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Choosing The Dating App That’s Right For You

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If you’re looking to meet new people but don’t want your friends to be your wingmen, then dating apps are the way to go. Not only are you in control of who you spend time chatting with, but it’s your choice whether you eventually meet this person or not. After the first date, if the chemistry is nonexistent, then there’s no pressure to meet again. After all, it wasn’t one of your friends who set you up. Of course, the real dilemma then becomes, with so many dating apps to choose, which one do you select?

Because we understand the struggle, we’ve broken down some of the most popular options, explaining what sets each apart:

Coffee Meets Bagel limits you to one bagel (person to get to know) per day. Most users find that this takes the “buffet” feel away from dating apps and gives it a less superficial feel.

Grouper puts a twist on the dating shtick. It’s a social club that sets up drinks and games between 3 guys and 3 girls. There’s a small fee of $20 per person. The first round of drinks is on the app, the rest of the night is up to the team.

How About We lets users propose dates others can opt into. So if, for example, you’ve had this idea of going on a karaoke date, you can write it out and wait to see who chooses to join you in your singing adventure.

Match remains one of the most popular options amidst dating apps. The app matches local users based on algorithms.

OkCupid is promoted as a social network and dating app. It lets you get in touch with people in your area based on interests.

Tinder lets you swipe “yes” or “no” on other members. When you “yes” someone who has also said “yes” to you, the application allows you to message each other within its interface.

Are you ready to give dating apps a try? If so, which one do you think you’ll use? We want to know what your experience is like. Share below or send us a tweet @LatinTRENDS2010.

Has Online Dating Become the New Bar Scene or Something Else?

online datingThe way people have dated in the past has greatly changed by one thing, the Internet. Online dating sites have become such a “go-to” place to meet compatible men and women that some people may even feel they have to alter their profile of whom they really are just to get noticed. While this should not have to be the case, here are some sites (and there are of course many more) specifically for Latinos to help you find your soul mate:,, and

Now here are two ordinary people, Judy Hernandez of New Brunswick, NJ and Nick Powanda of Colonia, NJ, that give their insight about the benefits, disadvantages, successes, and if making any changes to your online profile more attractive for online dating. Remember, that online dating is a personal choice and traditional dating may be something that is more for you, but you and only you can decide that for yourself.

Interviewer: What is your take of online dating and do you feel that it is a benefit or a disadvantage to finding your soul mate?

Judy Hernandez (JH): Online dating is a great way for busy people to meet people. A benefit to online dating is that you can see the profile of many people at one time, while a disadvantage is that people may not portray themselves honestly.
Nick Powanda (NP): I think that with an online dating service you get to put all of your personal opinions and hobbies, to name a few, on display for millions of other users to see. It makes it a lot easier to find someone you really connect with and on a much more personal level.

Interviewer: How successful do you think online dating is overall?

JH: I believe that online dating has a high success rate because it’s becoming the norm. I’ve also heard that people who meet online have gotten married.
NP: As for how successful it is I know a couple who met online several years ago and I they just recently got engaged. I met my last girlfriend online, and for the most part she was a semi-long-term girlfriend and a friend of mine has also had a couple long term girlfriends that he’s met online.

Interviewer: Would you change anything about yourself to make your online profile more attractive?

JH: I wouldn’t change anything about myself to make my online profile more attractive because if someone is going to want to meet me, I would want them to know the real me and I would never portray someone I am not.
NP: When it comes to my online presence, what you see is what you get. I want to present myself exactly as I am and I don’t feel like I need to “sugar coat” anything to please anyone.

So, is online dating right for you?