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Uber for Weed?

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Uber for Weed?

As marijuana is becoming legal in more states, business is budding in states where the sale and consumption of it has been legal for some time. In northern California, farmers grow it for medicinal purposes and in San Francisco, the delivery service Eaze, has been dubbed the “Uber of weed”, and is one of the most funded tech start-ups in the marijuana industry.



Did you know that medical marijuana farmers can obtain insurance coverage for their crop? California’s John Ford Insurance Agency offers cannabis coverage in select areas with plans for general and product liability, property, crop and general equipment breakdowns – in a similar manner for farmers of any other crop. As the cannabis industry grows in California, this independent insurance agency looks to aid the farmers.

Could something like this lead to the legalization of medical marijuana nationwide?

(disclaimer, this post is informational and or for entertainment purposes. It is not an indication that LT supports use or sale of marijuana)