Alejandro Sanz Karaoke APP Available at Appstores

Alejandro Sanz

The official Alejandro Sanz Karaoke APP has launched and is available exclusively at Appstores. Fans can download the app for free for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and soon from any Android device.

The new application allows fans to record their own vocals over the original instrumental tracks to “La Musica No Se Toca,” the title song of Sanz’s hit album which spent over 25 weeks in the Top 10 on Billboard. An exclusive, never before seen video of “La Musica No Se Toca, filmed on location in Veracruz, Mexico, is also free on the app.

Additionally, fans can purchase the tracks to Sanz’s #1 hit song “No Me Compares” and other hits from the album including “Mi Marciana,” “Camino de Rosas” and “Se Vende,” and record studio quality versions, complete with Sanz’s background vocals. The app allows you to enhance your vocals, making your own version of Sanz’s songs.

The recording can be shared with friends via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or email. Additionally, fans can post their videos to where all the world can view their performances.

Jennifer Lopez Launches Viva Movil With Verizon

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez announced Wednesday at the CTIA Wireless Conference in Las Vegas that she has teamed with Verizon Wireless on a new 4G LTE network and retail service, Viva Móvil by Jennifer Lopez. Viva Móvil in collaboration with Brightstar, a global distribution and services company, and Moorehead Communications, Verizon Wireless’ largest premium retailer will offer consumers a full service shopping experience online, in customized stores and on mobile devices.

“As modern Latinos we do things differently, including how we shop for mobile devices,” Lopez said in the CTIA press conference. “Latinos love social networks and we’re super active online,” she added, pointing to data that Latinos spend an average 1.5 more hours online than non-Latino consumers, and are more likely to share their online purchases with their social networks.

“All aspects of Viva Móvil’s “omni-channel” approach — from store design to social content — have been developed with Latino customers in mind,” she said. “For instance, store employees will speak English and Spanish. Stores will be equipped with play areas for children because Latinos often like to shop together as a family,” Lopez said.

The devices and plans sold by Viva Móvil are the same as Verizon’s, although Verizon doesn’t own a stake in the new company. Customers can purchase smartphones including the iPhone 5, Galaxy S 3 and the BlackBerry Z10 and sign up for Verizon’s 4G LTE network service.

Verizon cited a recent Nielsen report that showed that 75% of Latinos in the U.S. own smartphones, higher than the overall percentage of Americans who own smartphones, at 63%.

In the next few weeks, the Viva Móvil by Jennifer Lopez will announce store opening in major markets including New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

New iPhone Stun Gun Case Protects You and Your Phone

The Yellow Jacket is an iPhone 650K volt stun gun case that promises to ‘halt an aggressive adult male’ in his tracks while costing you $139.99.

The case was invented by Seth Froom who was robbed at gunpoint in his home in 2011 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Yellow Jacket CEO and co-founder Sean Simone states the voltage is at the “lower end” of the scale and “isn’t going to throw a grown man across the room or severely injure someone.” It will “cause pain and create a diversion”.

The Yellow Jacket connects to the 30-pin Dock Connector on the bottom of the iPhone 4/4S, and provides extra 20 hours of battery life to the phone and helps to power the stun gun included in the case

The Yellow Jacket is only available for the iPhone 4/4S for now but the team plans to bring the case to the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 sometime in the first quarter of 2013.

One thing is for sure. It will not be able to be shipped to New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Rhode Island, Wisconsin or Washington, D.C. because of local laws.

What will they think of next?

@iFrogz – the Sync-Free Way to Listen OUT LOUD!

There are plenty of audio devises out there that acts wirelessly to “pump up the volume” on the music of your Smartphone or digital media device. But many of those have to connect to your music playing device by a downloaded app, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc., which makes it a hassle sometimes. But iFrogz has solved this problem: introducing BOOST, a near-field amplifying speaker takes away all those plugs and wireless configuration. Just simply place your iPhone, iPod Touch (or older generations), Android smart phone, or any other digital music player on it and listen.

One can purchase it in any electronics store, or you can WIN A FREE ONE! LatinTRENDS is randomly giving away two of them to any of our readers! To enter for a chance to win your own, email us: , with the subject “Let’s Get Loud” and your name will be entered for a chance to win.

Disclosure: one per household. Contest open to New York residents. Winner will pick up prize at our office. Contest will run from 6/11/2012 to 6/17/2012; drawing will be on 6/18/2012.

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! Inside the Hottest iPhone App, Temple Run…

Michael Kelliehan
When I came across Temple Run I thought it was a game based on a scene from an “Indiana Jones Movie” and my assumption wasn’t to far off. It’s basically a game based off the scene in a Indiana Jones (its not necessarily based off Indiana Jones but it is something like it) film where he removes the Jewel from the tailor made placement setting only to have to run because he set off all the booby traps, and then when he finally gets over the hurtle of the traps and runs into “Goons” and they start chasing you.
The game begins by your character running out of the temple after acquiring the treasures inside and the protectors (Smart Monkeys) right on your tail. You have limited option you can jump, slide, go left, or go right depending or the situation. As simple as that sounds the game is actual very challenging yet addictive I must say I’m quiet the a gamer myself but I played for about an hour yesterday and shamefully I have to say I only got half way through the first level but as soon as I get off I’m going get over the tree I keep running into and out run those guard monkey’s for sure.

