I’m ‘Stuck On A Feeling’ for Prince Royce!


For a Latino artist to break into the Anglo market it is not an easy task. When iconic artists such as Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias made their initial debut, as talented as they were, it was not an easy transition. I’m not talking about the production, I’m talking about the acceptance. Let’s be real, it’s the fans love that have these artist shine bright like a diamond, as Riri would say.

Prince Royce’sStuck on a Feeling” featuring Snoop Dogg, was like his new demeanor came out of thin air. His history of performing bachata in venues worldwide with almost a child-like innocence to transition to such an almost manly appearance with sultry lyrics sounds miles away from “Darte un Beso.”

The collaboration of these two diverse artists, one of pop and one of urban hip hop is not something we are unfamiliar with. From the first note of “Stuck on a Feeling” there was an entrancing sound and then when I heard the Royce’s lyrics and Snoop, it was like this song was meant to show the world that music like our culture has no boundaries. I’m really looking forward to this album release in mid- 2015 under the RCA.

Prince Royce is nominated for four 2014 Latin Grammy’s (Record of the Year; Song of the Year and Best Tropical Song for “Darte Un Beso” and best contemporary tropical album for “Soy El Mismo.” He has had nine No. 1 singles on Billboard and has sold out venues worldwide. Royce’s triumphant journey has taken him places in his heart he knew he was meant to see, feel and experience. He has proven that for every moment of gratitude he has been blessed with a multitude of success.

Giselle Blondet is 50 and Fab!


We all know this Latin bombshell Giselle Blondet, as an elite actress and powerful business woman. Well now we can add successful published author to that list.

Releasing not her first but her second book entitled, “Tengo 50…Y que?!” speaks for itself expressing to the world through not a template biography but through an reader friendly journal of life experience filled with her triumphs of tears and laughter. Achieving what many consider to be a self-fulfilling women empowering movement – a new opportunity to re-invent themselves.

My favorite quotes would be: “Do something crazy for love…” and “Dance in the rain.”

Whether your curious in reading the book or trying to get yourself out of a rut Giselle is an example of being 50 is Fabulous! Either way have much to gain from her learning from her experience and inspirations.

55th Annual Grammy Highlights of the Winners for the Latin Categories

GrammyNo doubt whether it is the Grammy Awards, Emmy Awards, Music Video Awards, Best Country Awards or any other awards, there will always be winners and losers in each category. Here is a list of winners for the Best Latin Pop Album, Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album, Best Regional Mexican Music Album, and Best Tropical Latin Album.

Best Latin Pop Album

Juanes is no stranger to the Grammys, winning his first Grammy in the category of Best New Artist for his album Fijate Bien back in 2000. His success did not stop there and continued to be recognized for his music by receiving eight other Grammy nominations and six awards as well. An artist would also want to share their success not only in their native language, but also do a crossover album to English and be able to reach many more fans. There is no doubt that Juanes made this move was a success. He was born in Medellin, Columbia and is the winner of the Best Latin Pop Album.

Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album

Stories are a way to talk about things that happen whether it is good, bad, or indifferent. The Quetzal band brings their songs to life about social, political, cultural and musical of people going through struggles. Like many artists, family is very important to them and some songs are even about their own family. This year, the Quetzal band won the Grammy for the Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album category.

Best Regional Mexican Music Album

Stereotypically, women are not as well respected in some industries or even in the workplace, even though most people think they should be. Lila Downs beat out many male nominees and was able to win the Grammy for the Best Regional Mexican Music Album.

Best Tropical Latin Album

Music is no stranger to the winner of the Best Tropical Latin Album, Marlow Rosado Y La Riqueña working as a producer, composer, and pianist, among other musical genres. When making an album working with outside people is crucial because they can make the album a really great success.

Where’s Brooklyn At?

by: Eddie Olmo
To know where Brooklyn’s at, first you must know who Brooklyn is.  Brooklyn is a young Puerto Rican fashion designer from, you guessed it, the BK who this weekend showcased his clothing line Isla Jewel at the Secret Lounge at 525 W29th St.  This exclusive fashion show was hosted by Urban Latino’s Liz Marie and included performers like J.O., Tony Mays and many more.
Brooklyn began his fashion career in high school and is inspired by the great city of New York.  When asked about his line of clothing he described it as “fashion contour, raunchy, very editorial, brave, bold, crazy like my motto ‘Go big or don’t go at all’” and he was definitely right.  His line depicted perfectly a glamorous crazy nightlife decorated with lots of studs and skin showing outfits.
He also had help from NYC Custom Airbrushing who helped make his New York inspired fashion show a success.  Brooklyn is ready to launch his next show in February and would like to dress artist like LadyGaga and Beyonce in the future.


The singer Romeo Santos, who graces the cover of People magazine in Spanish still celebrate the success of his first solo single. “YOU” remains at the top radial fourth consecutive week. This song debuted at # 1 managing to reach 13.8 million listeners standing among the 10 songs that have managed to debut at the top of the charts.

People is in Spanish with Romeo, presents his son Alex and sincere as ever talking about his role as a parent, the success with the group Aventura and his new solo project which will FORMULA-to-market for fall .

Corporate Survival 101

by: Casandra Kate Escobar

Writer, LatinTRENDS.com

Mi Gente de LatinTRENDS!  We are removed from la sombra del arbolito and we are  navigating through a city built on concrete.  Even though a rule book did not accompany the stamp on our passport as we crossed over, we did have consejitos on surviving en la gran cuidad.  However, how much could that prepare us for Corporate America?

With close to 8 years under my belt in Corporate America, I have observed some  “rules” that have maximized my navigation in the hallways of Corporate, while being female, while being Latina, while being an artist.

Here is a glimpse to 5 of the “corporate rules” I have observed on my own:

1.  Define your linear strategy.
Structure has its place.  Corporate builds it success on proven linear strategies. What’s your strategy?

2.  Stick to the facts.
In a world built on lines, there is no room for circles. The “facts” are your  lines. In a court room, your best defenses are the facts, likewise here.

3.  Sharpen your transferable skills.
What will get you your next position?  Transferable skills. The most effective way to spend your work day is building on skills that you can take with you.

4.  Wear hot pink on a rainy day.
Expression has its place, wear it proud. It is easy to get mechanical in this environment, remember to be

5.  Ask questions.
As simple as the question might be, ask questions.  It implies intrigue and gets  you noticed.  Open dialogue with those around you.  Relationships are key to your career advancement.

Bueno, que se yo? Every game has rules.  Play to win!

Casandra Kate Escobar

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