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    Jennifer Lopez’s New Docu-series “Los Jets” takes on the obstacles immigrant families face in America

    From Executive Producer Jennifer Lopez comes the inspiring story of ‪”Los Jets“‬ — a North Carolina high school soccer team made up almost entirely of young Latino men whose parents immigrated here in search of a better life. The young players in “Los Jets” are almost all immigrants, many from families with...

  • Entertainment
    Curvy Girls Season Two Episode Three on NUVOtv Tomorrow

    Curvy Girls Season Two Episode Three on NUVOtv with Special Guest Gail Saltz TOMORROW, TUESDAY, JUNE 18 at 10PM Episode Three Ivory sets up an appointment with The Today Show therapist, Gail Saltz to discuss her past and how it has affected her relationships with friends and lovers. Joanne gets pressured from...

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