Resemble A Tour Guide When Friends And Family Are In Town

Bethesda Fountain in Central Park (Photo by Geraldine Estevez)

Bethesda Fountain in Central Park (Photo by Geraldine Estevez)

How often do family members and friends visit you from other parts of the world or country? Do you take the time to show them around? While some shy away from the touristy activities, truth is, showing people around allows you to get to know your home a little better. Resembling a tour guide doesn’t have to be as technical as you may assume. Here are a few simple ways:

Take family and friends to your favorite spots. It’s easy to show people around when you’re passionate about the location. There’s a reason these are your favorite spots!

Do the things you’re not always exposed to. Instead of going to the movies, opt for a Broadway show you’re not 100% sure about. You may be pleasantly surprised! If not, it serves as an experience you can discuss with those you meet.

Try new places…randomly. As opposed to planning out exactly where to go, walk around and see what’s up. Feel a great vibe at a bar you’ve never been to? Don’t be afraid to walk in! You may just end up stumbling into your next favorite spot.

Make a mental note of the places and experiences that stand out and take other friends and family members to said places. The people you surround yourself with affect each experience you have, so while you may have visited a place before, different people will share different viewpoints. Maybe you’ll learn something new!

Have you taken on tour guide duties before? If so, how did you decide where to take those visiting? Share in the comments section below or send us a tweet @LatinTRENDS2010.

How To Make Friends While Traveling

Image via

Image via

One of the highlights of traveling is, if you’re open to it, all the people you get to meet. From the flight staff to the customer service employees to fellow travelers and everyone else in between, who you might meet is anyone’s guess. The most important thing is that you keep positive energy afloat and remain open to possibility.

Now, don’t get me wrong, you should also look out for your safety and be weary of anything and anyone that makes you feel uneasy. More often than not, if it feels wrong, it’s for a reason. Precautions aside, though, don’t be afraid to engage in random conversation.

Socialize with the people on your flight. Here’s one thing I always do: I make it a point to find out what the person next to me does for a living. I once flew next to a saleswoman. Another time I was seated next to an advertising executive (which was, at the time, pretty close to what I did). One time, on a flight to California, I remember, I was seated next to a very talented rapper. Maybe he’ll be a big star one day, or maybe he won’t be famous, but either way, I made a valuable connection, and the passion that kid has for his craft is contagious, to say the least.

Making friends while you travel isn’t so hard. Most people are open to new experiences, and most are in a good mood because, well, they’re traveling!

Before you walk out of your house and embark on your next journey, make the decision to make new friends. Being open to that will draw people to you. Also, consider getting business cards. You can opt for a simple, inexpensive design. This way it’ll be easier for others to stay in touch with you.

Can you think of any other tips on making friends while you travel? Let us know below, or send us a tweet @LatinTRENDS2010.

Multiple Sclerosis, Don’t Let It Define You

Body Mind SoulOne way to understanding any disease is to talk to your doctor and another is to read about the disease from various medical sources. It is not always wise to rely on one source for information. With how much information we come across these days on the internet, it shows how much people are talking about a particular, disease, war, or anything else of great interest. One disease that is of interest is Multiple Sclerosis or MS. This two part interview consists of TV host of the show, Jason Silva BrainGames, which is a “pioneer series in the genre of “smartertainment”- content that entertains while expanding your knowledge. It’s about making smart the new sexy.” He talks in more detail about the show and why he started it in relation to MS. While Silva is not a doctor, Dr. Newman, a specialist of MS was also interviewed specifically about the disease.

LatinTRENDS (LT): Why did you start the show?

Jason Silva (JS): National Geographic came to me after seeing some of my web videos asking me to host their new series Brain Games. It was a unique opportunity to extend my passion for ideas beyond the web and back into television.

I’ve also extended my passion for ideas by partnering with Biogen Idec™ to raise awareness of the innovative efforts of individuals that are helping people with multiple sclerosis (MS) across the country, and the great work that is being done to help the MS community. My discussions with these visionary individuals in two videos now available on in the health & fitness section of the website. (

LT: Can you talk about the video series a little bit?
JS: I also have a YouTube channel called SHOTS OF AWE where I make short films exploring breathtakingly big ideas. The goal is for these videos to act as ‘trailers for the mind’ and engage audiences to probe deeper into existential issues related to technology, philosophy, creativity and the human condition. The series has received over 13 million views and social media shares from prominent figures such as Richard Branson, director Ron Howard, Actor Mark Ruffalo and Leonardo DiCaprio.

