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    What You Didn’t about Chino y Nacho

    Chino and Nacho were just two kids with big dreams for musical stardom. One was an athlete...

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    Death Of Yankees Prospect Reflects a Rise In Sports Fatalities

    It used to be the safest place being part of a professional sports organization. It still is...

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    The 2015 World Series started last night at Kauffmann Field and ended this morning with a victory...

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    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Gunning for Guyana

      President Nicolas Maduro Maros of the Venezuelan United Socialist Party,  has divided his country’s people in...

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    The latest album project of Chino and Nacho is enormous in material and depth of character. Their...

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    Raul is prepped for the Red Carpet!

    When you see this face, first thing that comes to mind is “where have I seen him...

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    Marc Anthony never goes out of style. Shannon De Lima, 26, his on again, off again model...

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    Five Fall Travel Essentials

    Even if you’re planning a fall vacation somewhere tropical, like Chile, Ecuador, or Venezuela, truth is, you can’t go wrong with a few fall must-haves. This way you’ll be comfortable and warm on the plane! 1. Fashionable scarves: whether infinity scarves or the traditional kind can be soothing throughout a long flight....

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    The musical composers which also make up the members of Grupo Treo, are on top of the...

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    Reasons To Visit Venezuela

    If you’re planning a vacation, chances are you’re debating between Chile, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, and other destinations in Latin America. Get ready to add Venezuela to that list, because there are a few reasons a trip to Venezuela makes good sense: 1. Caracas is Venezuela’s capital city, and a common destination...

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    Protesting in Venezuela Turns Violent

    It is unfair that people have to go to extreme lengths to get their point across and try to do something that creates change. It is unfair of how some country’s governments are run to the point where people are almost forced one way or another just to survive. Yet, this is...

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    Spanish Restaurants NYC: Arepera Guacuco

        There’s plenty of good reviews for this Venezualen hot-spot Arepera Guacuco! If you love arepa...

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    The story behind Karen Martello

    This Venezuelan vixen is more then just a pretty face with a powerful personality. Karen Martello‘s single...

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    The Venezuelan Blame Game: Protest turns violent but who is to blame?

    A protest in Venezuela against its government quickly turned into chaos on Wednesday which left dozens injured and three people dead. The chaos erupted after anti-government protesters clashed with the Venezuelan law enforcement. According to Attorney General Luisa Ortega, 23 people were injured and vehicles belonging to both government and private citizens...

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    Former Miss Venezuela and Actress Monica Spear murdered in highway robbery

    Tragic news out of Venezuela today, former Miss Venezuela 2004 and actress of Telemundo’s Pasion Prohibida Monica Spear and her husband, Henry Thomas Berry were murdered. The couple along with their daughter were attacked by a group of men who shot at them while they waited in their broke down car alongside...

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    Twitters: Latin World Leaders among the highest users of Twitter

    Since its debut back in 2006, Twitter has become a 140 character-based social media outlet that connects everyone to almost everyone. Since going online the site has introduced such phrases as “tweets” and “hashtag lingo” into our lives where it has become some day-to-day speech. From high-schoolers, to professional business men and...

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    Could whistle-blower Edward Snowden be heading to Venezuela?

    Maybe, yes he may but there is no official confirmation to say whether or not Edward Snowden is headed to Venezuela. Since the start of June, Snowden, 30, has become one of the most popular man, or one of the most hated and hunted man, in the world. Wanted by United States...

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    Nacho Proposes To Girlfriend Live on Despierta America

    Nacho, of Chino y Nacho proposed to his girlfriend live on “Despierta America” Friday. The Univision hit morning show was celebrating their Sweet Sixteen from Walt Disney World when Miguel Ignacio Mendoza “Nacho” surprised everyone by proposing to his girlfriend and mother of 2 of his 3 kids Inger Devera. The proposal...

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    14th Havana Film Festival NY (@HFFNY) Opening Night

    The 14th Annual Havana Film Festival New York (HFFNY) runs April 12-19 The Havana Film Festival New York (HFFNY) collaborates with Havana’s International Festival of New Latin American Cinema to introduce its audience to prominent and emerging filmmakers by showcasing the latest award-winning films and classics from and about Latin America, the...

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    Hugo Chavez’s cause of death revealed

    President of Venezuela Hugo “El Comandante” Chavez died Tuesday of a massive heart attack, according to a statement the head of his presidential guard, Gen. Jose Ornella, made to The Associated Press Wednesday night. “He couldn’t speak but he said it with his lips … `I don’t want to die. Please don’t...

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    Hugo Chavez Dead… On With The Next One

    "El Comandante" se murió!

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    Returning Home: President Hugo Chávez returns to Venezuela

    10 weeks after leaving his country, President Hugo Chávez returned to Venezuela from Cuba on Monday after leaving for cancer surgery. President Chávez, 58, left Venezuela back in December; his absence from his country left its citizen uncertain as to what would become of it and their cherished leader. So, his return...

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    Venezuelan Pop Star NORKA Shouts Out LatinTRENDS Magazine! [VIDEO]

    Norka is produced by Emilio Estefan!

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    Wilson Ramos saved by the Venezuelan Police Force!

    Baseball player Wilson Ramos Freed from being held captive. Check out this story!

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