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Artists Celebrate The Last Dragon with Art Show

Photo by Ottoniel Campos

Photo by Ottoniel Campos

The New York native and pop-culture aficionado, Amy Collado, celebrated the 30th anniversary of the popular 80’s flick “The Last Dragon” with amazing art works inspired by the movie.

The art show, “In Search of the Master,” was a tribute to Berry Gordy’s film The Last Dragon, which first debut in 1985 and starred professional karate and kun-fu fighter Taimak Guarriello. The lead actor, Guarriello, whose mother is black and father Italian, was 19-years-old when he was featured in the film.

“The show celebrates one of my favorite movies of all time,” said Collado, who curated the show at Fresthetic (fresh aesthetic) – an urban fashion boutique and art gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. “This was a perfect fusion of celebrating my 30th birthday and the anniversary of this film,” said Collado.

The first piece displayed was by Emilio Ramos, a visual artist that presented a Japanese female with a bandana-like cover over her mouth of a dragon’s eye. The Japanese symbol of a sun was the acrylic painting’s backdrop with red and yellow rays shooting out from the red sun. “I was excited about this event because it combines my love for this movie and my artistic style,” Ramos said.

Most art galleries (if not all) take a huge percentage from the sale of the art during the exhibition. Not Amy! She and Fresthetic are giving all proceeds to the artists that have contributed to the exhibition. “I’m a fan of these artists and I wanted to help fund their creativity,” Collado, also known as “Amz”, said last night at the opening.

The showing will continue in Fresthetic at 552 Grand Street Brooklyn, NY 11211. Artists that contributed to this exhibition were (in no particular order): Candy J, Neriah McBain, Keith A. Stephens, Kas Alexander, Clockwork Cros, Brian Kirhagis, Mauro Balcazar, JE The Vandl, Emilio Ramos and Will Focus.