LT: What is the greatest take away for you when you do speaking engagements or talk to people about the show?
JS: I do many talks and keynotes for companies all over the world including Google, Microsoft, IBM, Intel and others. My favorite part is getting to really (hopefully) impact audiences viscerally when thinking about exponential technological change and its implications.

Stephen Newman MD, Director of the Comprehensive MS Center at Island Neurological Associates gives a more in-depth discussion about the disease, advice about living with MS, treatments and other information.

LatinTRENDS (LT): Briefly, can you describe MS, the causes and symptoms?
Stephen Newman (SN): Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an immune mediated disease that occurs when inflammatory cells, that are programmed to fight infection, make a mistake and, attack the central nervous system, which is the brain and the spinal cord. The attack is on the fatty insulation that surrounds nerves called myelin, causing the nerves to short circuit and not be able to transmit information. As a result of this damage, people develop various types of disabilities, including weakness, numbness, tingling, visual disturbance, fatigue, and problems with their ability to think.

LT: What type of treatments are there for people living with MS?

SN: The first disease modifying treatment for multiple sclerosis was FDA approved in 1993 and was done by injection. Prior to that, there were no medications that could altered the course of the disease. There are now 10 medications on the market, including both injectable and pills. One example of a medication that is used to treat relapse forms of multiple sclerosis is Tecfidera. This medication was released approximately a year and a half ago. It is FDA approved to treat relapsing forms of multiple sclerosis, and has been shown to be effective in 2 large clinical trials. Specifically, it was shown to reduce relapses, and delayed physical disability. This medication can have side effects, including reduction of white blood cell count, nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain and flushing. So, when making a medication choice, one has to take into account the beneficial effects and side effects, before making a decision regarding treatment.

LT: Are you specialized in MS for both children and adults?
SN: I am only specialized for adults and mainly based on preference. Children have different needs than adults.

LT: What is the best advice that you could give to someone living with MS in terms of coping methods?

SN: First is to be your own advocate in treating your disease by taking your medication and following the doctor’s advice. It is important to use all support systems available including family friends, and medical professionals. Second, MS is a lifelong disease and living with it requires a marathon of effort, and self-dedication. There is no cure for multiple sclerosis; however, by doing the right things quality of life can be maintained.

It is important to be fully educated about any disease. There are numerous experts out there who are specialists and their goal is to educate others on their findings. This is never any harm in having too much information, it is just more power to you.

Planning A Getaway With The Right People

Cotopaxi in Ecuador (Image via Wikimedia)

Cotopaxi in Ecuador (Image via Wikimedia)

Whether you’ve traveled with family or friends, chances are at one point or another you’ve clashed with someone. Maybe this person interrupted your alone time or simply had a hard time letting go of a pet peeve. Whichever the case may be, there are a few things you should take into consideration before traveling with others. Ask yourself the following questions:

Do I enjoy spending time with this person? If you don’t, you’re in trouble. Don’t assume for a second that traveling will change your dynamic. On the contrary, it will only emphasize it.

Is this person organized? Sure you’ve mentioned traveling together, but is this someone who can budget accordingly and keep track of spending? You should travel with someone who has a sense of what s/he would like to do.

Is this person reliable? If you’ve previously planned something with this person, then you know if s/he is someone you can count on.

Who have you traveled with recently and what was it like?

Love Advice: I Was Invited to My Ex’s Wedding…But I Don’t Want to Go

Judy Torres

Ask Judy


Dear Judy:

Felipe, a good friend of mine who also happens to be an ex-boyfriend, has invited me to his upcoming wedding, but I have no desire whatsoever to go. Felipe and I dated about five years ago and broke up because I was 19 and not ready for the type of relationship that he was looking for. We remained close friends, and shortly after, he started dating Jennifer, his now fiancée.

For a while, we all got along fine. Jennifer knew Felipe and I were friends, but I only saw her a handful of times over the next couple years while I saw Felipe on an almost weekly basis. At first, she was never anything but friendly, but after a while, things got ugly: she sent passive-aggressive messages on Facebook, and wrote nasty wall posts about me, calling me a whore and a drug addict, and accusing me of trying to steal her fiancée, among other hateful things.

I was upset and confronted Felipe, but he took her side and we didn’t speak for three years. Last June, Jennifer unexpectedly dumped him, and he and I began talking again, becoming very close. Two months ago, they got back together and eloped in December. He and I still talk occasionally, but not nearly as much as we did when they were broken up. Yesterday, he sent me a nonchalant text message asking for my address so he could send an invitation for the ceremony they’re having in March. I absolutely don’t want to go because I think it would be totally awkward (my first meeting with Jennifer after all the time should not be at their wedding).

