January 15, 1981


Miami, Florida


Armando Christian Pérez better known by his stage name Pitbull, is an American rapper and Latin Grammy winning artist from Miami, Florida. He has released seven albums and one EP.

What you didn’t know

He also won two ALMA Awards and one Billboard Music Award.

Jennifer Lopez y Pitbull en The AXIS Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino


By Florentina Narchet

Es que no se puede poner en duda que cuando se trata de química en la tarima, Jennifer López de origen puertorriqueño y el artista cubano Pitbull son la pareja perfecta.

Una vez más estos dos artistas se unen en la tarima y causan sensación en su concierto, Jennifer Lopez: All I Have, a The AXIS Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino en Las Vegas, Nevada, recientemente. Esta vez los artistas cantaron junto la canción On the Floor, que se convirtió en un hit en el año 2011.

La Diva del Bronx y Mr. Worldwide, como también se le conocen, han colaborados en otras exitosa canciones: Dance Again (2012), Live it Up (2013), We Are One (Ole Ola) con Claudia, la canción oficial Copa Mundial de la FIFA Brasil 2014.


Su más reciente participaciones fue cuando se unieron junto al artista dominicano Prince Royce con su tema Back it Up (2015). ¡Ya te puedes imaginar la combinación de estas tres sangres caribeña en un proyecto musical!

Estos dos artistas han enloquecido al público desde que pisan la tarima.

jlo-prince-royce-y-pitbull-diario-palm-beach - candela

Pitbull y JLo han cantado sus exitosas canciones en eventos como Billboard Awards, American Idol, American Music Awards, la abertura de la Copa Mundial del FIFA, entre otros.

Pitbull también está realizando conciertos todo el mes de marzo en el mismo The AXIS –  Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino PITBULL – TIME OF OUR LIVES LAS VEGAS.

Sin embargo, Jennifer López seguirá realizando 29 conciertos más en todo el año en Las Vegas The AXIS –  Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Su próxima presentación será este 22 de mayo.

Pitbull discusses his “priceless” friendship with Marco Rubio & Jeb Bush


Pitbull is a known Republican, and despite the current repartee circling around most Republican circles, is not afraid to acknowledge that going as far as to say that when it comes to Republican candidate nomination seekers Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush his friendship with them are priceless.

I have a relationship with Jeb Bush and I have a relationship with Marco Rubio, and when we sit down and talk, we don’t talk politics,” said the Cuban-American Rapper in a recent interview, “And let me tell you, Jeb Bush speaks Spanish fluently. He can hang out in the neighborhoods of Miami and they go, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me. This guy is a Bush?’

Although Pitbull has stated that his relationship to both political figures is priceless, he did go on to make it clear it doesn’t mean he is going to campaign for either one of them.

For me, [what matters is] who is the best candidate to try to help what is going on in the United States of America,” he said, “What they say is that if the United States of America sneezes, the whole world catches a cold. So whoever takes on the United States of America is taking on the whole world, also.”

While Pitbull has stated he wouldn’t downright back either Rubio or Bush due to his friendship with both men, he will surely not be campaigning for another Republican: Donald Trump.

Earlier this summer, after Trump made racial and stereotypical remarks regarding Mexican immigrants living in the country Pitbull—like many other Latino celebrities—addressed what Trump had said, in his own unique way.

For all of the Latinos out there, keep your heads up. And Trump, watch out for El Chapo, dude,” Pitbull said, while attending the Premios Juventud, which is a Spanish-language award show that aired on Univision.

Despite not agreeing with what Trump had to say nor his political viewpoints, Pitbull did say that he does respect Trump…as a businessman.

For what (Trump) is doing and what he’s trying to do, God Bless him…but on my end, it’s not something that I would stand next to, stand for, approve or in any way shape or form, allow that kind of disrespect toward our culture.”

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Romeo Santos, Jennifer Lopez & more Latinos star in HBO’s “The Latin Explosion: A New America!”


Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Ricky Martin, Sofia Vergara, George Lopez are just a few of the Latino superstars who will appear in a new HBO documentary aimed specifically at spotlighting just how Latinos impact the United States of America.

In a recently released trailer, “The Latin Explosion: A New America,” is a documentary that brings together some of the hottest and well-known Latino celebrities in music, television, and film within the country and asks them: what it means to be a Latino in the U.S.? And the obstacles they have had to overcome.

Within the trailer, singer Gloria Estefan describes how at the start of her career she was advised that she should change her name because it would be too complicated to pronounce.

In candid interviews, stars like Cheech Marin, Rita Moreno, Shakira, Romeo Santos, and many more with the stars above take part in this project and also share or discuss their own personal experience within the entertainment industry in the U.S.

