I’m Livin’ La Vida Loca for Ricky!


Ricky Martin
been considered to be one of the Latin music industry’s hottest commodities. The obligations of Martin as a father to twins, Matteo and Valentino, his busy work schedule, I don’t see when he has the time to become available for himself.

When he is free he loves to be at peace. In a tranquil atmosphere and partaking in exclusive beauty treatment. Enduring a deep pampering with a facial mask, and a purification moisturizer on his lips and hands are just a few of his masculine routines Ricky embarks in to please not only himself but his fans.

What can we say about Ricky. His debonair facial expressions and piercing eyes are just the beginning of what we begin to fantasize about seeing him on stage. Can you relive in your mind his sexiness at the World Cup? Can you feel the sweat? I don’t care if its sweat, its Ricky’s! Every choreographed step whether ‘PG’ or ‘R’ made me want to be on stage so he can sing to me ‘She Bangs‘ after the world cup that is.

From his stardom in Menudo, Ricky has always had this aura that made him stand out from the rest of the talented artists in the group. Whether it was his vocals or the way he would caress his hair when it would go into his eyes, his touch became magnetic. His successful career as an entertainer, ambassador, entrepreneur, actor and also being a devoted father is truly commendable and his look is scrumptious to his fans.

Although it remains to be seen whether all his desired wishes came true for Ricky; to have the body of a Greek God and face of an angel, I can testify that his spectacular silhouette is something I think even his shadow will envy.

Enrique Iglesias Sex! Sex! & More Sex!


When you think of Enrique Iglesias what crosses your mind? Hot and Steamy am I right? Well, that’s what crosses my mind. ;) When he’s on stage belting his lyrics with that sexy ‘mirada, Oh My! Oh My! Oh Dear! It makes me think he is dedicating those words to me for that brief moment.

A girl can dream can’t she? lol

Love and Sex are the perfect words to describe this Latin heartthrob. Why not make it the album title? Enrique has released hit after hit. Each one dedicated to his self expression of passion in many different positions.

‘Bialando’ has been rated the #1 in numerous charts and continues to break records. The hottest single of the Album ‘Sex And Love ‘, the second part of ‘ Euphoria’. Enrique’s sizzling recipe to combine in One album several songs with varous degrees of increased sensual passion and the consistency of rhythmic style is the perfect recipe for foreplay and air play.

As hard as it was for be to believe, i was told Enrique was skeptical to release such a sexual album. However, after a few nights of reminiscing of his past romantic singles it took no arm twisting to convince Enrique ‘Love And Sex’ was a history maker and barrier breaker.

‘Bailando’ became one of the 10 most downloaded songs on iTunes.

This phenomenon with over 100 million albums sold, has overcome criticism and questions over his artistic ability to express his form of love for the music and for the warmth and excitement of a partner. I definitely have no criticism. Express Away Enrique!!

Enrique is smart and sexy and in addition to have a great head of hair he has a great head on his shoulders. He prefers not to include alcohol in a night of passion. It causes problems under the covers, apparently liquor doesn’t make him feel in control. WHAT A FREAK!!

More Fun and more romantic when you remember what you did the next morning. lol!

Despite the eye candy he is to so many fans, Enrique states he’s not interested in casual encounters.

He’s made ​​it clear his view on the double standard that is applied between women and men when judging their relationships.

“If a man lies with a lot of women , it is the best , but a girl does the same , its wrong?? Its not fair!

I personally thought he was a womanizer but he appears to be the whole package of hotness, humor and hero to defending women with double standards.

“… I honestly believe it’s difficult for love to survive without sex.” – Amen to that! lol

Shakira Roasts Her Rump in Miami [Photos]

In this business, sometimes you have to know when to step out of the way and let the wedgies do the work.

This is one of those times.

DAMELO! Enrique Iglesias, Shirtless, in St. Bart’s


Here’s hoping that this photo will alleviate your back-to-work blues.

If you want some more of Enrique’s lusciousness, CLICK HERE to see more photos from his vacation.

