sanctuary

Navigator Concept provides the nameplate’s most spacious interior ever – a key want among buyers of large SUVs – delivered with a refinement that leapfrogs competitors.

The leather-wrapped interior is rendered in a light blue. Six Lincoln-patented Perfect Position Seats adjust 30 ways to best support occupants’ different body types. The driver’s seat, for instance, includes independent deployable thigh supports for maximum comfort.

A custom wardrobe management system holds gear chosen for a day on the water, while Lincoln’s Revel audio system has been specifically tuned to create the highest level sound and visual quality.

All of this is accessed through power gullwing doors and deployable concertina steps. A special lighting sequence welcomes passengers for every journey – a signature Lincoln feature.


Easier, more connected driving, thanks to new technology

The Navigator Concept features Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection, which uses radar and camera technology to scan the road ahead. If a collision risk with a vehicle or pedestrian is detected, the system provides a warning to the driver. If the driver does not respond in time, it automatically can apply up to full braking force to help reduce the severity of, or even eliminate, some frontal collisions.

Pre-Collision Assist can help drivers avoid rear end collisions with other vehicles at all speeds, while Pedestrian Detection can help the driver avoid pedestrians at lower speeds. Both systems can reduce the severity of forward collisions, or even prevent certain forward collisions.

A 360-degree camera and enhanced park assist features take the stress out of parking, exiting a parking spot and maneuvering. The system seamlessly integrates views from four cameras – creating an overhead image that allows drivers to see all around the vehicle.

On the road, a lane-keeping system vibrates the steering wheel to alert drivers they are straying from their lane and provides mild steering input to encourage them to steer back toward the center of the lane.

In the cabin, head restraint monitors provide passengers Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing them to wirelessly share music and content from personal devices.

For drivers, a large panel screen clearly displays key information. The display can be customized from a digital touch screen housed in the center stack.

Video of Ronda Rousey & Nick Diaz Grappling on Mat

Video of Ronda Rousey & Nick Diaz Grappling on Mat



Argentina was having a lackluster World Cup qualifying campaign since the loss to Germany in the World Cup Final last year. They had scored only twice in four qames and were sitting outside the qualifying zone. To add to the mental issues they found themselves across the pitch from the team that defeated them for the Copa America, Chile, in the same city, Santiago.

But Argentina did re-write the script this time though their avenging angel, Angel Di Maria. He is so essential in playmaking and scoring for Argentina that his injury in the aforementioned Copa caused the Argentina attack to slow to a halt.

Argentina really needed a shot in the arm as they trailed 1-0. But in the 19th minute, Angel ended a run into the box by taking it in his right foot, one-timing it into the upper right corner of the net evening matters and changing the momentum.

Argentina soon took the lead for good five minutes later when Gabriel Mercado tallied which clinched a crucial road win and three points as well as a temporary fourth place setting. Di Maria has for the last eight years been a key cog in the machine that usually highlights star Lionel Messi.

However, how this 28 year old, who plays his club ball for Paris St-Germain, goes, so does Argentina. He has played excellently in two World Cups and has played for European Club powers Benfica, Real Madrid, and Manchester United during his career.

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber rumored to be dating again!


Well, it may be Part II for Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber after a recent Instagram posting ignites rumors the pair are possibly going to rekindle their relationship.

Only five days ago, Bieber took to his Instagram account and posted an old photo taken of he and Gomez in 2011 sharing a kiss on what looks like to be on a boat off the coast of the beach.

The caption Bieber wrote along with the post was a simply written utterance of “Feels”.

Fans of the Sorry singer quickly began replying to the photo if the two were back together or if he was missing the former Wizards of Waverly actress-singer. Gomez herself even commented on the posting with either a touched or lackluster, “Perfect.”

The fire of a possible restart of their relationship grew when Gomez was spotted at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Wednesday night where Bieber took the stage on his Purpose World Tour.

And as rumors go there are contradicting reports from “inside sources” that are stating the pair are either not dating, are thinking about recoupling, or are merely just friends. It was also stated, from an inside source, that Gomez appeared to be thoroughly enjoying herself at the concert and even hung out with Bieber after the show in his dressing room.

