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  • Entertainment
    Shakira’s New Single

      It’s been almost two months since Shakira hinted on Instagram that she will be coming out...

  • Entrepreneurship
    A Live Art Show presented by La Casa Azul Bookstore

    When someone has talent, they take the opportunity and run with it. In this instance, artists from around New York City made it into a career. Artists showcase their work through a gallery, but during the Latin Alternative Music Conference, there was an opportunity for them to showcase their work through a...

  • Events
    Infinite Regions Exhibition, Curated by Andrea Arroyo

    Infinite Regions, Curated by Andrea Arroyo Artwork by Iliana Emilia Garcia, Hiroko Ohno and Diana Schmertz The Grady Alexis Gallery at El Taller Latino Americano is pleased to present Infinite Regions, an art exhibition featuring the work of Iliana Emilia Garcia, Hiroko Ohno and Diana Schmertz, three diverse artists that approach notions...

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