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Giselle Rodriguez-Forte

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      #Festival @PeopleEnEspanol 2013: All the Details and Goodies

      Target presents Festival People En Español! 2013 marks the second year for the festival. The weekend long party is going down at the end of the summer—Labor Day, August 31st – September 1st, at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. The festival, which celebrates the Latin culture as explored through arts and...

    • Entertainment
      @SelenaGomez & @VanessaHudgens Leave Disney Behind & Become @SpringBreakers

      Disney channel superstars Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens shove their mouse ears (and innocence) to the back of the closets with Spring Breakers. The media surrounding the indie film had been at full force; I’m guessing the publicity bill for the flick was parallel with the cost of the actual shooting budget–or...

    • Entertainment
      @JessicaAlba is Living an @Honest Life

      Jessica Alba captured the attention of every man (and let’s admit it, every woman) with her underwater work in Columbia Pictures’ Into the Blue. But the Latina beauty is much more than television & film eye candy. She is mother, a wife, and an entrepreneur using her celebrity and status to provide...

    • Health & Fitness
      Five Reasons Why Being Bilingual is Equivalent to a SUPERPOWER!

      1 – According to Common Underlying Proficiency research the human brain stores languages in separate compartments and these individual sections have little, or nothing to do with each other. So basically, with the ability to speak more than one language, you taping into more areas of the brain than a monolingual individual;...

    • Entertainment
      Lucy Loves Me: A Play @Intartheatre

      “Lucy dreams of not having to deliver pizza, Cookie dreams of a cabaret career, and Milton dreams of bleeding. Lucy delivers a pizza to Milton. Milton randomly calls Cookie. And when Cookie invites him over, Lucy answers the door. Is this a recipe for love?” Not impressed with the movie theatre selections?...

    • Entertainment
      The “Mystery” Voices in Harlem Shake Want Their Money…But

      If you haven’t heard the Harlem Shake, or had to sit through your cousins home-made rendition of it, well, congratulations, you are a select few. Brooklyn producer Just Blaze (also know to his abuela as, Harry Baauer Rodrigues) sampled work by off-the-map-for-a-minute Reggaeton star, Hector el Father, now a preacher known by...

    • Entertainment
      Latin Icon, Lupe Ontiveros, Left Out of the In Memoriam Tribute Video at The Oscars

      There are certain things one can expect at The Oscars: the red carpet, awkward moments when a joke falls flat, sappy speeches, boring speeches, genuine heartfelt speeches, and the In Memoriam Tribute video. As an observer you’ll ‘oohhh’ at the face of an actor you admired, or whisper a gentle ‘oh wow’...

    • Entertainment
      Victor Ortiz, aka @VICIOUSortiz, is Breaking Out of the Ring & Hitting the Dance Floor

      A few weeks back the buzz on the web was that Dancing with the Stars pro, Cheryl Burke, was hoping to get a little Victor Cruz salsa action on the show this year. He declined, it didn’t happen. Nonetheless, they still got their Victor! Mexican-American lightweight boxing champ, Victor Ortiz, will be...

    • Entertainment
      Where Were the Latinas at The Oscars?

      Of course I’m biased, but I think Latinas rock the red carpet like no one’s business and the Oscars are no exception. The Academy has embraced us to an extent and always given the spotlight to a Latina name at some point during the show. In fact, who could forget when Cameron...

    • Entertainment
      Have You Tried This Yet? Glaming Up the Everyday

      I’m a sucker for a beauty product. Isn’t every woman? I don’t mean that to be sexist, but seriously, haven’t we all, at some point, purchased something because the bottle is cool, or the label is pretty? But there’s also the stuff we have to buy because it’s a necessity: toiler paper,...

    • Entertainment
      What if these Best Picture Nominees (Oscars 2013) Were Back In High School?

      The Oscars, like a lot of award shows, remind me of school cliques. Here’s what I mean: The Sweethearts Who Live Happily Ever After: Lincoln, Steven Spielberg & Kathleen Kennedy. Though the producing power couple have a platonic relationship, they’ve been making magic together since E.T. The Honor Society: Zero Dark Thirty,...

    • Entertainment
      @Ricky_Martin & @DracoRosa are back together (sorta) for the 2013 @Premiolonuestro Awards

      Hottie tottie Menudo alumni Ricky Martin and Draco Rosa are slated to perform at this Thursday’s Premio Lo Nuestro Awards happening in Miami, Florida. Have you seen these men? They are like fine wine and spirits – getting better with age. But then again, that seems to be an overall Latino trait,...

    • Entertainment
      J.Lo’s New Charitable Clothing Collection

      I have a love/hate relationship with Jennifer Lopez. Okay, hate is a strong word; let’s say I have love/kinda not thrilled sentiments towards her. On one hand I can’t deny she’s paved the way for a lot of Latinas. She made us cool, she has made us marketable, and did it with...

    • Entertainment
      The Grammy’s Music Educator Award: Nominate a Teacher Today!

      Just a couple of days ago I wrote about the 55th Annual Grammy’s Awards. It was a tongue-in-cheek piece in which I proceeded to give my opinions about the winners, losers, and performances. Lost in my unfiltered ramble mode I totally missed one of the most important announcements of music’s most important...

    • Entertainment
      The 55th Annual Grammy Awards: In A New York Minute

      Quick summary and highlights on 55th Annual Grammy Awards

    • Entertainment
      Gabriel Garcia Márquez’s “El Amor En Los Tiempos de Cólera” Hits the Stage

      Need a date idea for Valentine’s Day? Do you like to be entertained? Want to support Latino theatre companies? Or here’s a crazy thought: perhaps you are a fan of classic literature and wouldn’t mind seeing the beautiful words performed in real time…I have some interesting information for you. El Repertoria Español...

    • Health & Fitness
      Avocados: 10 Little Enlightenments on the Green Superfruit

      From green smoothies to guacamole, avocados are a versatile superfood. They also happen to be a staple on most Latino household tables. But there’s more to the superfood than delicious taste. Here are 10 facts about avocados that will make enjoying them even more…enlightening! 1 – The green superfruit has been around...

    • Entertainment
      Latino Filmmakers Making Mov(i)es!

      Gashouse Films , the New York-based award-winning production company of filmmaker Daniel Maldonado, is wrapping up their latest project H.O.M.E.. With New York City as the backdrop, the feature film depicts three stories that explore the theme of urban alienation and loss – both physically and spiritually – through the immigrant perspective....

    • Entertainment
      On the Cheap Tip: How-To Guides for Inexpensive Beauty & Home Goods

      Giselle Rodriguez-Forte speaks on ways to stay in your budget with tips for consumers

    • News & Politics
      La Rumba Cubana: A Restaurant Review

      La Rumba Cubana; it’s a Cuban restaurant in Hudson County, New Jersey

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