Today is International Happy Day. Be Happy! Here is How!

laura posada

Five Tips for Happiness by Laura Posada

1. Be your number one fan and love yourself no matter what
For other people to start appreciating you, you have to value and appreciate yourself first. Once you discover how much you’re worth everyone else will see it.

2. Forgive and move one, leave the past behind
Holding grudges and resentment holds you back from achieving happiness. You can’t change the things that happened in your life, but you can decide how you interpret and respond to them. Don’t cling to negative feelings, you need to let go in order to move forward.

3. Be in control of your mind! Remind yourself every day you are strong and stay positive
A positive attitude and mindset attracts success. Reinforce positive thoughts and behaviors and don’t focus on the negative. Tell yourself you are doing a great job at work, raising your children or whatever you do. Appreciate your hard work and remind yourself you can achieve anything you want.

4. Stop thinking and start doing, lose fear
See challenges as stepping stones to overcome your fears and obstacles. Many times we don’t do the things we want because of fear of failing. Understand that failing is learning and an opportunity to improve and do better next time.

5. Appreciate the journey and enjoy life. Choose happiness, you deserve it
In order to find happiness you have to find balance in your life, find time for yourself and discover what fulfills you. Those who believe don’t deserve happiness will sabotage their own efforts to achieve it. Remind yourself every day the steps you need to take to achieve the happiness you deserve.