I called him to say I wouldn’t be in attendance and he was very hurt and said I was his best friend and the first person he thought of to invite. He said if I wasn’t a girl I’d be his best man, and he didn’t understand why I don’t want to go. I’m from the school of thought that exes aren’t invited to weddings unless everyone is very friendly. I mean, isn’t that the norm? I told him I would give it some thought and let him know in a couple weeks. I’m considering going because it means so much to him, but I’m dreading it.

Am I being awful if I say that I just don’t want to go? Or should I suck it up and go for his sake?

The Friendly Ex in Freeport


My Dear Friendly:

No, you’re not being awful. If your relationship with Felipe is only strong when he isn’t with Jennifer, and you haven’t actually had anything to do with her since she wrote nasty things about you on Facebook, then Felipe is the one who is a little out of line by putting a guilt trip on your for skipping the wedding

It would be one thing if you and Jennifer were on good terms, but you aren’t. If Felipe truly sees you as a best friend and wants you in his life, his first thought should not have been to invite you to his wedding, but to foster a healthy relationship between you and his soon-to-be new wife.

He dropped the ball and there’s no reason you should feel bad for not bending over and picking it up. But if you’re interested in remaining friendly with Felipe, you could tell him you’re sorry you won’t be able to attend his wedding, but you’d love to take him and Jennifer out for a celebratory dinner some time after
their ceremony. This way you get to reconnect with Jennifer in a neutral setting, and you get credit for supporting your friend’s happy occasion.

But there’s a flip side to this situation and it’s that you aren’t really interested in being “just friends” with Felipe. You say you broke up years ago “because you were 19 and not ready for the type of relationship he was looking for.” If that was the main reason for your breakup and you’re five years older now, maybe in your mind you are ready for the kind of relationship Felipe was/is looking for and you are disappointed that instead of giving you another shot, he went back to Jennifer. After all, until a few months ago, you were both ex-girlfriends of his and you were the one he was spending all his time with.

If there was any part of you that hoped for a romantic reconciliation, it has to hurt that he reconciled with a different ex instead. You need to be honest with yourself and if that’s your
frame of mind right now, it’s probably best that you gracefully distance yourself from Felipe and his new wifeand give them a chance at happiness without the complication of a messy love triangle. Good luck!


Love Advice: Bi-Sexual Friends…With Benefits?


Ask Judy


Dear Judy:

I’m a 32 year old, divorced for 7 years, single mom. My best friend is a 32 year old, divorced for 1 year, single mom. We are both bi-sexual, as are several of our mutual and not mutual friends. Friends with benefits is fairly common in our circle, for both physical and emotional needs and just for fun because we’re friends. Yet, my friend constantly denies her belief in FWB, saying how it never works out, ending friendships etc. I have no problem with her viewpoint, and while we are affectionate with each other at times (hand-holding, cuddling, cheek kissing) I have kept my hands to myself, as it were, despite wanting to just kiss her silly at times.

But then she’s gone and had sex with her ‘best friend’ who lives in Washington DC (several states away), twice. Twice! And since her divorce she constantly talks about trying to find jobs in DC and this friend can help her get a place and I simply sit there and listen while she essentially talks about leaving me and our friendship and everything I’ve done for her.

This has happened to me before with anti-FWB friends who don’t practice what they preach, at least not with me. Obviously, this hurts my pride and self esteem and causes great self doubt.

So now my one sided best friend will leave, eventually. It may be next month or next year, but it will happen. So, knowing that I apparently wasn’t the one, and knowing that when she moves we will most likely grow apart, I want to know if I should just confess it all before she gets on the plane (or rental car, as it were) or just put it on my long list of ‘ Shoulda Dones’ and leave it be?

Thank you for any assistance you can offer,
Bisexual Boricua in the Bronx


Dear Bisexual Boricua in the Bronx,

The major rule about a friend with benefits is that you have NO intimate feelings for the friend. Is this different – do you have feelings for your friend? Why would you be so upset about your friend connecting with someone else? If you’re just friends and nothing else, then you should be happy for her. But I have a feeling this is about your pride. You feel that because you’ve shown her respect by not making a move, you should be naturally next in line. But no – she didn’t even consider you. How dare she? Right? Not happening.

I believe that if she was really interested in you, she would have given you a clue, given you a green light that it was okay to make a move. But she hasn’t. She’s already hooked up with someone else. Look at her ACTIONS , not what she’s telling you. The bottom line is this: if she was interested SHE would be with you. Period.

