Undercover Curl Lover

my curls

My hair tells stories. It speaks of Latinidad, and femininity and seduction. It does what it wants and I obey.

That is except when I give presentations, or when I host events or conduct face-to-face interviews with celebrities. I think about what I am saying—without saying a word—when I go naturally curly or flat-ironed straight.

The “Love Your Curls” film by Dove makes me question the message I am sending my nieces and my future children as well. It’s easy to say that my hair is not political or racial or even a topic of discussion. But it is. One of my nieces looks at her curls with disdain. Her mother and I try to give her a sense of Curl Pride, telling her that her curls are gorgeous and point excitedly at curly hair girls in magazines. But when I set off for my next meeting or interview, hair unraveled and disguised, I see that the message I am sending my niece is tangled up.

And maybe it’s not at all as serious as I make it out to be. I just want my niece to love her hair. I know I love mine. But am I being an undercover curl lover?


Reuniting 300 Military Families for Father’s Day

Three Hundred Military Families Reunited This Father’s Day

Operation Homefront and Dove® Men + Care® Join Forces To Return Deployed Dads Home To Their Families

Three hundred active duty servicemen will be able to head home this Father’s Day so that they can care for their families. Dove® Men+Care® and non-profit organization Operation Homefront are teaming up to launch the “Mission: Care” campaign, which helps military dads (and moms) make the journey from their base to their families to spend quality time with their children.

To remind all families to make every moment together count, especially on Father’s Day, Dove® Men+Care® captured a surprise reunion for one military dad and his family. This heartfelt film features the serviceman, named John, his wife and children, after being apart for almost one year. They share their feelings about fatherhood including how time away (due to work) affects him. John’s experience represents one story of hundreds that will take place across the country in time for the holiday weekend, thanks to the “Mission: Care” campaign. To see the film, go to www.dovemencare.com/missioncare.

Whether working a nine-to-five job, traveling for business or even serving in the military, there is an emotional tax on dads when they experience time away from their children,” said Rob Candelino, VP of Marketing at Unilever. “Dove® Men + Care® is reuniting hundreds of military dads who care for our country so that they can go home and care for their families firsthand this Father’s Day.”

The Faces of Fatherhood: Dads Share Their Stories
Missing out on everyday moments with their children takes a toll on men. In fact, most men (94%) feel more confident, and even more productive in other parts of their lives when regularly able to see their kids. “Mission: Care” will enable active duty dads who have been deployed multiple times, around different parts of the world, to be with their children for family dinners, birthdays, and other moments every dad treasures.

Visit www.dovemencare.com/missioncare to learn about the anticipated reunions of participating servicemen, as well as how they will spend their time home, including these two military fathers:



Husband and father of two
This Father’s Day will be the first time our family is together and complete since last year…I am excited to see my daughter, my newborn son who I have yet to meet, and my wife, just a few days after our five year anniversary.”



Father of two
I haven’t seen my oldest daughter in three years; I’ve only spoken to her via phone conversations. We talk as often as possible, but there is nothing like seeing your kids – that means everything. During my last conversation with her she asked to see me for her birthday. Returning home for Father’s Day will be the gift of a lifetime for us both.”
“As a veteran and military spouse, I know that these active duty dads are focused on providing for our country but also their families,” said Operation Homefront CEO, Jim Knotts. “Almost 50% of active duty service members are parents2, and while technology allows communication, nothing can replace the feeling of physically being with your family—we are so proud to partner with Dove® Men + Care® and give this gift to hundreds of service members

Everyone can champion dads and stories like these by supporting Dove® Men + Care® products including personal wash, antiperspirant/deodorant, face care and hair care at Walmart through November 2013. Dove® Men + Care®, a Unilever men’s personal care brand, is proud work with Operation Homefront to launch the “Mission: Care” program. The campaign further underscores Unilever’s ongoing commitment to supporting those who serve our country in the workforce, including a recent initiative supporting the training, and hiring of veterans, by Advantage Sales and Marketing.