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  • Entertainment
    Miles Morales, a Latino & Black superhero, becomes the official Spider-Man of Marvel Comics!

    Yesterday, Marvel announced that Miles Morales, the half-Latino & half-Black superhero will be taking up the mantle of Spider-Man along with Peter Parker, who already dons the mask as Spider-Man, within the main Earth-616 universe of Marvel Comics. Back in 2011, Morales made his debut within the “Ultimate,” universe of the comic...

  • Entertainment
    Superhero Thievery: Michelle Rodriguez tells Actors of Color to stop stealing white characters

    Over the past year the issue of race has become an even hotter topic than it truly has been within the United States. After the tragic deaths of Michael Brown & Eric Garner, whose deaths are connected to racial discrimination, there’s been an ongoing debate on how the country should begin to...

  • Entertainment
    LatinTRENDS Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

    The last time we got to see the web-slinger with a strong sense of humor, albeit annoying for his opponents, was back in 2012 in The Amazing Spider-Man. In the last film, we followed Peter Parker, an orphaned teenage boy, as he was bitten by a genetically-altered spider and changed forever when...

  • Entertainment
    Casting News: America Olivo!

    The Playboy model is now starring in the new Spider-Man Broadway show!

  • News & Politics
    WTF? News: Tin Man vs. Spider Man

    So that's how they do it in the hood now? Is this how it goes down in...

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