[Selena and Justin] looked genuinely comfortable together. They both looked really happy,” said an unnamed insider about the pair after the concert.

Since their split both have shared mixed feelings about each other after their parting.

For Gomez she’s written songs like The Heart wants what It wants which implies to she and Bieber rollercoaster relationship that left her heartbroken.

Meanwhile, Bieber stated in an interview that not only has he tried to cover up a tattoo of Gomez on his left forearm but he and Gomez remain good friends who can depend on one another despite their lack of communication.

We don’t talk often, but we’re cordial,” he said. “If she needs something, I’m there for her. If I need something, she’s there for me.”

The couple originally broke up back in 2014, but prior to their split they dated on-and-off for a few years so this could very much be another attempt at Jelenas.



The first stop of the tour of U.S. President Barack Obama in Cuba, the first since Calvin Coolidge in 1928, began in controversy with a photo. Social media distributed a pic of Obama along with members of the U.S. delegation posing in front of a mural of Che Guevara in the background.

The photo took place in the Plaza of the Revolution in Havana, where Obama laid a wreath at the monument for Jose Marti. But it was the Guevara pic that drew the wrath of those who recalled Guevara as the Marxist revolutionary who joined Fidel Castro in the revolution that overthrew Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista.

Guevara still attracts strong emotions from those who cheered his battle against Capitalism and those who see him as the epitome of the socialism movement that later transformed Cuba into a Communist nation. Many felt it was inappropriate for a U.S. President, the perceived leader of world freedom to be seen and photographed with a figure that many see as the polar opposite.


Despite that, Obama seemed to rebound well when he attended the Cuban National Team vs Tampa Bay Rays exhibition game yesterday which the Rays won 4-1. Publicly smoozing with Derek Jeter, who is baseball royalty and part of the delegation, didn’t hurt. Obama should be able to ride out this storm if he stays away from posing near landmarks or symbols that can misconstrued.

“Disabled” Model Represents Beyonce’s New Online Face


By Florentina Narchet

         Modeling is for all people – modeling is diversity –as Jillian Mercado proves – a model who suffers muscular dystrophy becomes Beyonce’s new face to promote the artist’s products.

          Mercado announced this news on her Instagram, “OK LADIES now let’s get in FORMATION!” she wrote on Instagram. “So BEYond excited to finally announce that I’m on the official @beyonce website!!!


         The 28-year-old model was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy as a child. This condition is caused by a group of diseases causing progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass.

       According to Mayo Clinic, “in muscular dystrophy abnormal genes (mutations) interfere with the production of proteins needed to form healthy muscle.” This disease mostly affects at a very early age and boys are more likely to be diagnosed with it. Muscular dystrophy has no cure; however, medications can treat it.

       Social media and her personal blog Manufactured 1987 has been a tool for Mercado to surf in the modeling industry.

          Mercado did not think that people with any physical disability were a “disable” fit into many industries, especially the modeling industry.

      According to The Guardian, on an interview with Vogue Mercado expressed how from her point of view society treats these cases, “I wasn’t sure about showing everyone my world because I didn’t know if there would be an audience. We’ve been brainwashed [as a society] not to care about someone who has a disability, or their world.”


        Although she is the first model with physical disability, her story has inspired others that being in a wheelchair is not an excuse to be forgotten or to even seen incapable within society.

        ‘“I was shocked that I didn’t see anyone in the industry that was like me,”’ Mercado told Vogue. ‘“So when people, especially girls, tell me that I’m their role model, I am taken aback. I love it and it is flattering but it affects me on a very personal level because I remember growing up without having a person I could look to,”’ she added.

      On Beyoncé’s online store, Mercado can be seen wearing Beyoncé merchandise: she appears wearing a “hot sauce” cap, an “I twirl on them haters”, and “Smack it, smack it, smack it smack it” sweaters.

          Also, Mercado has participated in campaigns for Diesel Jeans and Nordstrom.