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  • Entrepreneurship
    Banning Live Animals at the Circus?

    When you think of a circus, what comes to mind? The trapeze acts, musicians, hoopers, tightrope walkers, jugglers, unicyclists, clowns, the trainer, and of course live animals are some of the few things that come to mind. Yet, if you miss one of the components to the circus, what happens? One thing...

  • Entertainment
    Doctor Vet Los Angeles: Show about Latino Veterinarians returns for a 2nd Season

    Early this month Nat Geo Mundo’s hit television series, Doctor Vet Los Angeles returned for its second season. Following several Latino veterinarians as they tend to various animals from dogs to cats, horses to peacocks, and even snakes, the show is a way for the California-based doctors to share their journey caring...

  • Entertainment
    Exotic Animals Living Around New York City

    There are animals that we love: dogs and cats. There are animals that are deemed gross: bugs...

  • Featured
    Piranha-like Fish Attack in Argentina

    It is not every day you see something interesting that happens at the beach, but lately, fear has struck. Recently, near Rosario, Argentina, as many people are swimming out into the ocean, they were bitten by piranha-like fish. Unfortunately, some men, women, and children, had toes and fingers amputated while several dozen...

  • Photo & Video
    VIDEO: Cat Hates Justin Beiber

    What can we say...the cat has good musical taste!

  • Trendspotting
    Trend of the Day: Certified Natural Products

    The new standard called the Natural Home Care Seal helps consumers quickly identify products that are truly natural.

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