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Casinos can be generous

It is a popular belief that you can’t earn money playing casinos. Well, if you just dive into gambling blindly without any preparation, you will likely lose a lot. But isn’t that the same in everything?

With the invention and widespread of online casinos, there’s no need for companies to drain the players’ wallets dry. It’s easier to get 1$ from a thousand people than a whole grand from a single person. With that said, what online casinos need is the audience. The more people play, the merrier.


Here’s where all the bizzo bonus codes come to their help. And what’s more important, for your benefit! You are free to choose from the various casino apps depending on the bonuses they provide. But be wary, since you should not play the apps of establishments that don’t have licenses. The most trustworthy ones are from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority.

How to get bonuses from online casinos

The types of bonuses may differ, but in modern online casinos, you would likely come across them all. If you ever played mobile or online video games, you definitely will notice the one hundred percent similarity:

  • Welcoming bonus. As obvious, you receive it the moment you first enter the game and may continue to get the benefits of it for some time.
  • First deposit bonus. A common practice, giving you bonuses, as it is stated, along with your first deposit.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses. Freebies you get for playing every day/week/month, just logging in or for something else.
  • Tasks and competitions. A bit more complicated than the previous ones. You get bonuses for task completion, like rewards for quests in video games, and for participating in some sort of competitions or tourneys among players (don’t mistake them with tournaments rewards themselves).

What kinds of bonuses await you

Choosing an online casino by the number of bonuses it provides is the best way to earn money. Lots of gamblers practice this, so the companies are only glad to give you more since they need as many players as possible. That leads to the fact that the most generous are the ones you get for the first plays and deposits. Let’s finally describe the types of bonuses you will get.

  • The most common one is free slot machine spins. It can be either spins for all the casino’s slots or only for specific ones like famous Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest. The amounts also vary from only several to hundreds.
  • The first deposit bonus is usually a multiplier of money you receive. So the more you deposit, the more free money you get. It is possible to see the growing bonus: the higher your deposit is, the more the multiplier. So getting a starting capital for your first spins will be an easy task.
  • Free funds is a legacy bonus that is not as common these days but is still one of their kinds. Among players, this type is considered to be the worst for its high wagering requirements, so don’t rely on it too much.
  • In the most rated casinos, you will likely see the combination of free spins and money multipliers. Here’s where you should aim first. The more bonuses you get at the start, the more money you can earn.

Collect them all!

The amounts of bonuses can be huge and collecting all of them is a perfect opportunity for you to earn money. Since the greatest bonuses’ - welcoming - only downside is that they can be received only once, playing different casinos is also a way to earn more. When playing online casinos, remember to always stay cool. Good luck!

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