TREND OF THE DAY: Chinon Stylix Docking Station


by: LeAura Luciano

The newest docking station, the Chinon Stylix iPod/iPhone Docking Station, $99.99, has a screen that is nearly three times the size of the iPhone’s LCD, enhancing the user experience and making it easier to share the fun with friends. When docked to an iPhone or iPod Touch connected by Wi-Fi, the Avi Stylix will stream web videos from popular sites such as YouTube or Netflix. Additonally, the AVi Stylix has inputs for USB and SD cards to view movies, photos and videos, or to listen to music that is stored on either a card or thumb drive. SD cards can be directly removed from a digital camera and inserted into the AVi Stylix turning the unit into a high-end digital photo frame. For more information, visit

Real Housewives of Miami: QUE ELEGANCIA! [Video]

By far, the show with the most elegancia on Bravo today is the Miami installment of the Real Housewives franchise.

The show, which stars Lea Black, Alexia Echevarria, Marysol Patton, Larsa Pippen, Christy Rice, and Adrianna De Moura is heavy on the Latinas…which is good!

Of course, this representation doesn’t come for free.

This little feature clip below features Marysol Patton & her mother, Elsa, a bruja who is a real piece of work. Miami native, Marysol Patton, is one of Miami’s most sought-after women — both socially and professionally. Being divorced 10 years has allowed her to put all energy into creating and running one of the premiere public relations firms in town, The Patton Group. Armed with her bedazzled iPhone and a hot female staff, this PR maven definitely knows how to throw a party for her A-list clients.

Elsa considers herself a “seer”, not a psychic, and she’s a hot commodity amongst A-listers seeking spiritual guidance.

Right, then. Peep the magic below…

iPhone 4:: Available NOW!

Verizon Wireless and Apple today announced an
exclusive opportunity for Verizon Wireless’ 94 million customers to
pre-order an iPhone 4 online beginning at 3 a.m. EST on Feb. 3. In an
unprecedented move, Verizon Wireless has set aside a limited quantity of
iPhone 4 smartphones solely for existing customers. Orders will be
shipped to arrive on or before Feb. 10.

“We appreciate our many customers who told us that iPhone 4 should be on
the nation’s most reliable network,” said Dan Mead, chief executive
officer for Verizon Wireless. “We heard them and we agreed, which is why
we are letting them be among the first to own an iPhone 4 on the Verizon
Wireless network. We thought it fitting to say thank you to our
customers by giving them the phone they want, a week before the general

Pricing and Availability
iPhone 4 on the Verizon Wireless network is priced at $199.99 for the 16
GB iPhone 4 or $299.99 for the 32 GB iPhone 4 with a new two-year customer
agreement. Beginning at 3 a.m. EST on Thursday, customers can go to<> to
order their iPhone 4.

To enjoy all the features of their new iPhone 4 smartphone, customers can
subscribe to a Nationwide Talk plan (beginning at $39.99 for 450 minutes)
or a Nationwide Talk and Text plan (beginning at $59.99 and includes
unlimited text, picture and video messaging) as well as an unlimited Email
and Web data plan, available for $29.99 per month. The iPhone 4 also
gives customers a unique 3G Mobile Hotspot feature that can power up to 5
devices over Wi-Fi. The 3G Mobile Hotspot plan is $20 per month for 2 GB.

iPhone 4 will be available to the general population on Feb. 10. For more
information about the iPhone 4 on the nation’s most reliable network,

GADGET OF THE DAY: Playstation Phone!

Sony’s long-rumoured PlayStation Portable smartphone is set to be launched in North America and Europe as early as the spring, according to a Japanese newspaper report Wednesday.

The device would likely be based on Sony’s handheld PSP Go game console, would be made by Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications and run Google’s Android operating system, said the Asahi Shimbun’s English edition, citing unnamed sources.

Sony hopes to take on Apple’s iPhone, Research in Motion’s BlackBerry and Nokia devices by offering the first smartphone that is based on a portable game console, with a set of controls that allows very advanced gaming.

The PSP Go, launched in November 2009, already features software downloads through a wireless connection, allowing players to also browse the Internet, watch movies, play music and read books and comics.

The new PlayStation handset would similarly work with Sony’s online media platform, the company’s answer to Apple’s iTunes.

Sony hopes the phone will stimulate sales in the sluggish video game console market, said the Asahi.

Sony called the newspaper report “speculation” and declined to comment.


by: LeAura Luciano


The new Nike+ GPS App allows runners to use their iPhone to visually map every run while tracking pace, distance, time and calories-burned as well as stay motivated with instant feedback during and after each run from athletes like Paula Radcliffe and Lance Armstrong, and comedian Tracy Morgan. The app also connects runners around the world or just down the street through, the largest running community in the world with more than 3 million members.

The Nike+ GPS app for iPhone allows runners to:

Run Anywhere: From indoor to outdoor, track to treadmill, this new app combines the power of GPS technology with an accelerometer to map and track a run from anywhere. Even if the GPS signal is not available, the accelerometer will allow the user to continue to track pace, distance, time and calories-burned.

Map Your Runs: GPS technology allows runners to keep track all of their routes including a breakdown of pace and distance at different points during a run. Runners can even tap the screen during a run to see their current location.

Challenge Yourself: The “Challenge Me” feature allows runners to challenge themselves to run farther, faster, or longer than a previous run already logged. The app will also track run history to be able to personalize challenges.

Stay Connected: Runners can wirelessly connect with after each run to instantly save the run and share it with friends via the site, Twitter, or Facebook. In addition, they can view their progress on goals, participate in running challenges and download coaching programs.

Stay Motivated: Runners receive motivating messages from top athletes and celebrities when specific customized goals are achieved, challenges are won, or when a personal best is achieved. Runners can also tap the iPhone screen to receive in-run feedback.

The Nike+ GPS App is available for $1.99 from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch at  The Nike+ GPS App is compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch although the app will function only through accelometer technology on the iPod touch.