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    Zoe Saldana is doing well on the professional front. She is currently promoting the third installment of...

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    Multiple Sclerosis, Don’t Let It Define You

    One way to understanding any disease is to talk to your doctor and another is to read about the disease from various medical sources. It is not always wise to rely on one source for information. With how much information we come across these days on the internet, it shows how much...

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    NIH Releases New Data Outlining Hispanic/Latino Health and Habits

      A comprehensive health and lifestyle analysis of people from a range of Hispanic/ Latino origins shows that this segment of the U.S. population is diverse, not only in ancestry, culture, and economic status, but also in the prevalence of several diseases, risk factors, and lifestyle habits. These health data are derived...

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    A natural way to fight arthritis

    By Amaury Perez, Ph.D,HC Doctors tend to see osteoarthritis as a progressive disease and focus their treatment only on alleviating pain instead of reversing the progress of the disease. The medications used to fight osteoarthritis used by millions around the world are dangerous and usually aggravate the condition. In general all forms...