1 World Trade Center

No Fun Dangling From One of The Tallest Skyscrapers In The World

This week was a scary scene to watch at the same location where so many lost their lives. Two Hispanic window washers were trapped outside 1 World Trade Center after their scaffolding malfunctioned Wednesday, more than 69 stories in the air. People below watched and prayed for over 2 hours. Juan Lizama, 41, and Juan Lopez, 33, seemed in good spirits and their extensive training helped them stay safe and keep those below safe too.


Everyone was safe around us and beneath us,” Lopez said. “Once I saw the fire department inside, I knew it was just a matter of time.” The responders were able to rescue the duo by cutting through thick window glass with a diamond saw. The problem with cutting through the glass, Lieutenant Ryan said, was that it could become pressurized at a high altitude, so rescue workers had to be careful that it did not shatter and injure anyone.


Cleaning windows on one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world is not a easy job and we are glad they are both doing well.