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  • Perez Hilton: 15 Years in Jail?

    There was an uproar when celebrity blogger Perez Hilton posted an alleged upskirt photo of Miley Cyrus...but will he do hard time for it?

  • Shannon Kane

    "My ultimate goal is to work with Quentin Tarantino, because that's sort of that dark comedy as well."

  • Gossip: Jersey Shore on the cover of this week’s Village Voice

    The Jersey Shore boys (sans DJ Paul D) took off their Ed Hardy tops for the Village Voice's annual Queer Issue.

  • Beautiful People: An Interview with Creatrix Johanna Boccardo

    by: Giselle Rodriguez Writer, Latin Trends Magazine Johanna Boccardo has solved the riddle for victory: use your passion to build your business. After finding success as a children’s book illustrator, Johanna channeled her inner artist through another creative venture – fashion design. She pioneered her first line of handbag creations for the...

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