Faja Addiction Taken Too Far?


For the last seven years designer and fetish model Kelly Lee Dekay has been using a tight laced corset to reshape her body. In only 6 months she shrunk her waist by 30 inches and now sports a tiny 16-inch waist. Below is a picture of a 16 inch softball …..ummmm yeah that is the size of her waist.


She mentions that she was a tomboy growing up, but accentuated her curves as a way to emulate her favorite female comic book characters, like Storm. Dekay said “I fell in love with the brocade, the zipping sound the laces made as it got tighter and the overall beauty of a corset. I love the different silhouettes different types of corsets create. There’s something very romantic about it.


Doctors have warned that too much tight-lacing can strain organs, compress rib cages, and cause serious health issues with the respiratory, circulatory, and digestive systems. However the 27-year-old New York resident claims she visits her doctor regularly and is in “perfect health.” Dekay admits wearing a corset makes it difficult for her to climb stairs or lift heavy objects, but she has worn it during other physical activities.

I actually did hiking in my corset and that’s very dangerous. I also played soft ball in a corset once, that was an interesting feeling, but I don’t go to the gym in a corset — that’s really dangerous because I do weight lifting,” she said, according to the Daily Mail. “But if I do want to do something extreme, I don’t limit myself. If I have to be out of my corset, then I’m out of it.


Surprising Kelly Lee does not have the smallest waist. Cathie Jung’s 15-inch waist holds the current Guinness World Record for smallest waist.

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