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Historic Moment: Adriano Espaillat Becomes first Dominican Born US Congressman!

Historic Moment: Adriano Espaillat Becomes first Dominican Born US Congressman!


New York State Senator Adriano Espaillat declared victory in the Democratic primary race to succeed Rep. Charles Rangel on Tuesday night, with a lead of about 1,000 votes against his closest rival, Assemblyman Keith Wright.

Tonight the 13th congressional district made history,” said Espaillat, who stands to become the first Dominican-born member of Congress, at a victory party in 809 Restaurant. “The American Dream is still alive,” said the congressman-to-be (it’s still a primary that he won – but a BIG one).


The black luminaries in attendance at Wright’s party,  included Rangel, former mayor David Dinkins and others seemed stunned at the mere possibility that Harlem might lose the seat. “I never thought about that ever happening in all of my years, 72 years,” Rangel said as the results began to roll in. “It’s always been. How can that be?”


Preliminary results showed Espaillat winning 37 percent of the vote to Wright’s 34 percent, with the remainder divided among seven distant challengers. Wright refused to concede at a party in Harlem, saying, “this race ain’t over.

Wright said there was a “real possibility of a lot of campaign irregularities and voter suppression” that may have impacted the results. He cited a memo written by a consultant to a pro-Espaillat super PAC that said Espaillat would win if he “prevents or suppresses the White Progressive and African American vote for Keith Wright.

A victory for Espaillat who twice failed to unseat Rangel would mark a big shift in the politics of Upper Manhattan, where Harlem has held sway as a center of black political power for over 80 years!


adriano es


But the “Village of Harlem,” as Rangel referred to the district he has represented for 45 years, has been profoundly altered in recent years by a many demographic changes. The district’s black population has dwindled to just 27 percent, while Latinos comprise 52 percent of residents — this campaign exposed this tensions in the district.

When the district was redrawn in 2012, Espaillat warned that forcing the two groups to compete for the same congressional seat would lead to “20 years of nuclear political war,” and his subsequent campaigns against Rangel were speckled with racial overtones.

In 2012, Espaillat allegedly  warned of “crackers” unfairly reshaping the district, and labeled a longtime Dominican-American rival, Assemblyman Guillermo Linares, a “traitor” for supporting Rangel. According to community leaders that I have spoken with, Linares supported Rangel, in voting for a “big box” supermarket to come into Harlem, this vote enraged the mostly Latino/Dominican bodega and independent supermarket owners in Harlem, East Harlem and Washington Heights, because this would drastically hurt their business.

Linares allegedly put in his vote as city council in favor of approval, in part because, according to him change was needed and not approving it would create racial tensions between Blacks and Hispanics, as Blacks were for it and Hispanics (mainly the small business community) were against it. There was also another alleged reason: Linares may have been opened to the possibilities of getting Rangel’s blessing for his congressional seat when he retires if he sided with Rangel on this supermarket vote. That blessing obviously did not happen, as Rangel supported Keith Wright. Linares, who ran in this election anyway, and as of now there are no clear numbers that show how many votes he received, but that’s irrelevant, as he was by no way near to a significant amount and Adriano won. Perhaps the community remembered Linares’ vote in favor of the supermarket which many of Latinos in the area did not want, and it came to show in the polls now.

By the way, this supermarket fiasco happened in 1995 and Linares was a City Councilman and the first Dominican elected official in NYC history, and Now Adriano will most likely be the first Dominican-American elected into the US Congress. First with Linares, it was City history, now with Espaillat, it’s national history. What’s next for Adriano, the community and the emerging leaders coming up? Time will tell and interesting times they will be, especially when the projected number (according the US Census) is that by the year 2050, the US Hispanic population will rise to over 132 Million — almost half of the total population! What just happened in Harlem can very well happen in the White house one day. Tell that to Trump!




It was deja vu all over again. The Copa America was a re-match between defending champions Chile and Argentina. Once again the game was scoreless. Again it went to penalty kicks. The result was a repeat as Chile emerged victorious 4-2 on penalties. The only thing different was the venue, Metlife Stadium, in East Rutherford, N.J., which hosted the 100th version of this championship, The “Centenario.”

Chile’s victory was more impressive because unlike last year, it was not at their high altitude capital. This is the most neutral of sites and Chile emerged once again as the South American powers Brazil and Argentina fell by the wayside once more.

But the most shocking news was Lionel Messi‘ announcement afterward that he was retiring from international competition. Which means that at 29, and another World Cup only two years away, Messi may have worn the jersey of his home nation for the final time.

