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What You Didn’t Know about Charlie Sheen

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The always controversial and sometimes tigerblood winning actor of Spanish and Irish descent, Charlie Sheen was born Carlos Irwin Estévez. Growing up, his actor father Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez also known as Martin Sheen, had bought him and his brother, Emilio Estévez, a Super 8 camera to make home films with their friends and other future actors Tom Cruise, Rob and Chad Lowe, as well as Sean and Chris Penn.

It wasn’t long before Sheen decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and become an actor himself. After a few uncredited roles in films that his father starred in, Sheen earned his stripes in films like “Platoon” and “Wall Street” in the 1980s and “Major League” and “Being John Malkovich” in the 1990s.

However, the Hollywood lifestyle started to plague Sheen and he fell into the trappings of drugs. By 1998, he was hospitalized for a cocaine overdose, which stalled his movie career. After going into rehab, Sheen started the 2000s strong by becoming an incredible television presence.

In 2000, Sheen replaced Michael J. Fox on “Spin City” and later won a Golden Globe for his role as Charlie Crawford. Shortly afterwards Sheen had his own sitcom, “Two and a Half Men,” and he received several more Golden Globe and Emmy nominations. By 2010, Sheen was the highest paid actor on television, making nearly 2 million per episode.

Despite his professional successes, his home life was a mess and eventually threatened his career. After three broken marriages, losing custody of four children, a broken engagement and accusations of domestic violence and  drug abuse, Sheen had a public breakdown. In 2011, he called the creator of Two and a Half, Chuck Lorre, derogatory names after his third failed attempt at rehab resulting in him getting fired from the popular show.

After finding out that he was going to become a grandfather by his eldest daughter in 2012, Sheen started getting his life back on track. He scored another hit show with “Anger Management,” regained temporary custody of his twins from his third marriage and was allowed to visit his two daughters from his second marriage.

Not only has he refocused his life on his children, and grandchild, but he has been and continues to be personally involved in several charities. He has raised and given money towards AIDS research, he  hosted a charity for rescue workers of the 9/11 attacks and he donated money from his “Truth” tour for the Japanese Earthquake relief fund. Also he donated the largest cash sum to the USO ($1 million) and started to raise awareness and funds for The Association of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Research, Awareness and Support.

Fun Facts

  • Charlie Sheen is one of the few recipients of the rare Aids for Aids Angel Award (AFA Angel Award)
  • Sheen is a published poet
  • He has appeared on film with all of siblings, his father and ex-wife Denise Richards
  • He initially dreamt of becoming a shortstop for the Cincinnati Reds
  • Sheen is responsible for actress Winona Horowitz changing her name to Winona Ryder


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Rafael Bello ‘El Bello de Telemundo’

rafael belo

Who is Rafael Bello? I’m sure we ladies can say “I’ve seen him before!” His blonde hair, piercing eyes, and debonair smile. Safe to say, Sexy? Yes! Safe to say, Smart? Yes! Safe to say, Single? HMMMM!

Do we have total access to this bello? Yes! This two-time Emmy award winner, currently serves as the Entertainment Anchor on WNJU Telemundo 47 on “Acceso Total

so be sure to can catch a view, send a twitter wink or a fb photo.

For almost three years, Rafael Bello was weekend Sports Anchor for “Noticiero 47 Fin de Semana”, for which he was nominated as Best Sports Anchor in the 57th edition of the New York Emmy Awards. Starting his journalism career in 2003, Rafael produced and hosted the most popular sports segment “Carril Deportivo” on “Carril del Medio” radio show, anchored by journalists Deidamia Galan and Rosa Amarela, which was broadcasted throughout the island of Dominican Republic.

Rafael continued to pound the pavement with his gift of gab about sports. Producing an interactive sports talk show “Desde las Gradas” with the late great Ivan Brea, an experienced sports journalist and the first established basketball game theorist analyst from the Dominican Republic.

Joining the official MLB broadcasts as commentator for the MLB season games, I am sure left this Sports sensation speechless.

In 2006, Bello became the commentator for the Licey TV broadcasts of the Dominican Summer League games, the minor league circuit of the Major League Baseball in the Dominican Republic. He also served as a commentator for the “Circuito Internacional” of the Licey Tigers, international broadcast of Licey, a professional team of the Dominican Professional Baseball League (LIDOM), until 2010. Go Licey!!

As you can tell Rafael is not just a pretty face. The camera loves him and so does the pen.. As a feature editor of “Como Lo Veo Desde las Gradas” of El Caribe Newspaper, his articles have made front page of the Sports section featuring Super Bowl XLII between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots with pre-game analysis of both teams. He also covered the 2009 Fiba Americas Qualifier Tournament in San Juan Puerto Rico.

Ok! I don’t know anything about sports, but If Bello was writing I was reading.

In September 2011, Rafael joined WNJU Telemundo 47 as the sports anchor of the weekend newscast and feature segment reporter. Later in 2014 he became Traffic & Entertainment reporter for Noticiero Primera Edicion and anchor of Acceso Total with Victoria Sosa.

has the knitch for news, and a number of Emmy Awards under his belt, Rafael makes it a priority to please his fans, Whether it’s pearly white smile or his sense of welcome and warmth from a first hello. Rafael Bello gives his viewers total access, which makes his news worthy to Latin Trends.

Biography: Charlie Sheen

Carlos Irwin Estévez (born September 3, 1965), known professionally as Charlie Sheen, is an American actor. His character roles in films have included Chris Taylor in the 1986 Vietnam War drama Platoon, Jake Kesey in the 1986 film The Wraith, and Bud Fox in 1987 film Wall Street. His career also included more comedic films, such as Major League, the Hot Shots! films, and Scary Movie 3 and  on television, Sheen is known for his roles on two sitcoms: as Charlie Crawford on Spin City, and as Charlie Harper on Two and a Half Men.