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    Growing Acceptance: Cuba embraces Gay Community, and could soon legalize Gay Marriage

    This weekend marked a momentous moment in Cuba when during its gay pride parade more than 1,000 lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Cubans marched through the streets of Havana to show an unity against discrimination. While not accepting of gays in the past, Cuba has been on a steady rise when it...

  • Social Issues
    Latinos in Queens celebrate 22nd Annual Gay Pride Parade

    June kicks off Gay Pride Month in New York City and other cities across America. From June 21st to the 29th Manhattan will host a series of events honoring the hundreds of gaysliving in the city with the annual parade closing the week on Sunday, June 29th. But things kicked off earlier...

  • News & Politics
    Young Voices: Puerto Rico progressive effort to become more Gay and Gender friendly

      Earlier this summer, Gay American citizens across America were given the long awaited right to marry and since this pivot event countries all over have been addressing laws that permit civil rights to their Gay civilians. While some countries have seemingly stepped backwards, Puerto Rico is on a progressive track forward...

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