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Uber for Weed?

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Uber for Weed?

As marijuana is becoming legal in more states, business is budding in states where the sale and consumption of it has been legal for some time. In northern California, farmers grow it for medicinal purposes and in San Francisco, the delivery service Eaze, has been dubbed the “Uber of weed”, and is one of the most funded tech start-ups in the marijuana industry.



Did you know that medical marijuana farmers can obtain insurance coverage for their crop? California’s John Ford Insurance Agency offers cannabis coverage in select areas with plans for general and product liability, property, crop and general equipment breakdowns – in a similar manner for farmers of any other crop. As the cannabis industry grows in California, this independent insurance agency looks to aid the farmers.

Could something like this lead to the legalization of medical marijuana nationwide?

(disclaimer, this post is informational and or for entertainment purposes. It is not an indication that LT supports use or sale of marijuana)


Latin American Leaders React to the Legalization of Pot in CO, WA

Since Election Day, it has been said that “better days are coming”. But, can anyone agree to that since for the first time in US history the states of Colorado and Washington have legalize recreational marijuana? What would that mean for the nation’s war on drugs? President Felipe Calderón of Mexico, along with the president of Belize, Costa Rica, Honduras and Guatemala, have called for the Organization of American States to examine the potential effects of the legalization of marijuana. Not only that, they are requesting that the UN have a special session on the matter in order to evaluate the policies.
Much of the marijuana that is distributed in the US is smuggled out of Mexico, and as for cocaine, it passes through Central America, mainly Belize and Honduras, coming from South America.
In the past year, these Latin American leaders have even mentioned to have some drugs leaglized throughout the West. Maybe this will lessen the violence that saturates drug trafficking. Calderón’s war on drugs has cost 60,000+ in his country. When incoming Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto takes office on the 1st, will things be different? Nieto doesn’t plan on legalizing drugs but says he will focus on preventing violence against civilians.