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Mario and JLO – Two of Hollywood’s Fittest Celebrities



Originally published in December 2014, Issue 114 of LatinTRENDS Magazine

By Clara Galvano Rivera

Jennifer Lopez exudes sex appeal and looks younger every year! How does she do it and when does she find the time? The singer, actress, dancer, entrepreneur who just turned 45, is always on the go. Tracy Anderson, trainer to the stars, helped her get rid of the post-baby fat and continues to help her stay fit. She changes her workout every 10 sessions to trick the muscles and challenge them constantly.

With the grueling schedule Lopez keeps, energy and vitality are a must. Something that seems to be giving her a lot of energy lately is the fact that she has become vegan! Last year she tried the 22 Days Nutrition Vegan challenge and loved how it made her feel. She felt like she had more energy and woke up feeling great. Lopez has been on a salt and sugar-free diet for some time. She doesn’t smoke and avoids alcoholic beverages. Her new regime is working and it shows. Her skin glows with good health and her body is lean. Wepa!

Mario Lopez is about as hot as anyone can get. One of the hosts of “Extra,” the award-winning entertainment news program, he practically sizzles on screen and looks better today than he did in his 20’s. He is the envy of many men who wish they could have abs like him. And how does he do it? He works at it, that’s how. Constantly! Lopez has been seriously training for over 20 years. He has a schedule and he sticks to it as much as he can, given that he has a torn rotator cuff –a boxing injury. On Mondays, for instance, he does a total body circuit & cardio routine. Tuesdays is boxing circuit day. He alternates these two types of workouts on the remaining weekdays. Exercising can be boring as all heck, so he likes to mix it up and shock his system so any day of the week you may find him swimming laps in the pool or in the squat rack working the legs. Lopez has co-authored several books with celebrity exercise physiologist Jimmy Pena. His “Extra Lean Family: Get Lean and Achieve Your Family’s Best Health Ever,” features healthy recipes for the entire family. He’s also the fitness ambassador for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, helping kids understand that adopting a healthy lifestyle now will benefit them for life. Eating the right foods and moving the body has worked for this sexy man who just turned 40. Will it work for you?