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Demi Lovato Campaigns Mental Health Awareness As Latinos Fall Short Seeking Help

Demi Lovato

It is huge that the megastar Demi Lovato has come out to speak about mental health awareness, especially when the majority of Latinos don’t seek help from a mental health professional.

Lovato, who is known for being upfront with her struggles with being bullied when she was a child, bulimia, drug addiction and being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, is now an advocate for mental health awareness.

“Yeah, I’ve been very open about my story because I know that the more honest and open that I am the more people that I’m going to reach,” says Lovato on the “Today Show”.

“Growing up, I felt very, very depressed,” says the chart-topping singer to the Associated Press. “Even though I was playing concerts and living out my dream, I couldn’t tell you why I was upset.”

Lovato, who is encouraging others to tell their stories on mental health, joined a new campaign called “Be Vocal: Speak Up for Mental Health” with a pharmaceutical company, the National Alliance on Mental Illness and other mental-health advocacy groups. The campaign aims to develop better treatment options and abolish the negative connotation of the word mental illness.

Because of that stigma the Latino community, unfortunately, falls short when looking for help from a mental health professional. According to a report by the American Psychiatric Association’s Office of Minority and National Affairs, only 1 in 11 Hispanics contact a mental health specialist for help.

The AP reports that Lovato, whose father is of Mexican and Spanish descent, was actually relieved when she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which is a chemical imbalance that creates mood swings ranging from depressive lows to manic highs.

“I remember smiling and thinking great, OK, so there’s not anything wrong with me as a person,” she said. “It’s actually just a condition that I have and I can do something to fix it. I don’t have to be like this forever.”

You Get What You Think. It’s That Simple!


Our Thoughts Become Our World. Think Not?
Read Below…

Everyone wants to be successful, happy and complete. A healthy mental attitude is essential for all. Especially for Latinos, as we are still a new community in the US. We have really been migrating here in the last 40 years, and that is new. We or our parents come from countries with that have less opportunity to grow, and that is the very reason why most of us and or our parents, and our grandparents came here; “in search of a better life”. And because of this we as a community have more challenges then other ethnic groups that have been here for over 100, 200 years, US Latinos are mostly 1st and 2nd generation deep. We can especially benefit from deliberate positive mental attitude, in which we watch and control our thoughts to make life a little easier, with the increased possibility of being happier and more successful. So in saying that, I wanted to these words below, which were originally published a few months ago in my publisher’s column on LatinTRENDS Magazine

Think yourself into a great year for the rest of 2015. It is still a relatively new year, make the best of it, because, as we all know “time flies”, and not just when you’re having fun! Get excited about 2015, but be careful what you think…did you know that the biggest secret to success and happiness is your mind?..and that it can make you or break you? Well…it’s not just your mind. It’s what you put into it. It’s your thoughts!

“if we understood the power of our thoughts, we would guard them more closely. if we understood the awesome power of our words, we would prefer silence to almost anything negative. in our thoughts and words we create our own weaknesses and our own strengths. (Betty Eadie)”


Having increased awareness of your surroundings is important, having an increased awareness of what goes on inside you, “your mind” is even more important. It’s the gate to all else. Our thoughts basically rule everything. “Our thoughts become things.” The dominating thought that we carry in our minds, whether concisely or subconsciously will bring exactly that into our lives. If you live in fear, you’ll get more worries, more problems and more fear.

If you think hateful and angry thoughts, you will repel people, and even attract the some like minded individuals and situations into your life, such as relationships, friends, bosses, etc. If you come from a place of abundant, prosperous, happy, thoughts, that is what you will get, happiness, good will, abundance.

Our thoughts will dictate how we feel. Feeling happy, sad, mad, or successful? Check your thoughts in that moment, and you will be surprised in the bond that exists between mind & life. Case in point: ‘Prayer does not work for most people” because most people turn to prayer when they have a problem, when all else has failed or when they are afraid, anxious and nervous. Under these conditions they are coming to prayer form a position of fear, not of faith. If you are going to pray, do it with faith, and do it in the highs and the lows, not just when you want something. Faith is the key word here, and faith is the key word to add to your thoughts. A thought without the emotion of belief and or faith is just a thought. However a thought mixed with the “magic potion” of faith becomes powerful in that it manifests into reality in your life. That’s what happens when the two elements are in place; you either create a way, find a way, or it finds you! It’s simple; let’s say you are dealing with a problem. Your either focus on the problem and get stressed out, maybe even catch an ulcer OR you focus on the solution, fix the problem, feel great about it, then on to the next one…with a smile ( no ulcer here).

Thoughts are what separates humans from the animal kingdom, we can control our thoughts, and animals cannot! Every single thing on this planet started with a thought, whether it is a law, a building, a car, a suit, and dress, even us! If it would not have been for the initial thought of our parents communicating on that very first time and then following through and “getting jiggy with it” we would not be here today. Thoughts indeed manifest and become things in our life, good and bad. Thoughts created us tambien!