Tanya Sotillo

Latina Business Owner – Tanya Sotillo

Let me introduce you to Latina Owner and Founder of Luxe Colore, Tanya Sotillo.


Luxecolore.com works by directly connecting buyers and designers together. It’s a one-stop shop to allow you to purchase directly from a list of designers. The Luxe Colore team meticulously selects fabulous brands and products to showcase on their website so you can enjoy a stylish, diverse, unique and exceptional selection. Luxe Colore is more than a shopping website, is a lifestyle!

Tanya’s vision came to life after reading an Essence article that described the difficulties designers of color experienced while attempting to grow their brands. Tanya was determined to develop a shopping experience that linked exceptional specialty products and designers to a larger market.

Full interview on Tanya Sotillo and her Luxe Colore brand coming soon.

Website: www.Luxecolore.com