If you need some form of closure on this subject then go ahead and ask her why she chose her friend first, and not you. But isn’t it possible that her friend is more than a friend to begin with? I’m as open minded as Lady Gaga, but I believe this friends with benefits game just leaves you feeling hurt, empty and it’s just an excuse to keep you from finding real love. And everyone deserves that, even you, even a bisexual Boricua from the Bronx! There are no benefits, just pain. Move on, move forward, my friend!

Love, Judy

Love Advice: Questioning Loyalty? Ask how she would feel.

Judy Torres

Ask Judy


Dear Judy:

I met Heather three months ago when I went out to a nightclub. Heather is the kind of girl that I’ve been looking for all my life. I’m not a young man, Judy. I’m older and I’m really particular about what I like, want and will put up with. Anyway, Heather told me she loves me, and I told her that I loved her back.

Now here’s the problem: I called Heather two days ago to ask her out on a date for our usual night. But a friend she hasn’t seen in many months (who lives and works out of town) called her up out of the blue and said he wanted to get together with her. She offered to let him crash at her place. The issue? Heather broke our date and her friend is a guy. I can’t get it out of my head that she broke a date with me to go have a couple of beers with this guy. I am angry beyond belief here. I do love Heather and care for her more than any other girl I’ve dated in years, but I won’t stand for disloyalty. What should I do?

Jilted in Jericho


Dear Jilted in Jericho:

Here is the question that mankind has been trying to answer since our very existence: Can men and women be just friends? It is so exciting and wonderful when we meet the person who we believe is perfect just for us. You may have heard me say this before, but I believe it is worth repeating. It takes approximately a year and a half to truly know a person. You have only known Heather for ninety days. It’s been 90 days
and you and Heather have already said “I love you” to one another. However, you still don’t really know Heather. You only know the fantasy of what you believe her to be. So she may be wonderful, but she will have flaws.

People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing. Do you know this man’s name? How long have they been friends? Why does he need to stay with her? We cannot just stop being friends because it makes our mates uncomfortable. However, we need to be respectful that the new love in our life as well.

I don’t think Heather has done anything wrong in breaking your normal date night. Life happens, and sometimes there will be disappointments. I do think, however, she should be willing to introduce him to you while he’s in town – have lunch together. Ultimately, you need to ask yourself if YOU are okay with her having male friends. If the answer is no, then you need to let her know that you are not comfortable with this. The most important thing here is for you to tell her that this makes you very uncomfortable.

Ask Heather how she would feel if you had a female friend stay over your house? This is a great way to open up the “friend” conversation. Can she have male friends? Of course. Can they stay over? Uh, no.

You sound like a wonderful man. Approach her with a mature tone of voice, and do not come across possessive, that’ll just scare her away. God bless!!

VIDEO: Floyd Mayweather ( @FloydMayweather ) Says “(Victor) Ortiz fight won’t go the distance.”

It’s probably the most anticipated fight of recent memory, but Floyd Mayweather doesn’t think it’s going to go the distance. Perhaps predictably, he knows which way it’s going to go…

Peep the latest video interview below, courtesy of our friends at ForbezDVD:

Floyd Mayweather Says Ortiz Fight Wont Go The Distance

Lala Vasquez & Kim Kardashian: Together Again!

Our friends at MediaTakeOut have the scoop:

Kim Kardashian makes sure that she ALWAYS is the best looking person on her show. But yesterday, LaLa may have just BEAT HER.

Check out the two having lunch conversations (with A GANG of cameras in their face). LaLa was clearly the cuter chick that day . . .

Lala Vasquez: More Scandal?

Our friends over at MediaTakeOut have some EXPLOSIVE news about Carmelo Anthony’s wife, lovely Latina Lala Vasquez.

Turns out that SOMEONE leaked some naked pictures of her! (We put the tamest one up here…the rest we can’t show you, because it’s a family site!)

Now, we can’t say for absolute certain that it is her…but, it does look suspiciously like our girl Lala!

What do you think?

Selena Gomez…TOPLESS?!

Our friends at MediaTakeOut continue to report the most escandaloso stuff!

We’d love to know how they got this pic of Justin Beiber‘s girlfriend, lovely Latina Selena Gomez, sunbathing semi-topless by the pool in Los Angeles.

Now, every woman has done this at some point — tan lines are so not the business — but Ms. Selena over here’s a little young to be photographed like this, don’t you think?

VIDEO: The Cat Goes Woof!

Our friends at BooBoo TV tell the story of the cat with a true identity crisis — it’s the cat that goes WOOF!

A cat was very happy to bark like a dog until he notices people…then he switches to MEOWS.

Peep the hilarious video below: