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All posts tagged "Ethnicity"

  • Entrepreneurship
    How Do You Answer: What Is Your Race?

    The census is taken every ten years to figure out who is living in the country, what languages we are speaking, household income, and so much more. The census really brings back the term ‘melting pot’ and gives people a sense of what America is made up of and the direction it...

  • Entertainment
    Does Ethnicity Really Matter?

    It is about embracing who you are. What are we talking about? What we are talking about is culture. Culture will not go away. While interracial relationships raise concerns for some people, some are embracing it, getting married and even having children mainly because they see the person for who they are...

  • Entertainment
    50 Cent: Bone Marrow Donor

    The "injection" puns are just too easy, so we'll avoid them for now. But who knew that...

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