Mascara for the Ultimate in Length, Lift and Volume

Lancôme the mascara expert introduces the next generation of mascara that effortlessly covers lashes from root to tip in one simple and quick stroke for a spectacularly open, full, and even-lash look. Grandiôse delivers multi-benefit effects for fanned-out lashes, length, lift, and volume at every angle. Its breakthrough application technique effortlessly extends lashes out from the outer eye, lifts lashes up from the center and grasps even the tiniest lashes, without having to bend the brush or strain your wrist for magnificently maximized lashes. Curved at a 25 degree angle, the Swan-NeckTM Wand mimics the curves of your face, grabbing lashes at the base to fan them out and avoiding any unnecessary smudging.


Work the lashes starting at the outer corner of the eye and moving inward, making sure to position the brush parallel to the lash line and at the root of the lashes for ultimate results.


August 6th, 2014 at and Lancôme counters nationwide