“My thinking right now and thinking about it in the locker room, I’m done playing for the national team,”

Messi admitted.

The last image of his national career will be of him missing high with his penalty shot just after Argentine goalie, Romero stopped Chile’ opening kick. Argentina would not recover.

The game was a mess of cards, expulsions, and near misses with Gonzalo Higuain on a breakaway, his trademark style of scoring, missed the far corner on his grounder with the goalie out of the picture and one defender desperately laying his body out to collide with the post.

But Chile has shown a conviction, a refusal to be intimidated by Argentina. They have been physical against their neighbors and now two years in a row have been able to neutralize the scoring machine that was Argentina and the best player in the world.

For Messi, the four finals losses will gnaw at him but he appears to have come to the conclusion that he cannot alter this reality.

“I tried everything possible, it hurts me more than anyone but it is evident that this is not for me,”

Messi expressed.

However, this statement is in the emotion of a tough defeat. Messi may very well see that at the next World Cup in 2018, he will be 31, and capable of removing the one blot on his record and maybe, just maybe, cast some light on the giant shadow that Maradona has cast on his career. Only time will tell.

Brooklyn Voter Purge Disproportionately Affected Latinos

Brooklyn Voter Purge Disproportionately Affected Latinos

The areas most affected were Bushwick, East New York, parts of Williamsburg, and Sunset Park and WE WONDER WHY?

 The more than 120,000 voters improperly purged from Brooklyn’s voter rolls are mostly disproportionately Hispanic, and from neighborhoods with large Hispanic populations. WNYC, which first reported the illegal purges ahead of April’s presidential primary, obtained the raw registration data that shows 13.9 percent of voters in Hispanic-majority election districts were taken off the voter rolls, compared to 8.9 percent of voters in all other election districts. By another measure, the purges affected 15.2 percent of voters with last names deemed by the Census to be common to Hispanic people, compared to 9.5 percent of other voters. Humm…now this could not have been by accident.


City Board of Elections director Michael Ryan said, “No one was disenfranchised.” he acknowledged that there were irregularities and said they were the outcome in some misguided mailings by the BOE’s Brooklyn staff.

Testifying before the City Council last month, Ryan told Councilmembers the purge affected “a broad cross-section of voters.”



WNYC’s finding, that Latino voters were affected 60 percent more than any other group, disturbed 12-term Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez, whose district overlaps with the most affected areas (Bushwick, East New York, parts of Williamsburg, and Sunset Park).

“I do not want to think that it was deliberate, you know, because that would be voter suppression, and at a time when the Voting Rights Act is under attack in Washington, to have this type of action in a city and state like New York, a Democratic city, it’s just beyond any comprehension,” Velazquez told the radio station.

“How could they purge 120,000 and no one knew that this was happening? It’s just, by looking at that map I could say, ‘Hey, I’ve been targeted or my district has been targeted,’ just by looking at it. By looking at the numbers. We’ll see. But it’s not going to end here”. – Said Congresswomen Velazquez

 The Justice Department is now investigating the city BOE’s handling of voter records as well, WNYC reports. Two clerks who ran the Brooklyn office remain on unpaid suspension.

For more on WNYC’s findings, check out this map of purge data


What is Voter Purging? ( AKA voter caging)
Voter caging is a tactic that specifically refers to times when a political party or other partisan organization sends registered mail to addresses of registered voters that they have identified as likely to be unfriendly to their candidate. All mail that is returned as undeliverable is placed on what is called a “caging list.” The group that sent the mail then systematically uses this list to challenge the registration or right to vote of those names on it, on the grounds that if the voters were unreachable at the address listed on his or her voter registration, then their registration is fraudulent, and they should not be allowed to vote.


In closing:This situation will most likely affect the  outcome/ results, so a message to you and others. Vote. Participate. Vote and repeat the process. Learn the process and do not let your self be fooled by slick power plays that some individuals may be working on that may keep you from exercising your rights as a citizen and or resident of NY State and America as a whole.  Keep in mind that some folks may be playing chess while your playing checkers, so educate your self on the government and political process.

Click here to see a 5  minute video that outlines the complete process of how a US president gets elected

How is America’s President Elected?

How is Americas President Elected?