The documentary also will depict major historical events within the industry that had a large effect on impacting the Latino community today.

The U.S. is the 2nd largest Spanish-speaking country in the world,” said Ricky Martin, in the trailer for the movie, before adding, “Boom!” to demonstrate how impressive that idea is considering that there are numerous other Spanish-speaking countries in this world.

Tommy Mottola, a well-known Music Producer who has a hand in launching some of the music industry’s most popular stars like Marc Anthony, Mariah Carey, as well as Lopez, Martin, and Shakira served as the documentary’s producer.

In an interview about the documentary, Mottola said that a documentary has “assembled the largest array of Latino superstars ever in a film telling a powerful story of their history and immigration, politics, and rise from a small minority population to the most critical demographic in the United States.”

The documentary couldn’t be coming out at a more important time. With certain political candidates shining a negative light on the Latino community, the film can be a powerful tool in showing other groups outside of Latinos just how important and impactful the community is.

Latinos spend $1.3 trillion a year, making them one of the most powerful groups of consumers today,” Mottola added, noting that Latinos are known as one of the biggest consumer demographics within the United States.

In the trailer it is noted within a caption that “In 1950 1 in 50 Americans were Latino,” but “By 2050, it will be 1in 3,” which is a statistical prediction that has yet to be discredited, but continues to gain backing.

And being a community believed to growing, it is quite possible when Mottola explained that Latinos will also have a huge impact on the upcoming 2016 presidential election once again. Latinos presented a strong presence in the 2012 election, and not every Latino voted then.

Latinos may not just only impact the 2016 elections, but could be more of a presence down the road in politics.

There is no doubt in my mind that by 2025 we will have a Latino president,” Mottola said, and he may just be right.

The Latin Explosion: A New America, narrated by John Leguizamo will air Nov. 16 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and HBO Latino.

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With more than 50 million Latinos now living in the United States, Latinos are taking their seat at the table as the new American power brokers in the world of entertainment, business, politics and the arts. As Latinos’ influence in American society has soared, they have entered mainstream American culture, and the proof is in the music.

Executive produced by legendary music mogul Tommy Mottola, THE LATIN EXPLOSION: A NEW AMERICA features a dazzling array of artists at the center of Latino cultural power and influence, including Marc Anthony, Emilio Estefan Jr., Gloria Estefan, José Feliciano, Eva Longoria, George Lopez, Jennifer Lopez, Los Lobos, Cheech Marin, Ricky Martin, Rita Moreno, Pitbull, Romeo Santos, Shakira, Thalía and Sofía Vergara. Narrated by John Leguizamo, the exclusive presentation debuts MONDAY, NOV. 16 on HBO and HBO Latino, and will be simulcast in Latin America and the Caribbean via HBO Latin America.

“We have assembled the largest array of Latino superstars ever in a film telling a powerful story of their history and immigration, politics, and rise from a small minority population to the most critical demographic in the United States,” comments Mottola. “Latinos spend 1.3 trillion dollars a year, making them one of the most powerful groups of consumers today. Latinos played a large part in the outcome of the last election and will certainly be a larger part in the upcoming 2016 election.

There is no doubt in my mind that by 2025 we will have a Latino president –  Tommy Motola

THE LATIN EXPLOSION celebrates the artists and visionaries who have exploded onto the U.S. music scene and gone on to become global superstars, showing how they have influenced every aspect of American society, from culture to politics to the economy. The film ranges from the cha-cha and mambo crazes of the ‘50s, with Desi Arnaz and Rita Moreno, and the edgier ‘60s, reflected by Carlos Santana and Jose Feliciano, to the exciting new sound of salsa in the ‘70s and the emergence of superstars Gloria Estefan and Emilio Estefan in the ‘80s.

THE LATIN EXPLOSION also spotlights the Latino boom of the late ‘90s, led by Ricky Martin, Shakira, Mark Anthony and Jennifer Lopez, and today’s hottest stars, Pitbull and Romeo Santos. Some of the featured artists discuss how their crossover hits have played a role in defining the American experience, setting the stage for today’s Latin Explosion.

NEW AMERICA, premiering Monday, November 16 at 9PM on HBO and HBO Latino.

Year of the Pitbull


Pitbull is having an amazing 2015. The Cuban-American helped ring in the New Year as host for Fox Networks in Miami. The Florida born son of Cuban immigrants performed at the Calibash urban music festival in January and concluded a joint tour with Enrique Iglesias in February. By March, he sold out a show to a crowd of 75,000 peoople in Houston. This past Thursday at the Premios Juventud Awards, he won best urban artist and also got a chance to burn Donald Trump all in the same night.

Watch out for El Chapo,” said Pitbull.

