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    Victor Manuelle revives Salsa

    With the creative collaboration of cinematographer Miguel Ferrer, Victor Manuelle’s video interpretation of “Que suenen los tambore”,...

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    New Play ‘Of Mothers and Men’!

    February 25 – March 1 Feb 25 at 8:00pm to Mar 1 at 4:00pm A heartbreaking meditation...

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    Bringing Out the Good in Latino Neighborhoods: El Barrio and East Harlem

    Bad neighborhoods are found in most major cities across America, there is no question about that. No matter how much law enforcement there is or how much curfew is enforced, there will still be some areas that are just not safe to be around. Lately, however, some neighborhoods like El Barrio and...

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    LatinTRENDS End of Summer Industry Event Recap

    With music blaring from the outside, attendees were eager to get in Stage 48 and celebrate the LatinTRENDS End of Summer Labor Day Industry Event. The event offered the red carpet, food and of course favorite Latin music. In attendance were bloggers, filmmakers, photographers, civic leaders, politicians, local celebrities, entrepreneurs, DJ’s, and...

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    Tego Calderón: 100% Real

    .     Tego’s 2002 debut, El Abayarde, has sold an estimated 210,000 to date, and El Enemy de Los Guasibiri – last year’s greatest-hits collection – sold at least 102,000 and left fans hungry for his forthcoming third joint, The Underdog. For Tego...

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    First Fridays Free Event

    This weekend is the 57th Annual Puerto Rican Day Parade “Un Pueblo, Muchas Voces”/“One Nation, Many Voices”....

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    The Loisaida Fest Transformed the Lower East Side!

      Memorial Day Weekend oozed Puerto Rican and Latino with the 2014 Loisaida Festival edition that transformed...

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    Third Annual Mothers Day Walk

    If you’re looking for an alternative activity to do with your mom this weekend; this is a...

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    Puerto Rican Heritage Celebration

    I get asked about once a week “What are you?”. My immediate response is always “A human“....

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    Las Marthas Documentary Presentation: a 114 Year Old Tradition

    In every culture there are always going to be misconceptions because stereotypes have lived with us forever. Having a discussion, learning about the culture or showing what the culture is about through a movie are some of the ways that the misconceptions could almost disappear being that people are learning the truth...

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    You know you are Latino/a when_____?

    Ever do something that feels so normal to you, but to others it may just seem odd? Well, it just may be that you are doing something from your culture that only you would know about. Of course, this is not a bad thing, but rather, culture is around us every day...

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    Power, Politics and Influence through the Lens of Culture and Gender: A Panel Discussion and Career Workshop presented by AWNY

    Even with ‘equal opportunity employer’ within a company’s description is prominent today, do culture, gender, power and politics still play a role in today’s society in order to get promoted within a company? Unfortunately, for some, the answer is yes and this is one of the key questions that the panel of...

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    Super Sabado at El Museo Del Barrio in New York

    A carnival in February? Yes, that is right. Facing Central Park in New York City at El Museo Del Barrio, is a carnival that can be great for the whole family, but especially for children. This carnival combines both education and entertainment for the family to learn about the diversity of the...

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    Free live music @ Signature Café

    Join us for drinks, dessert, and tunes from some of the city’s hottest up-and-coming artists.

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    Comedy show- Stage time

    This comedy show encourages independent improv so come on by either to participate or to enjoy the show. It's only 5 bucks!

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    Free Theater @ The New School! Intimate Apparel by Lynn Nottage

    theater show based in New York City 1905

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    You Can Now Travel to Cuba from the U.S.!

    The embargo's almost lifted!

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    WEIRD BUT TRUE: Oreo to Attempt Guinness Record for Most Facebook “Likes”

    Do you think the famous cookie can do it?!

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    In other David Archuleta news…

    Carl Lamarre talks about Archuleta's new Spanish language album!

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