Oscar De La Renta

Remembering The Great Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta at his fashion show at Neiman Marcus- Chevy C

Legendary fashion designer Oscar de la Renta died on Monday at age 82, according to multiple reports.

The Dominican Republic born fashion designer made the most exquisite dresses for first ladies, movie stars and high profile brides. George Clooney’s wife, Amal Alamuddin, was de la Renta’s most recent bride to dress.

Oscar de la Renta has been battling cancer since 2006, but the cause of his death has not been revealed.

De la Renta has dressed first ladies since Jaqueline Kennedy wore his designs during the 60s, which propelled him to start his own brand in 1965. He continued to design beautiful gowns for Betty Ford, Nancy Reagan, Laura Bush and Hilary Clinton. Earlier this year an exhibit showcased Oscar de la Renta’s “Five Decades of Style” demonstrating “the First Lady as our country’s official hostess to world leaders and diplomats and as a trendsetter in style [and] fashion,” stated the museum, the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Texas.

Red carpet events that were adorned by movie stars that wore Oscar de la Renta designs will still experience the New York based brand with Peter Copping as the new creative director, who was just appointed last week.




By Deyanira Martinez

Her passion for fashion goes all the way back to the village of La Piedra in the town of Cotuí, Dominican Republic, where, surrounded by old dolls and fabric scraps, Cenia Paredes embarked on what would be a great career in design.

Cenia Paredes, the eldest daughter of the only seamstress in her hometown, grew up sketching dress designs for her mother’s clients who preferred to order the drawings of a 9-year-old girl than designs from fashion magazines. Since then, Cenia knew what she wanted to be in life: a fashion designer like Oscar de la Renta, as her aunt would predict on a family visit.

With the certainty that everything is possible and that the most unlikely dreams can come true, Paredes registered at a local community college, and then at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) when she arrived at the United States at the age of 20.

She refused to listen to the naysayers who said it was almost impossible for a Latina woman to launch her own clothing line. Paredes worked incessantly during the day at a design company and spent nights and weekends creating what would be her own collection.

When she learned that Macy’s was sponsoring a program for women and minorities in fashion, she immediately applied and was selected from more than 900 participants to create a clothing line for the famous retailer.

Cenia recognized that designers always used the same measurements when creating and that there was a gap in the industry, so she conceived Cenia Fit, a design with more room in the hip area and less in the bust area, which solves the problem of women with curves.

Today, Cenia Paredes’ designs are sold around the world, her collection is available in HSN, The Home Shopping Network, and celebrities wear her designs. Lin-Manuel Miranda’s wife and his mother wear Paredes’ designs too!

The story of this amazing Dominican woman is an example of determination, an example of a woman who dreams big and takes action to make her dreams come true.

Cenia Paredes (c) with the HSN crew

Cenia Paredes (center) with the HSN crew

LT: How are Dominicans in NY different from Dominicans on the island?

CP: The United States offers more opportunities and, when you achieve success, you do it globally. This country is a great platform to excel. I come from a poor family and did not know if in the Dominican Republic I could have the same opportunities. When you come from such humble beginnings as I did, you appreciate more the opportunities and want to improve in any way possible. “I am concerned that, in some cases on the island, there is a lack of values ​​that is affecting society and that many young people are not focusing on education”.

LT: What are Dominicans’ greatest attributes?

CP: Our joy.


LT: Are you connected to the island and, if so, how do you maintain that connection?

CP:I travel once a year and I have many relatives there. I grew up there. That’s something that I have deeply rooted, and my Dominican essence will not change regardless of how long I’ve been out of the country. The love I have for my country is immense.

See for more of this story in this month’s issue of LatinTRENDS Magazine.

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Fashion Starlette brings Eye Candy Sass to Sabado Gigante

Yas Gonzalez Experta de Moda

This Cuban American fashionista has a keen eye for colors and contrasts. She is what I would call the ‘Latina Fashion Police.’ So move over, Kathy Griffen here comes Yas Gonzalez. Don’t let her sweetheart appearance fool you! On Sabado Gigante, Yas made her debut illustrating the importance of self confidence with sass, politely emphasizing the importance of “Do’s” and the “Do not even think about it, of being in-style.”