Just recently he was added to the roster for Megaton at Madison Square Garden. His second Spanish-language album in five years, “Dale“,  was released on July 17,  and has 3 1/2 stars from Rolling Stone already.

It was time. We had a bunch of records we were sitting on. DJ Chino and Georgie basically produced pretty much all the album and we had amazing features. I said, why not? And our first record, ‘Piensas,’ went No. 1 with Gente De Zona. Bottom line it was just time,” said Pitbull.

On Sunday, July 26 he will also get a chance to help close out the Pan Am games. Dale, lets go!

Pitbull and Tego Calderon added to roster of Megaton 2015

polito vega

Its going to be a happening at Madison Square Garden this coming October 28th. It is then that Polito Vega’s World Megaton concert will take place. The fourth edition is infamous for its tradition of bringing elite talent together for the best Latin concert event year in and year out, SBS Entertainment and Mega 97.9FM has announced two large acts will be joining the lineup for that evening.


Pitbull, “Mr. Worldwide” has sold millions of albums and with his own label he can be considered the duet king. Like Midas, everything he touches turns to gold. The list of top artists who have worked with him says it all from Usher, Fergie, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Brown, Christina Aguilera, Shakira, Marc Anthony, and Enrique Iglesias. Pitbull performed “We Are One (Ole Ola)” with Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte at the opening ceremony of the World Cup Brazil 2014 which was the year’s most-watched television event worldwide.


Tego Calderon, returning back from a short break and movies like “Fast and the Furious” is a pioneering figure of Reggaeton and Latin Hip Hop. Tego is not just an entertainer but a living social commentator that cannot be ignored.

Polito Vega, 57 years in the business as performer, emcee, and host is excited to bring this concert to New York where he has been known as “The King of Radio.”

“I invite you to Megaton World coming soon and this will be better than all we had before. I hereby invite everyone to come to Madison Square Garden to enjoy the Megatón.”

Vega pronounced.

Other artists already on the card include Hector Acosta “El Torito,” The Rosary Dynasty, Raulin Rodriguez “The Chief” and Mozart La Para. But as we move closer to the event more names may yet be added and this is what makes his show so unique.

“SBSE return to Madison Square Garden, the most famous arena in the world to bring a quality show that deserves the status of the main radio market in the United States and is a tribute to a living legend of the radio: Polito Vega”

said Lucas Pina , Sr. VP of SBS Entertainment.

“World Megatón Polito Vega” will be held on October 28 at Madison Square Garden. Tickets are available at Ticketmaster.com and at the Madison Square Garden box office.

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Premios Performances a Powerhouse Success!!


It seems to me that Premios have taken its tone of repetiveness. Every year or more like every season we look forward to seeing out favorite artists perform their hit single on that main stage full of lavish lights and sexy standstill performances. One of biggest hits this year was ‘6am’ by J Balvin. This urban youth stole the night from his platform performance on the red carpet to winning numerous awards and dynamic performances on Stage during the cncert with Prince Royce.

Ricky Martin along with Univision producers had us in suspense during the pre concert moments. With mentions of an annnouncement, fans were full of crazy ideas.. “New Baby coming?” “Marriage?” Even my favorite, “Is Ricky switching teams? God would I love him to play on my team for a few bases and home runs. This ballad performance of ‘Disparo al Corazon‘ had me praying during every close that cupid would come target me.

Pablo Alboran came on stage with a very relaxed fit look. With his rustic voice he put his foot on the pedal of this baby grand piano and began to sing his heart out that fans became nostalgic even in the dark. This Spanish superstar has vocals to tell a story of broken heart and brave combat to conquer the one he loves.

Becky G. and Thalia performed a collaboration that I haven’t seen in a while. Thalia angelic appearance with sensual induendo in contrast to Becky G.’s moxiness kept the audience on their feet mimicking the chorus and chaos on stage from the creative choreography put together for this performance.

Marc Athony and Romeo, what can I say? Awesome!! I have to admit I was not a true fan of Romeo with Marc. I love the music and their story moment. But.. it kind of reminded me of Romeo’s collab with Don Omar of “Ella y Yo” The girl that loves to men. The guy that says I’m better.

Premio lo Nuestro was a great event.. From Pitbull’s opening performance to the closeing with Chiqui, Jenny Rivera’s daughter, I can honestly say that the performances we awesome. Some colors and styles of of red carpet sexy attires, suits and ties, I would of stayed away from, but every artists has their own way of feeling true to their deliverance.


Did SBS E’s Calibash Concert Collapse the Staples Cr ?


