The International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival (IPRHFF)’s mission is to create platforms that allow Latinos and a diverse pool of international influencers in entertainment and educational filmmaking to reach a broader audience. We will develop programs that will allow a spectrum of filmmakers, from emerging artists to film industry veterans, to reach out to audiences throughout New York City.

The goal of the IPRHFF is to foster a collaborative environment for all artists to explore issues inherent to the heritage of Puerto Rico and to develop their craft with direct input from their target audiences.

This Festival is open to all filmmakers Latinos and Non Latinos.

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Films include:

  • Alfonso Rodriguez 10 Second Barrier
  • Sonia Fritz 15 Faros de Puerto Rico (15 Lighthouses)
  • Javier Ortiz 73 Dollars to Park
  • Mauricio Zapata A Matter of Seconds
  • Flora Garay Anatomy of a Dress
  • Jacobo Morales Angel
  • Darlien Morales Beneath Paradise
  • Michael Martinez Borders
  • Lia Chapman Broken Angels
  • Valentina Conti Cabras where fables are born
  • Jon Navarro Cafe con Leche
  • Maria del Mar Rosario Characters of Times Square
  • Jean Carlo Carreras Decency
  • Angel Nieves Dreams of You & Me
  • Cati Gonzalez EKAJ
  • Beka Sikharulidze Grandpa’s Debtor
  • Ray Negron Henry and Me
  • Arturo Cisneros I know where the money is Mum
  • Angel Manuel Soto La Granja
  • Alex Santiago Las Vacas con Gafas
  • Dashia Imperiale Little Angel (Angelita)
  • Maria Soccor Lords of BSV
  • Chris Mason Machete Kisumontao el Documental
  • Gary Cruz & William Rosario Machista
  • Ron Rivera Man-Kind
  • Jennica Carmona Millie and the Lords
  • Kevin Kaufman Ms. Homicide
  • Judy Febles My Sister Vanessa
  • Maria Palacio Necromancer
  • Natasha Soto North
  • Soraya Arrabal Sanchez Oda a Maria
  • Xavier Santiago Pardon The Intrusion
  • Guy Guido Physical Attraction
  • Damian Dastar Roma: The Silent Film
  • Aristides Falcon-Paradi Rumba Clave, Blen, Blen, Blen
  • Adel L. Morales Since I Laid Eyes
  • Dariun Robinson Solo Soy un Super, Mano (I’m Just a Super, Man)
  • Pamela Ochnic SRA ZORILLA
  • Jutta Schoen Strive
  • Rafael Rodriguez Telex from Cuba
  • Jessenia Cotto The Hook
  • Juan Marquez The Last Colony
  • Jade Bryan The Shattered Mind
  • Victor Cruz The Stockroom
  • Edwin Pagán The Talisman
  • Arilyn I. Martinez Cora The Texture of the Light
  • Yamil Miranda From The Tub
  • Juan C. Dávila Vieques: una batalla inconclusa
  • Danielle Glynn Youth

2014 International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival




The 4th Annual International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival (IPRHFF) is pleased to announce its’ return November 12-16, 2014 to Spanish Harlem, NYC

This year there will be 5 events beginning in June leading up to the main event. The Road to IPRHFF is being organized by Privilege Marketing Group.

The 2014 IPRHFF will showcase pioneering, historically significant films and documentaries, contemporary shorts and features, and other innovative films. Every film will feature Puerto Rico and its people in key production roles, from behind the scenes to the front of the screen. A celebrity panel discussion will explore film industry related topics; discuss the challenges and potential for young Latino filmmakers to make an impact.

Finally, receptions and after-parties throughout the weekend will give participants an opportunity to celebrate their Heritage and network with other industry professionals. In addition, the IPRHFF will join a new celebrity spokes person, to the tradition of the festival.

Puerto Ricans were the first and largest Spanish speaking group to migrate and settle in the big apple, paving the way for other Latinos. This festival was initiated to pay tribute to that Puerto Rican legacy, while celebrating the richness of their traditions, creative expressions and contributions to the welfare and growth of the United States, especially within the context of other Latino contributions.

Come experience the heritage for yourself and help support them as they share their incredible work! For more information please log on at: