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  • Entertainment
    New Play ‘Of Mothers and Men’!

    February 25 – March 1 Feb 25 at 8:00pm to Mar 1 at 4:00pm A heartbreaking meditation...

  • Entertainment
    How Do Women Cope in a Male Dominated World?

    Is it harder for women to succeed in the world today? Some would argue and say that it is, others will say that for some women it is not. Women are coming up in the world, more than housewives, more than just caregivers, more than just what it was back in the...

  • Entrepreneurship
    Computer Science and Women?

    In this ever changing world, industries need to predict what is going to happen in less time than say, a few decades ago. The change from print to digital was slow at first, but now it seems like the way to go to get information. Yes, there are some ‘old’ ways that...

  • Entertainment
    The Oscars 2014: LatinTRENDS Men’s Red Carpet Fashion Recap

    We Love a Well Dressed Man! Mario Lopez Michael Strahan Ryan Seacrest Tyson Beckford Zac Efron Bradley Cooper Matthew McConaughey

  • Entertainment
    Coats under $100 for the entire family

    Don’t let the cold weather affect your style. Look hot this winter session with these affordable options...

  • News & Politics
    Reuniting 300 Military Families for Father’s Day

    Three Hundred Military Families Reunited This Father’s Day Operation Homefront and Dove® Men + Care® Join Forces To Return Deployed Dads Home To Their Families Three hundred active duty servicemen will be able to head home this Father’s Day so that they can care for their families. Dove® Men+Care® and non-profit organization...

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