Here is a simple explanation on this 5 minute video that outlines the complete process of what seems at times a complicated mechanism to explain


CD-Cover cristian daniel



Originally published in the  December 2015 issue of LatinTRENDS Magazine

By Luis Vazquez

Life brings unexpected twists and turns, but listening to radio today you would think that life is one big party. This is what the music industry wants in its artists. But the public wants something more. Christian Daniel provides that.

His latest album, “Renacer,” which was released on October 23, is the diary of a man left open for all to read. When you finger the pages you see death, suffering, and faithlessness. It’s his story and he is not afraid to say what’s on his mind. “I am an honest singer,” Daniel says. “I bring honesty to my songs. I try to write the perfect words to bring that message. It works.”

The one man in Christian’s life who he proclaimed was his number one fan and foundation of his life, his father, passed away of cancer a few months ago. “It was something I wasn’t waiting for because he was perfectly fine,” Daniel shared. “He didn’t last a month. I wrote a song that wasn’t on the album.” That song, “Ahora que te vas,” which many felt was too sad to play on the radio, set off a fight between Daniel and radio people who felt that it was something the public didn’t want to hear. “We lose people we love every day.” Daniel said. “I needed to write something I could honor him for what he was in my life.” The song hit number one two weeks upon release in Puerto Rico and currently in the U.S.

Daniel had brought a more personal touch to this album. His debut as a songwriter differentiates this from all his previous projects. It also makes it the most heartfelt. “I was afraid to write before because I told myself: what if I write something that tells who I am and people reject it?” A self-professed “very spiritual person,” he went deep to bring out his soul. “It’s my essence. I can’t think of anything [in the album] I haven’t gone through.”

 He remained true to himself even when others bestowed titles on him such as Latin Pop‘s new leading voice.””Latin Pop is the way people relate to things in life,” Daniel exclaimed. “In my perspective, people are tired of hearing the same thing. Suddenly I come with this and people are, ‘Wow!’ Now they are going after what I’m doing because it’s something fresh.” Now an independent artist with a team that he feels is behind him, he left the world of labels. “There is great talent that is sitting and waiting. I was that guy. I’m not him anymore.”

 Christian Daniel attracts because he not only knows how to use his voice, but knows how to make people feel what he does. “A good song will always make a difference no matter who paints it.” His brushstrokes highlight who he is now as he completes his tenth year in the business. “I’m a humble guy that’s just trying to make it, to get a piece of the world. I’m a fighter.”


THE RMHC®/HACER® Scholarship Program Celebrates its 29TH ANNIVERSARY

More than $250,000 in scholarships awarded to 14 Hispanic NY Metro senior high school students


On June 20, the 29th edition of the Ronald McDonald House Charities® Hispanic American Commitment to Educational Resources® (RMHC®/HACER®) Scholarship Program Awards Luncheon took place at Yankee Stadium. The annual program, dedicated to assisting and supporting Hispanic high school seniors who want to pursue a higher education, honored 14 students and awarded more than $250,000 in scholarship funds.

The HACER scholarship program was established by local Hispanic McDonald’s Owner/Operators in the New York Metro as a way of providing opportunities to Hispanic youth, and to encourage and promote civic responsibility in their communities.  To date, the program has awarded almost $8 million in scholarships to more than 1,200 high-school seniors in the New York Tri-State Area.

This year, the program received submissions from more than 600 students. The 14 scholarship winners were recognized for their educational accomplishments and commitment to the Hispanic community by the RMHC/HACER selection committee, comprised by Hispanic media outlets, community influencers, education professionals, and McDonald’s local owners.


In the past 29 years, close to $8 million dollars have been distributed to deserving students that have shown outstanding academic achievement, a deep commitment to the community, and a desire to pursue a college degree,” said Ana Madan, Chairman of the local HACER Scholarship Program and McDonald’s Owner/Operator. “It has been a long road and a lot of effort on behalf of McDonald’s Hispanic Owners in the region to make this program a success.

Hosting this year’s celebration was Fox 5’s traffic reporter, Ines Rosales. In attendance were the 14 scholarship winners and their families, selection committee members, representatives from Ronald McDonald House Charities and McDonald’s Corporate, local McDonald’s Owner/Operators and members of the local press.


About Ronald McDonald House Charities New York Tri-State Area

For over 20 years, Ronald McDonald House Charities® New York Tri-State Area has been creating, finding and supporting programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children. The organization provides needed support to 5 Ronald McDonald Houses, which are “homes away from home” allowing families to be with their hospitalized children for extended periods of time; college scholarships to promising students; and community grants to support a variety of local nonprofit organizations. To learn more about the organization, please visit

Trend Report… “Golf Board” the world’s 1st standing golf cart!