Let’s be real, Miami is the heart of viewing bodacious buff men and babies with the Jlo booty. But its not all about the shape, its about the colors. Yas new collection of swimwear ” Black and White”, focuses on the use of colors that make you want to say “YUMMM!” Colors that bring out that twinkle to your eye, like when you see your favorite pair of stilettos through a window on 5th Ave, or when you devour your favorite piece of chocolate. Where you can’t have just one. Her designs makes you want to say “Yes! Give me one of everything!”

“During my studies in fashion design, I started to launch my own line of swimwear. I did four collections that captivated the attention of buyers and large chain stores purchasers. That’s when I decided to look into how to go about massively producing , distributing and selling my swimwear. My brand has been embraced the biggest fashion buyers in the industry. ” Yas said.

Before becoming one herself, Yas became inspired by the most prominent stylists in the world. Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, Alexander McQueen and Christian Louboutin. Entertainers also played a big role in creating her eccentric designs. Who wouldn’t want to see these icons in some sexy swimwear? Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez with her new rumored arm-candy, William Levy. Uh! Yeah, that’s a topic for another day.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2014 – Oscar de la Renta

Oscar De La Renta 2007 - Backstage

Oscar de la Renta at 81 years old is one of the biggest name in the fashion world. Born Óscar Arístides Ortiz de la Renta Fiallo from the Dominican Republic he has styled some of the top A-listers in the industry and became internationally known in the 1960s as one of the couturiers to dress Jacqueline Kennedy.





















Brian Reyes: Rising Fashion Icon

By: Giselle Rodriguez
Writer, LatinTrends Magazine

This article originally appeared in the April 2010 issue of DTM. Reprinted with permission.

Brian Reyes left the palm trees of Miami for the concrete of New York City at the tender age of seventeen. With the hopes of making a positive imprint on the fashion industry, Reyes learned the trade from the best of the best. He pounded the pavement and received tutelage from fashion icons such as Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, and fellow Latino Oscar de la Renta.

Fresh from Oscar de le Renta’s atelier, Brian showcased his premiere season of designs at NYC’s Fashion Week for the Spring of 2006. His work caught the eye of starlet Rachel Bilson and her stylist Nicole Chavez. A phone call was made and a relationship, still thriving today, was created. Rachel isn’t the only Hollywood player to take notice of the Colombian designer’s talent: Oscar winner Cate Blanchett, popular Latina icon America Ferrera, Kate Hudson, and Tina Fey have all graced entertainment industry events with his creations.

Brian describes his work as “Modern American Glamour.” The clothing is youthful, yet sophisticated, with a feminine and flirty twist. The runway loves him and the red carpet embraces him, but Reyes also believes in practicality; his ready-to-wear line includes lingerie and deliciously soft jersey tee’s. His Spring 2010 collection was met with rave reviews. It was a ying-yang celebration of old and new. Brian introduced denim to the collection while also keeping true to his feminine angle with ruffled dresses, fluttery sleeves, bustier dresses and sheer fabrics.

This February, Reyes found himself in the homes of millions across the country with his cameo on ABC’s Ugly Betty. And he finally got his full comeuppance during this year’s Fashion Week in NYC, receiving rave reviews from such mainstream publications as OK! Magazine, StyleList Magazine, and Latina Magazine. “The use of viscose and high-stretch jersey was influenced by tree climbers of the Northwest and the protective clothing they wear to study some of the most mesmerizing specimens on earth,” Brian says of his line. Jewel tones seemed to be the basis of Brian’s show. Turquoise, purple, blue and gold were used among neutrals and were said to be inspired from elements of fire. From dresses, suits, sweaters and coats, this show had something for everyone. Expect to see a new print resembling tree bark this season.

It’s clear to see that Brian Reyes is quickly becoming a fashion icon!