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    Immigrating to a new country where many people don’t know the language, the culture or history can be very scary and not to mention, a complicated process. People are immigrating for a better life, provide for their family, or in some cases, to start fresh again. Most may think that the experience...

  • Entertainment
    Celebrities Who Support Immigration Reform

    Hollywood celebrities like Julianne Moore, John Leguizamo, and Rosie Perez are sporting fedoras for the “Fedoras for Fairness” campaign, aiming to raise awareness about immigration reform. The fedora symbolizes the fight for immigration reform and the many hats that women wear. Each star has a personal quote regarding immigration reform and how...

  • Entrepreneurship
    The Time is Now: President Obama takes action on Immigration Reform

    Obama says “The time is now. Now is the Time. Now is the time” ...

  • Entrepreneurship
    Is Slavery Making a Comeback in America?

    Former Journalist Wants World to Wake Up to Slavery Crisis

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