Trend Report… “Golf Board” the world’s 1st standing golf cart!

A  trendy invention will now add a new and cool look to golf. “The standing gulf cart” is a new invention called “golfboard” …and golf lovers are loving it!!





Oye Corona! – A Community Resource Fair for All this Saturday in Queens!

Oye Corona! – A Community Resource Fair for All this Saturday in Queens!

 Saturday, June. 25 at 11:00 AM

New York City’s Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs (MOIA), the  Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit, Queens Museum, and Elmhurst Community Partnership will be joined by HealthNYC– low-cost health care for immigrants who do not have access to insurance; Pre-K for All – free, full-day, high quality pre-K for children; as well as Tenant and Landlord information, in which attendees can learn about rental assistance, eviction prevention, property tax, water fees, and more. The de Blasio administration is committed to ensuring that all immigrant communities are aware of the rights and services they have access to as New Yorkers.

de blasio on IDNYC

Mayor de Blasio and Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito with their IDNYC cards

There will also be cultural performances throughout the day. The performances will be from Mariachi Juventud Latinoamericana (South American), Ñukanchik Llakta Wawakuna (South American), Mujeres En Movimiento (South American), Chilo y Juan (South American), and Sur Chondo (South Asian).

WHO: New York City’s Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, the  Mayor’s Community Affairs Unit, the Queens Museum, Elmhurst Community Partnership, Congress Member Joseph Crowley, and representatives from various city agencies and community based organizations

WHAT: Oye Corona! – A Community Resource Fair

WHERE: Corona Plaza – National St, Corona, NY 11368

WHEN: Saturday, June 25 from 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.



It says something when a famous personality can be inspired by a fan. In this case a six-year old girl named Audrey Nethery, an internet darling, who last year caught the eye of the public by performing zumba videos, including the attention of superstar Selena Gomez in particular.

But it’s the heart of this girl, a huge Selena fan, that beats like no other. You see, Audrey suffers from a rare form of bone-marrow disease, hauntingly called Diamond-Blackfan Anemia.

Selena, currently on her Revival Tour, was aware of Audrey and was pleased to have had a chance to see her.

“Finally got to meet this sweetheart,”

Selena posted on Instagram,

“She owned it fully.”

Selena and Audrey danced and sang together on Gomez‘ 2011 hit, “Love You Like a Love Song.” Audrey happens to know every word to this song and the hug at the end of the video was quite heartfelt. If anything was “revived” on this tour, it was good old-fashioned love for one another.



Lionel Messi wants this championship badly. He sports a beard symbolizing the goal. He is focused like never before to bring Argentina it’s first trophy of any kind since the 1993 Copa America. This was never so true as last night’s 4-0 win over the United States at Metlife Stadium demonstrated.

Messi, didn’t back track even when the man who he assisted on the opening goal, Lavezzi, did a 360 flip over the advertising board landing flush on his head and shoulder which was very reminiscent of Derek Jeter’s spill during the 2001 Divisional playoff game against Oakland. It was a 63rd minute air-sapper as we learned that he fractured his arm and is scratched for the final.

He was carted away by ambulance to the horror of Argentine fans. But they could take solace in their top player. Though Messi has been the ultimate tease, losing the 2014 World Cup and 2015 Copa America finals, Argentina does not get that close without arguably the best player on any pitch today.

Though that spill grabbed the headlines, it was Messi‘ playmaking that set up three of the four goals. Three minutes in, just outside the box he lifted a gorgeous, towering ball perfectly into the heart of goaltending territory, where Ezequeil Lavezzi headed it perfectly past Brad Guzan.

“It was a lesson,”

U.S. Head Coach Jurgen Klinsmann explained,

“We hit the wall,”

The second was a taste of free kick magic. Messi left-footed bender that found the top-left corner for a 2-0 lead. The fourth was a 86th minute transition treat. Messi, in classic, turf-tearing sprint, picking up a turnover, and entering the left side of the box, passed to his right to set up Gonzalo Huguain for his second of the game.

Messi’ return was a relief but it will remain to be seen the effects of Lavezzi’s injury when Argentina plays Sunday against today’s Columbia-Chile semi-final winner. If Chile wins, it will be their second meeting in this tournament as Argentina bested them in group play. They would also get the opportunity to avenge last year’s Copa America loss. Colombia, after seeing their name mis-spelled, will not be confused as they are on the verge of a final.