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    Only 18-23% of Hispanics may vote for Trump

    Businessman Donald Trump is a controversial figure among Latin Americans. His political campaign began a little over a year ago, on June 16, 2015 , outside of Trump Tower with him accusing Mexican-Americans of being rapists and drug dealers. As he gets ready to formally accept his nomination as a presidential candidate for...

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    Obama Orders Sweeping Changes to Gun Control

    On Tuesday, Jan. 5th at 11:45 a.m. at the White House, President Obama announced that he will be using executive action to fix the gun control problem in the United States. Since Obama’s tenure, mass shootings took place in Sandy Hook, Charleston and most recently, San Bernadino. In attendance was the former...

  • News & Politics
    Obama Defends Latinos!

    Carl Lamarre gives us the scoop!

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