It seems to me that every event from coast to coast, whether executed at the MET Stadium or MSG, the Staples Center in LA, or their most caliente spot in the USA, the American Airlines Arena in Miami FL, SBS Entertainment can’t strike out. Co-produced by SBS Entertainment and AEG LIVE with MEGA 96.3FM as their official radio station, Calibash broke records on an international scale of success based one talent, ticket sales and straight out taste. Their carefully selected chosen line up of Pitbull, Don Omar, Carlos Vives, Tego Calderón, Wisin, Plan B, J Alvarez, Farruko, 3BallMTY and last but not least Gente de Zona had absolutely every fan praying their battery don’t run out on their iPhone or tablet. One would think that tickets are bought for maybe 3-4 of the artist in these type of events, but to absolutely go for every artist that performed, when does that realistically happen?

“Once again we managed to expand the reach and engagement of a live music event produced by SBS Entertainment, reaching a wider audience. Calibash 2015 in Los Angeles charted an unprecedented impact in the Latin concert business where sponsors, fans, musical artists and the general public were connected through social media interacting about the event. SBS Entertainment once again continues to innovate and set trends, developing greater costumer exposure opportunities for sponsors through various platform that deliver higher results to their sponsorship investment.” Said Luis A. Márquez, Online and Social Media Marketing Manager de SBS Entertainment.

Year after year, SBS Entertainment along with their sister radio stations have come together to produce and promote timeless events not only for their self loath, ( let’s be real, they gotta pat themselves the back for these!) but they go all out for their listeners, their fans. The ones who can only dream of seeing these performers live, not on a tv screen in their living room while watching the kids, working or preparing dinner or washing clothes. These fans for one night think about themselves. Truly leaving everything about their daily lives outside the arena once they hand it their ticket stub.

“Calibash 2015 was also the Latin music concert with the highest social media engagement with unprecedented high levels of interaction among the concert’s audience with their friends on social networks, the evening performers and their fans, Mega 96.3FM with their listeners and finally SBS Entertainment with their faithful followers.” Said Luis A. Márquez, Online and Social Media Marketing Manager de SBS Entertainment.

So where’s the next hot spot for SBS Entertainment? It’s Miami Baby! On Friday, April 10th the American Airlines Arena will be holding it down for the biggest concert in Miami for 2015. “Miami Bash” With a special performance by the the #1 On-Air Talent in the nation, el sexy Colombiano “Alex Sensation”. Accompanied by the station that makes the sun rise and sunset El Nuevo Zol 106.7. OK! So I can’t share the detz of the line up, but I can give you a hint. If you think back at all SBS Entertainment’s history makers and record breakers of concerts you will know who is on and poppin’ at the Arena. Can you guess?

A Must-See @ MSG! What You Missed!


No rain or thunder was shutting down this Must-See event at MSG. The concert opened with the Colombian sensation ‘J Balvin‘ performing his hit ” 6:00 a.m.” Fans sang to the molody as they heard the notes of his guitar echoing through the theater.

J Balvin since his initial debut still remains on top of the Latin Rhythm Airplay chart of Billboard. He has earned the loyalty of thousands of fans in all the Spanish-speaking countries.

Then with an amazing entrance filled with lights, smoke and dancers, Pitbull put the crowd in an uproar performing his biggest hits, including ” Fireball “, ” Timber “, “I Know You Want Me ” and ” Hotel Room Service”.

But who stole the night was Enrique Iglesias with his heartthrob seductive performance on stage of “Bailamos” , “Hero”, “Tonight” and ” Be With You”.

Short time before the concert Enrique spent some personal time with fans introducing ‘Adrenaline’. His first fragrance inspired by his desire for more excitement, more pleasure and more fun. What an amazing combination of Sex & Love and Adrenaline. Perhaps an early stocking gift for Xmas, huh?



The multi dimensional artist known as “Mr. Worldwide”, Pitbull, has accomplished something no Latino has previously done. He was awarded his own radio program on Sirius XM Satellite radio. The Cuban-born rapper is a modern day midas. Everything he touches turns to gold.

His success in colloborations with the best in the English and Spanish music markets and his business sense is an attractive package. Sirius XM brass certainly think so. This is an honor given to artists the like of Bruce Springsteen Jimmy Buffett, and Willie Nelson among others.

“We are thrilled to team up with Pitbull in the creation of this exciting new music channel.”

Born Armando Christian Perez, Pitbull has owned the number one song in 15 countries. He is and has been focused on the business aspect and recognizes avenues to expand. Sirius radio will play his program on Sirius XM and Sirius XM Latino.

“I want to thank Sirius XM for the opportunity to touch more my fans in a more personal way.”

The former Latin Grammy winner will have a platform to play his music as well as choose playlists and share personal favorites.

“I will get a chance to play all the music that I love and grew up listening to.”