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  • Inspiration & Empowerment
    9 Power Questions that Will Help You Build Better Business Relationships

    Personal connection, likeability, and trustworthiness are back.

  • Entrepreneurship
    Motivate Kids by Teaching Them ‘Life is a Business,’ Says Non-Profit Founder

    Offers Tips for Raising Kids to Succeed

  • Entrepreneurship
    Is Law Enforcement Going Too Far?

    We all want to feel safe when we walk around the neighborhood; there is no question in that. We expect law enforcement to be there when something happens and to make sure that everyone remains safe. But how far should law enforcement go? Is aggressive force just a little too far? Can...

  • Entrepreneurship
    Santa Muerte Growing Popular in Queens, New York

    Religion means something different for everyone. It not only gives us morals to live by, but it makes us view the world in a unique way. There are traditional religions like Catholic, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, etc, and not as traditional including Non-Denominational and in this case, Santa Muerte or Saint Death. While...

  • Entrepreneurship
    Evict a Person Even Though the Former One Is Dead?

    Imagine living a great life with lots of success and not to mention money. Now imagine that your significant other suddenly passes away leaving you, the apartment. Great, right? That may seem awesome in a way where you are left an apartment, but years later, you are on the verge of an...

  • Entrepreneurship
    Too Many Accidents Are Not Being Prevented

    With people becoming more aware of what is around them, many are now taking action instead of just talking about it. They are being proactive instead of reactive. They are seeing that something can be done because even with simple tasks are now becoming almost forgetful for some people. Being in a...

  • Entrepreneurship
    College, Everyone Should Have the Opportunity to Attend

    It is unfortunate that with the amount of information available to us, that there is a gap in education and many people cannot get it because of one main factor, money. With the rise of housing cost, inflation on goods and services, there is simply not enough money to go around. But...

  • Entrepreneurship
    Computer Science and Women?

    In this ever changing world, industries need to predict what is going to happen in less time than say, a few decades ago. The change from print to digital was slow at first, but now it seems like the way to go to get information. Yes, there are some ‘old’ ways that...

  • Entrepreneurship
    Your Pet Can No Longer Get A Tattoo in NY

    Is it animal cruelty or showing your pet that you love them? Some acts that you do to your pet may seem completely normal, but to some they may be uncomfortable. Dressing dogs up, for example, is a fashion statement among many pet owners. Other owners may have a small house for...

  • Entrepreneurship
    Banning Live Animals at the Circus?

    When you think of a circus, what comes to mind? The trapeze acts, musicians, hoopers, tightrope walkers, jugglers, unicyclists, clowns, the trainer, and of course live animals are some of the few things that come to mind. Yet, if you miss one of the components to the circus, what happens? One thing...

  • Entrepreneurship

    Immigrating to a new country where many people don’t know the language, the culture or history can be very scary and not to mention, a complicated process. People are immigrating for a better life, provide for their family, or in some cases, to start fresh again. Most may think that the experience...

  • Entrepreneurship
    Cyber Bullying in a Positive Light

    Too many of us are guilty of judging people way too quickly. It is natural for people to do this and we are human, but too much hurt can go a little too far. Insults can vary among people and some take it extremely personal, almost to the point of believing that...

  • Entrepreneurship
    How Do You Answer: What Is Your Race?

    The census is taken every ten years to figure out who is living in the country, what languages we are speaking, household income, and so much more. The census really brings back the term ‘melting pot’ and gives people a sense of what America is made up of and the direction it...

  • Entrepreneurship
    Representing: A College Student Wins Journalism Award

    It is easy to find talent among a group of people, but it is harder to find really good talent that captures the essence of the overall perspective. Some writers have this natural talent and can dig deeper into a particular topic and write something that is very compelling. Annually given, the...

  • Entrepreneurship
    Yes, Entrepreneurship is Possible

    Entrepreneurship takes a new idea, some money and ambition to launch the idea. Once the idea gets going, it hopefully gets the recognition of the general public that it needs and becomes a competitor in the industry. Asdrubal Hernandez and his wife Maria Angelica Garcia are founders of Sudaquia, a new Spanish...

  • Entrepreneurship
    Remembering the Literary Giant Gabriel Garcia Marquez

    Living a life long legacy of writing and touching our hearts with his popular novels, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, “Gabo”, passed away April 17 at the age of 87. Marquez was battling lymphatic cancer in 1999 and developed senile dementia in 2012. Just a few weeks ago, he was being hospitalized and being...

  • Entertainment
    The Neglect of Latino-Aimed News Media

    It comes as no surprise there is a renovated interest in all things Latino in the United States of America. It started back in the late 90s during the 1999 Grammys when Ricky Martin took the stage and performed his sizzling, break-through song La Copa de la Vida that enamored all non-Latino...

  • Entrepreneurship
    Young Voices: Why are Latinos not signing up for Obamacare?

    Passed back in 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or what has commonly become known as Obamacare, is a law which required millions of uninsured American’s to take part in enrolling into a program to browse through insurance marketplaces for healthcare plans and register in order to become insured. While...

  • Entertainment
    Young Voices: President of the People

    President Barack Obama has been said to be the President of this generation, and one who has the interest of his citizens at heart. And while this may very well be true, there is another president who has his people in his heart. This president holds office purely for his citizens so...

  • Entertainment
    Future of New York: Voice your Vision at Talking Transition

    In case you missed it, here’s a special edition of NY1‘s show “Road to City Hall“, under the Talking Transition Tent in SoHo. LatinTRENDS publisher & founder Juan Guillen speaks on a panel, along with incoming dean of the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism Sarah Bartlett and the executive director of the...

  • Entrepreneurship
    Is Paloma Noyola Bueno the next Steve Jobs?

    Justly believed to be this generation’s top inventor, American entrepreneur and inventor of Apple Inc. Steve Jobs has been called the one mind being revolutionizing the personal computer. However, according to Wired they have found the next Steve Jobs. According to the technology publication, Paloma Noyola Bueno is believed to be the...

  • Entrepreneurship
    The Day After: New York City and New Jersey Election Results

    Yesterday many people across the country went out and acted on their civil duty and voted. As we all should know November 5th is Election Day and people took to voting booths to either re-elect or put in new representatives they feel were worthy of their votes. According to Observers of this...

  • Entrepreneurship
    Luis Quintana: First Latino Mayor of Newark

    After winning his bid for Senator of New Jersey and once he is certified on November 5th,...

  • Featured
    Young Voices: How can we better the lives of minimum-waged workers?

    Currently American citizens are feeling the burden of our troublesome economy forcing many to figure out a way to stay afloat. Some who are trying not to drown have taken jobs where the pay is not truly sufficient. Minimum-waged jobs are not appealing but if they are available they are snatched. The...