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  • Weird but True
    Was Santa Elena the First Colonial City?

    Most everyone is familiar with the story of how the United States began its journey into what it is today. We learn about the history of the United States in school, through our parents, grandparents and other influential people. A common known fact is that Jamestown, Virginia was American’s birthplace. But now...

  • Deportes
    Victor Gonzalez Jr. To Make NASCAR History This Weekend At Sonoma Raceway

    This Sunday Victor Gonzalez, Jr. will become a part of NASCAR history when he takes part in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Race as the first Caribbean driver to take part in the competition. The Puerto Rican driver will join Juan Pablo Montoya in the race as one of the two Hispanic...

  • Events
    Book Discussion: The Economic Development of Latin America since Independence by José Antonio Ocampo

    Economics may not be the most interesting thing to talk about on an everyday basis for some people, but to have an author that studied and knows a lot about it, is something different. Author, José Antonio Ocampo, presented his book, The Economic Development of Latin America since Independence on March 14th,...