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President Trump vs. Mayor de Blasio

trump vs de blasio

President Trump has been in office just seven days and he’s already signed four executive orders, keeping up with campaign promises, one of which was taking a step further into deporting millions of undocumented immigrants as well as building that infamous wall (that’ll probably never be built). The order titled “Enhancing public safety in the Interior of the United States”, orders to what have been nicknamed as “sanctuary cities”, cities like New York, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, and more, to comply with any requests from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and threatens to cancel any federal grants to those that don’t comply. These cities appear to be targeted because they offer social services to its residents, regardless of immigration status. One service we know of here in New York City is the Municipal ID program known as IDNYC, not only offers free admission to a select number of the City’s museums but is also a great alternative to some form of photo ID for city resident who cannot otherwise obtain one through the State’s Department of Motor Vehicles.

So what are these sanctuary cities doing in response? NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, NYS’s attorney general, and California legislators aren’t planning on complying with this executive order. Miami-Dade County, on the other hand, is a different story.

Mayor de Blasio, along with former mayor Mike Bloomberg, doesn’t see undocumented immigrants as such, but as fellow New Yorkers. According to DNAInfo, de Blasio acknowledges that “we have half a million New Yorkers who are undocumented and they are part of the fabric of this city,” and has already started to set aside a reserve fund in case those federal cuts do happen. As reported by the Daily Beast, Bloomberg stated during his tenure as mayor, “although they broke the law by illegally crossing our borders or overstaying their visas and our businesses broke the law by employing them, our city’s economy would be a shell of itself had they not, and it would collapse if they were deported.” That Daily Beast article highlighted undocumented day laborers in NYC who simply look to make an honest dollar. The city receives an estimate of $7 billion from the federal government, which contributes to law enforcement and NYPD’s anti-terrorism efforts, social services such as NYCHA and other affordable housing, public assistance, child protective services as well as HIV/AIDS prevention programs, which is almost fully funded by federal dollars.

New York attorney general Eric T. Schneiderman outright called this executive order “unconstitutional”, noting the trust that has been built between immigrant communities and local law enforcement is vital to the safety of ALL citizens. He released a full statement on this, using the president’s favorite form of mass communication: Twitter.



According to the LA Times, California’s high court decisions have interpreted financial threats like this as an unlawful intrusion on the state’s rights. San Francisco officials have determined that since the wording of the executive order is rather vague, it may not even be applicable to them.

Miami, on the other hand, has given in to such demands. According to USA Today, Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez has refused for years to detain undocumented immigrants for federal immigration authorities but changed his mind upon the signing of the order since it would cut federal funding. Gimenez signed his own executive this week ordering the director of Miami-Dade’s corrections department to begin complying with any requests from ICE. Money talks, huh?


#DraLo Goes to Prom

Drake and Jennifer Lopez are packing on the PDA all over social media for everyone to see. If anyone had doubts that these two are together, the winter wonderland prom-themed party they attended in Los Angeles definitely distilled that rumor.

While at the party these two were grinding up a storm all over the dance floor. Although they made time for fun, everyone at the event got a chance to hear some of the music the duo was collaborating on.

❤💕 @jlo #JenniferLopez #Drake #JLovers #DraLo

A video posted by Jennifer Lopez Follows ❀ (@jenniferlopezlove) on

The night included a few slow paced songs that they danced to after being crowned prom queen and king.

That dance ❤💕 @jlo #JenniferLopez #Drake #DraLo #JLovers

A video posted by Jennifer Lopez Follows ❀ (@jenniferlopezlove) on

Are you looking forward to hearing new music from Hollywood’s new it couple? More importantly, could this be the one for J. Lo. or is Drake just another fling?

Sound off below in the comment section.

Mayans MC Spinoff Begins Casting

Photo provided by FX

Photo provided by FX

The Mayans will ride again, but this time they will be the stars of their own series, which will begin casting in March 2017. The new show titled Mayans MC will follow the life of a new recruit to the Mayans motorcycle gang, which was featured on the show Sons of Anarchy.

The new show titled “Mayans MC,” will follow the life of a new recruit, EZ Reyes, who will be joining the motorcycle gang as he and other members are “at odds with the cartel and scrambling within their personal lives,” according to Backstage.com, a casting/talent notice website.

According to the website, the show will take place along the “California-Mexico border” and probably be set in Los Angeles.

If the show is anything like the series it is spinning off from it is sure to be hit for the premium cable channel FX. According to Variety.com, SOA was the network’s highest-rated drama.

The first episode will be penned by Elgin James, a former straightedge anti-neo-Nazi gang member from Boston who robbed drug dealers to give the money to charities, according to LATimes.com.

Series creator, Kurt Sutter, knew James was the perfect person to co-produce and help shepherd the show.

I wanted to find a strong, unique Latino voice…because I didn’t think a white guy from Jersey should be writing about Latin culture and traditions…Elgin is that voice.”

The show will also begin shooting in March 2017.

Oscars Controversy and Fashion

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 5.54.17 PM


For the second consecutive year there was a lack of diversity at the Academy Awards, and at the red carpet, it showed. With few Latinas there to spice up what might as well be a fashion pre-show, the lead-up to the award ceremony felt like a dud.

With no nominations for Hispanics in any of the acting categories and few in behind the scenes work, this meant only a small number of Latinos got an invite.

The #OscarsSoWhite boycott and whitewashed nomination list resulted in only a handful of Latin superstars showing up to grace us with their presence at the red carpet.

Most importantly, why should they, especially since they had so little to root for outside of Mexican director Alejandro G. Inarritu’s 12-time nominated film, The Revenant. A movie which had Native Americans in supporting and background roles, but mostly starred white actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 1.57.38 AM

However, here are the stars that did come and light up the red carpet:

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 1.41.29 AM

Newlywed Sofia Vergara who was a presenter at the ceremony stunned in a chic dark blue Marchesa gown.

lucina damon

Argentine beauty Luciana Barroso stole Matt Damon’s heart and slayed on the red carpet.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 8.56.47 PM

Native American star, Forest Goodluck didn’t have much luck in The Revenantbut he certainly knows how to rock a classic tux.

Some of the misses at the event included:

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 9.20.42 PM

Costa Rican actress and producer Giannina Facio‘s dress didn’t quite come together.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 5.32.35 PM

Neither did t.v. personality Liz Hernandez‘s asymmetrical mesh dress.

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America Ferrera and Eva Longoria Poke Fun at the Golden Globes

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 8.34.14 PM

On Sunday night, Jan. 10th, the Golden Globes was hosted by the ever so wry Ricky Gervais on NBC. Throughout the night, he made fun of celebrities, the Hollywood Foreign Press and of course, Donald Trump.

Eva Longoria and America Ferrera aren’t just beautiful talented actresses, they are also two people who your future president, Donald Trump, can’t wait to deport! Please welcome, Eva Longoria and America Ferrera,” said Gervais.

The lack of Latinas represented at the Golden Globes couldn’t be more apparent either, as Longoria and Ferrera made fun of how they get mistaken for other Latinas whom they barely resemble.

Hi, I’m Eva Longoria, not Eva Mendes,” said Longoria. “I’m America Ferrera, not Gina Rodriguez,” said Ferrera. “And neither one of us are Rosario Dawson,” said Longoria.” Well said, Salma,” said Ferrera. “Thank you, Charo,” said Longoria.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 1.36.55 PM

This was also in response to Ferrera being announced last month by the Golden Globes on Twitter as a Best Actress nominee for a Television Series – Comedy or Musical. That nomination was meant for Gina Rodriguez (the only Latina nominated at the Globes),  for her show, Jane the VirginFerrera’s show, Superstore, didn’t preview until late Nov. of last year.

Unfortunately for Rodriguez, she lost to Rachel Bloom of the freshman show, My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which is also on the CW network.

The men, however, fared much better at the Golden Globes. Gael Garcia Bernal took home a surprise win as Best Actor in a Television Series – Comedy or Musical for Amazon’s Mozart in the Jungle, beating out favorite Jeffrey Tambor who stars in Transparent (also on Amazon), and Aziz Ansari for Master of None (Netflix).

After co-starring in that little movie that could, you know, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Oscar Isaac continued to strike gold by winning Best Actor in a Miniseries or Motion Picture for Television, in Show Me a Hero (HBO).

The biggest winner of the night was Director and Producer Alejandro G. Inarritu for The Revenant. The film won for Best Picture – Drama and he won for Best Director. This brings Inarritu closer to a possible back-to-back Oscar win.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 1.43.34 PM

Despite only one Latina being nominated this year, there are currently three new shows produced and starring Latinas (Superstore, Shades of Blue and Telenovela). If these shows find success and make it into the next year, Rodriguez won’t be the only Latina up for a potential nomination and Ferrera being nominated won’t be a case of mistaken identity.

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Humilde, tímido y agradeciéndole a Dios al final de cada frase, ese es Jordy Quintero, un joven cantante procedente de la ciudad de Guayaquil, Ecuador. De tez oscura, sonrisa amplia y mirada inocente, Jordy quien imita a la perfección al cantante Romeo Santos, nos ganó el corazón desde el primer momento por su simpatía y naturalidad.

Considerado por sus fans, un aún mejor cantante que Romeo, este talentoso muchacho se hizo famoso en todo Ecuador por su participación en el Reality Show “Yo Me Llamo”. Jordy, mejor conocido por todos como “El Romeo Santos Ecuatoriano”, se encuentra de visita en Estados Unidos realizando su primera gira internacional donde recorre las principales ciudades del país.

“La gente aquí, me ha dado un gran apoyo incondicional. Es un privilegio y gracias a Dios porque él me dio el talento y el carisma”

nos dice feliz este ecuatoriano de tan solo 21 años.  Quintero comenzó a cantar desde niño y se hizo famoso entre sus amigos y en la escuela por cantar y bailar las canciones de Michael Jackson, hasta que en el 2001, escucho por primera vez la música del famoso grupo de Bachata “Aventura” y se aprendió todas sus canciones.

“Todos me decían pero tu cantas igual que Romeo y los amigos y familiares me empezaron a llamar Aventura y luego Jordy Romeo”.

El éxito y la popularidad del este artista coincide con la fuerza que el ritmo dominicano, se ha expandido por toda Centro y Suramérica, y donde intérpretes como Prince Royce y Romeo Santos se encuentran en los primeros lugares en la preferencia del público.  Jordan nos comenta un poco apenado,

“aun no conozco a Romeo Santos personalmente pero espero con ansias que cuando sea la voluntad de Dios no podemos ver y le pueda decir cuanto lo admiro”

Por terceros, Quintero ya escucho que Romeo conoce de su existencia y que aprueba su trabajo. Con numerosas canciones propias, a Jordy le gusta también interpretar salsa, pero en todas las presentaciones la gente aclama que cante las canciones de Romeo. La similitud en el tono de voz es realmente asombrada y sería imposible reconocer la diferencia sino fuera por las evidentes diferentes físicas de este Romeo de la costa ecuatoriana con el Romeo original, que es un poco más bajo de estatura y con la piel más oscura que el famoso bachatero.

Este nuevo talento es representando por empresarios dominicanos y existen grandes planes de promoción entre los que se encuentran una gira por toda la Republica Dominicana, País que Quintero considera ya su segunda patria, por la bendición de conocer y enamorarse perdidamente del ritmo de la bachata.

Jordy Romeo o el Romeo Ecuatoriano cuenta con un talento evidente, gran carisma y un ángel muy especial que llama la atención de los fans de la bachata. El reto de este largo camino hacia la fama, será demostrar que es un cantante con luz propia más que el imitador de una estrella internacional



Did SBS E’s Calibash Concert Collapse the Staples Cr ?


It seems to me that every event from coast to coast, whether executed at the MET Stadium or MSG, the Staples Center in LA, or their most caliente spot in the USA, the American Airlines Arena in Miami FL, SBS Entertainment can’t strike out. Co-produced by SBS Entertainment and AEG LIVE with MEGA 96.3FM as their official radio station, Calibash broke records on an international scale of success based one talent, ticket sales and straight out taste. Their carefully selected chosen line up of Pitbull, Don Omar, Carlos Vives, Tego Calderón, Wisin, Plan B, J Alvarez, Farruko, 3BallMTY and last but not least Gente de Zona had absolutely every fan praying their battery don’t run out on their iPhone or tablet. One would think that tickets are bought for maybe 3-4 of the artist in these type of events, but to absolutely go for every artist that performed, when does that realistically happen?

“Once again we managed to expand the reach and engagement of a live music event produced by SBS Entertainment, reaching a wider audience. Calibash 2015 in Los Angeles charted an unprecedented impact in the Latin concert business where sponsors, fans, musical artists and the general public were connected through social media interacting about the event. SBS Entertainment once again continues to innovate and set trends, developing greater costumer exposure opportunities for sponsors through various platform that deliver higher results to their sponsorship investment.” Said Luis A. Márquez, Online and Social Media Marketing Manager de SBS Entertainment.

Year after year, SBS Entertainment along with their sister radio stations have come together to produce and promote timeless events not only for their self loath, ( let’s be real, they gotta pat themselves the back for these!) but they go all out for their listeners, their fans. The ones who can only dream of seeing these performers live, not on a tv screen in their living room while watching the kids, working or preparing dinner or washing clothes. These fans for one night think about themselves. Truly leaving everything about their daily lives outside the arena once they hand it their ticket stub.

“Calibash 2015 was also the Latin music concert with the highest social media engagement with unprecedented high levels of interaction among the concert’s audience with their friends on social networks, the evening performers and their fans, Mega 96.3FM with their listeners and finally SBS Entertainment with their faithful followers.” Said Luis A. Márquez, Online and Social Media Marketing Manager de SBS Entertainment.

So where’s the next hot spot for SBS Entertainment? It’s Miami Baby! On Friday, April 10th the American Airlines Arena will be holding it down for the biggest concert in Miami for 2015. “Miami Bash” With a special performance by the the #1 On-Air Talent in the nation, el sexy Colombiano “Alex Sensation”. Accompanied by the station that makes the sun rise and sunset El Nuevo Zol 106.7. OK! So I can’t share the detz of the line up, but I can give you a hint. If you think back at all SBS Entertainment’s history makers and record breakers of concerts you will know who is on and poppin’ at the Arena. Can you guess?



When you have Pitbull, Don Omar, and Carlos Vives on any card together, its a happening. But when you hold it in the Staples Center in Los Angeles, it makes it

“the leading Urban Latin Music Festival in the World.”

Also add in the fact that it reflects its top attraction, business tycoon, Pitbull, successful in two markets as a draw for bi-lingual and english speaking Latinos and you have a winner.


It bears out when a company like SBS Entertainment, in association with AEG Live rounds out the roster with Tego Calderon, Wisin, Plan B, J. Alvarez, Farruko , 3BallMTY, Gente de Zona, and Maluma.

“California will certainly be the biggest Calibash yet,”

stated Lucas Pina, Senior VP of SBS Entertainment.

SBS Entertainment consistently brings innovation and entertainment to the new generation of bilingual and bicultural Latino youth.”

They are doing this by pushing emerging artists that are becoming more familiar like Farruko (Passion Wine), and J. Alvarez (La Pregunta), and Gente de Zona (Bailando).

Even though Calibash was moved from its original November 22nd date to make room for IHeartMedia’s Latin concert, it only meant that it will now be the first premier Latin music event of 2015.

Jeyro’s Red Carpet Debut is about ‘Solo Tú’


For those who say they are not familiar with Jeyro, I’m here to say you you should! ‘Solo Tú‘ is a song you have heard, hummed or pretended to know. The single has been downloaded over 50,000 thousand times in a time span of less then 48 hours. It may not have been you, but it was surely by someone you know.

Now is the moment where we can finally see the face of this bachatero. A Dominican singing bachata one would assume to be typical production decision. Well in Jeyro’s case that is not so! ‘Solo Tú’ was a song creatively collaborated with a talented artist named Maykel from Ecuador. These two young talented artists put their letras and melodies together and made a hit. They joined forces of cultural background and fused a song that landed Jeyro at the Latin Grammy’s in Las Vegas on November 20th.

From an early age Jayro’s perseverance, and passion gave him the foresight to pursue a degree in music. His determination strengthened his ability to not only read, write and understand music theory, it opened doors that top producers still can’t open in New York City.

This Dominican bachatero is bringing something special to the Latin Grammy’s this year. While most artists priority is to pose with smiles and speak about themselves, Jeyro is making his initial red carpet debut about the fans, about you. ‘Solo Tu’.

Performers get 5 Stars ***** The Latin Grammy’s Festivals

victoria alvarez balvin1

The Latin Recording Academy, Eventus and Univision announced J Alvarez, J Balvin, and Victoria are this years exclusive performers in the Latin Grammy festival in Miami, FL this year. This festival took part in 5 part series that visited five cities around the country and this will precede to the transmission of the most anticipated event of the year, the 15th Annual Latin GRAMMY® Awards. These festivities began Sunday October 5th to end Sunday November 9th. Social followers and fans of their music in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Phoenix would would of had to go to the beautiful Miami to experience the excitement of these pre Latin GRAMMY performers.

These events are open to the public and are considered to be the extravaganza in conjunction with the Annual Latin GRAMMY Awards. This is the most prestigious recognition of Latin music industry. This 2014 edition will be broadcasted on television live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on Thursday, November 20 from 8-11 pm ET / PT (7 pm Central) on Univision. In addition to the national broadcast, the Latin GRAMMY Awards will be broadcasted in over 100 countries worldwide.

“We are eager to bring the excitement of the Latin GRAMMYs to our communities and continue creating expectation to one of the biggest nights of Latin music,” said Alberto Siurana, president of Programming and Content, Univision Communications, Inc.

The Latin GRAMMY Street Parties displayed an interactive musical festival, which included live concerts, exhibition areas for the sponsors and samples of different products. The series featured performances from some of the most talented performers in Latin music industry. We are truly excited to know these talents performed and embraced their positive energy on stage and up close and personal.