ROMEO SANTOS’ “Formula Vol. 1” Is The Top-Selling Latin Album In The Country For A Third Consecutive Week

Having Already Achieved Latin Music’s Strongest Initial Release In Over Four Years, Formula Vol. 1 Has Quickly Reached Double-Platinum Sales In The U.S. Latin Market Following Continued “Fandemonium” At Romeo Instore Appearances (See Below)

More Recent News & Release Coverage On ROMEO SANTOS

· Last Week, Santos Made A Groundbreaking Visit To Hot 97 In New York, Bringing Bachata To The English Language Airwaves Of One Of The Top Urban Music Stations In The Country.

To keep up with the Latest News on Romeo Santos, Please Visit:

www.romeosantosofficial.com – www.facebook.com/RomeoSantosOfficial

www.twitter.com/#!/RomeoSantosPage – http://www.youtube.com/romeosantosvevo

Have You Met Our Trendsetters Yet?

The 2011 10th Annual Latino Trendsetter Awards, a benchmark celebration, will be held on Tuesday, November 29th, 2011 at 6:00pm at The Marriot Marquis, Astor Ballroom, 7th Floor in New York City, co-sponsored by LatinTRENDS, Ford Motor Company, and Time Warner Cable, and the full list of winners of this prestigious award have been released today! Associate sponsors are Delta and Coors Light .The event is co-hosted by Jorge Ramos, the News Anchor of Telemundo 47 and Nilda Rosario, weather forecaster for WXTV Univision 41.

To see the full list of Trendsetters, and to read our exclusive interviews with them, CLICK HERE.

Bruno Mars Sings for the Vampires

By Zuleyka Indarte
Bruno Mars sings of failed love once again in his latest song “It Will Rain.” The video has been released just in time for the UK premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.
The video includes sad clips of the singer reminiscing on a broken relationship and remembering the good times. It ends on a depressing note with rain falling around Mars as he stands alone. As a direct tribute to the movie, the video also displays clips from Breaking Dawn. The song is the leading single from the film’s soundtrack.
Mars opens up a new category in the ongoing “Team Jacob” vs. “Team Edward” feud the vampire franchise’s fans have created. “How come I can’t be Team Bella? How come I’ve got to be the werewolf or the glitter guy?” he joked in a recent interview.
Movie goers will have to wait and see how exactly Mar’s sad song coalesces into the film’s love story. Breaking Dawn premieres November 18.

YOUR VOTE COUNTS! @50sMostWanted presents Lovely Latinas!

Every Wednesday, our friends over at Thisis50.com (50 Cent’s website) leave it up to you, the viewer, to decide which model is the hottest of the day, and this Wednesday is no different.

Today’s selection features a fine range of Lovely Latinas of all shapes & sizes, so head on over HERE to cast your vote for your favorite one!

Meet J-Lo’s New (Much Younger) Sidepiece!

J-Lo is totes over Marc Anthony, if this hot tamale is any indication…

His name is Caspar Smart, he’s one of her backup dancers, & The Insider is reporting that J-Lo is taking a page from Madonna’s playbook & fogging up the back windows of her Fiat 500 with him.

A “source” (read: J-Lo through a Vocorder) says that the relationship is labeled as “very casual” and JLo is trying to keep it that way. At 5’8″ and 160 pounds, Casper is a pocket hottie and moved his tiny little legs while dancing in an episode of Glee and in the direct-to-the-discount-bin masterpiece Honey 2. Casper joined JLo’s harem of dancers earlier this year.

Lovely Latina of the Day: Lala Vazquez-Anthony!

This basketball wife (to Carmelo Anthony) & Lovely Latina never fails to come correct on the red carpet.

Here she is at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show yesterday. Isn’t she awesome?

Meanwhile, Carmen Electra’s Not-So-Magnificent Dress…

Gentlemen’s Club Crazy Horse III celebrated their two year anniversary with a party hosted by former hottie Carmen Electra at the Crazy Horse II in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 21, 2011. Carmen looked simply gorgeous and sexy!!!! Robin Leach posted a pic of Carmen on his blog of her inside the club. See below.

Salma Hayek’s Magnificent…Dress!

I don’t know if any of you saw Salma Hayek on Letterman last night, but the woman is still amazing. I watched the whole thing in slow motion, it took about thirteen minutes, but it was totally worth it. Here she is outside the studios dropping a very nice, very large amount of Latina cleavage. Perfection. I just want to strip down and dive in their head first.