There is an App for that One Night Stand

One Night Standard

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For those that quickly need a hotel room because they crave spontaneity and indulge in late night, last minute sexual impulsiveness with a certain discreet someone then there is an app for that.

Yep, thanks to the app ‘One Night Standard’ you can quickly reserve a room for a quickie (or something like that) from the hours of 3 p.m. to 5 a.m. With the app, you can reserve rooms at any Standard Hotel locations, which are in New York, Miami Beach and Los Angeles.

But don’t just think you can use this app for inconspicuous activities. The app is also useful for those that need a place to crash because of a canceled flight, to drunk to drive home or because your baby momma kicked you out of the house.

Whatever the reason the free app on Android and Apple is now available with a $99 rate special until May 3, which is not bad considering the hotel’s trendy locations and the room’s high-end décor.

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Linda Alvarado


Linda Alvarado started her “unplanned career” working as a laborer for a landscaping company. When she applied, the superintendent told her, “Don’t you understand? Girls do food service. Boys do landscaping,” and he sent her to her college advisor for counseling. Linda later became a contract administrator for a development firm developing large commercial construction projects. She was enamored by the design process and construction from the foundation to project completion.


While it seemed crazy, she started a concrete company installing curb, gutter, sidewalks, and foundations. Her first buildings were small transit shelters for people waiting to catch the bus. Today Alvarado Construction has successfully built convention centers, high-rise offices, hotels, retail stores, sports stadiums, and various projects across the US.


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